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Austen Allred, co-founder of Grasswire and growth expert, gives you a bullet-proof guide to getting quality PR for your startup. If you follow his methods, it’s almost impossible to fail. See how you can find the right medium & journalist to write about your stuff. (reading time 16:58)
Austen Allred PR Hack

E-mail Hunter - this tool can get you almost anyone’s E-mail! Looking for leads? Stop googling, let e-mail Hunter do the job for you!

E-mail Hunter will automatically install a button to your LinkedIn....

E-mail Hunter gives you a % of how sure it is that this is the person’s E-mail. It’s mostly pretty accurate, but to get all doubts out of the way and save you time here’s a little hack:

Rapportive - This little charm is installed right in your Gmail account and gives you all the information you need about someone. It also allows you to connect with someone on LinkedIn directly through your inbox.

Now to the hack: paste the e-mail you found through E-mail Hunter into a new message. If the picture below appears on your right, you can be 100% sure that you have the right address - BOOM!

Malcom Gladwell is a bestselling author, journalist and speaker. One of his bestselling books, David and Goliath, focuses on asymmetrical conflicts.

Growth Hacking emerged from startups’ major disadvantage of null-budgets and has come to crush the big boys relentlessly. See how resource constraints lead to innovation.

“We might not have marketing budgets or a massive fan base…(But) we can build for sharing. We can sample at scale. We can give readers a stake in distribution (...) And we can do this in a way that drives creative profitability.” - Matt Mason, Bittorent

In next week’s course we’re taking a look at Content Marketing.

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PS: You’re awesome! If you’ve brought it this far,you’re killing it! Keep up the good work.

Get Free Access To Our Growth Hacking E-mail Course

E-mail Course

Lesson #1 | Introduction to Growth Hacking

It’s all about the mindset - duh!

Lesson #2 | Case Studies

Learn from the Best!

Lesson #4 | Web Scraping

So seducing, it hurts!

Lesson #5 | Early Traction

Where to Find it - Without Spending a Penny!

Lesson #6 | Persuasive Design

How to Get Around Your Customer's Head

Lesson #8 | Guessing E-mails

They Can Run But They Can’t Hide

Lesson #9 | Copywriting

They All Sucked At It Until…

Lesson #10 | Content Marketing

Hack Your Content Strategy

Lesson #11 | I Love Me Some Soft Data

Never Miss A Good Moment To Shut Up!

Lesson #12 | Moar Copywriting

Let’s Continue Souping Up Your Copy To Make Sure It Sells...Like Sex!

Lesson #13 | BRASS Method

Your Guide To Prioritising Which Customer Acquisition Channel To Test

Get Free Access To Our Growth Hacking E-mail Course