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Building the greatest product is not enough anymore. You need to attract and convince new customers. How? By applying the Growth Hacking process.
It has been used by the most successful startups from Silicon Valley for years and is becoming the standard process.

Growth Hacking diverts from traditional marketing.
It's a mix of product management, coding, lean startup, conversion rate optimization and digital marketing.

During these two intensive days, we'll upgrade you with the skills and knowledge of the future to apply Growth Hacking in your organization.

Complete 2-Day Curriculum

Growth Hacking Use Cases You Need To Know
Adopting A Growth Hacking Mindset
Data Driven: Funnel Marketing Done Right
Growth Hacking Process Implementation (GROWS)
Soft Data: Usability Testing Growth Hacker's Style
Prioritising Acquisition Ideas: The BRASS Framework
Social Media Hack: Powerhouse Psychographic Personas
OPN: Other People's Networks
Lead Generation For Adults
Theory, Exercises, Tools and Coaching
Prioritising Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas: PIES Framework
UX for Growth: Landing Page Optimization
Behavioural psychology: Copywriting Hacks
Call To Action Hacks
High Converting Landing Page Creation
Behavioural Psychology: Persuasion Tricks
WOW moments: Activation Is Queen
Viral Models And Implementation
Experiment Design
Theory, Exercises, Tools, Coaching and HOMEWORK

Join our intensive 2-Day Growth Hacking Crash Course!

What Is This 2-Day Growth Hacking Crash Course?

This is a 2-Day Growth Hacking Crash Course created by Growth Tribe backed by
Facebook and the The University of Amsterdam

The course lasts 2 full days:
From 9:00 to 17:00
Fast paced theory
Tools and Exercises
Homework and next steps
Delicious catered lunch

Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd of March

Listen To The Experts

Co-founder at Rainmaking Innovation
Nilan Peiris
VP Growth @TransferWise
Sean Ellis
Growth Hacker

Growth Tribe in Numbers

Wait up!...What's A Growth Hacker?

Growth Hackers have ushered in a new era
of data and product-driven growth.
Growth Hackers are a mix of product, data and marketing.
Growth Hacking is a skillset and a mindset.
Growth Hackers are in high demand by employers but in low supply.
Growth Hacking is a skill of the future.

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David Arnoux, co-founder & lead Growth Hacker, is one of the top 10 Growth Hackers in the world..

  • Trained 500+ people and companies
  • Developed industry-wide recognized processes & frameworks to track performance and build growth teams
  • Spoke at first class conferences including TNW, Digital Elite Camp & OSCON
  • Built Growth Tribe’s entire curriculum consisting of 6000 slides & 32 growth exercises
  • Also, addicted to animated GIFs
  • Find his LinkedIn and Twitter here

Quick Checklist

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone looking to grow products rapidly
  • Marketing Professionals with a full-time job
  • Consultants
  • Startup Founders
  • Marketers
  • Developers
  • Business Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Anyone interested in growth
  • What Do You Get?

  • 2 full days of training
  • 3 facilitators to make sure you're on track
  • Follow-up exercises
  • Develop your technical hard & soft skills
  • Boost your salary
  • Build a powerful network
  • Exclusive Growth Tribe Online Learning Environment
  • Coffee, Tea, Drinks and Fresh Fruit
  • Enter an exclusive Slack community with the best Growth Hackers / startup founders in Europe
  • Delicious lunch catered
  • What Do You Learn?

  • The Growth Hacking Process
  • Technical And Data-Driven Marketing Skills
  • Growth Hacking Hard & Soft skills
  • How to build a Growth Hacking team?
  • The Latest Cutting-Edge Tools To Accelerate Your Growth
  • Web Analytics, Web Scraping and a lot more!
  • View the whole curriculum
  • We Want To Turn You Into A “T-Shaped” Player


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    We'll announce the location soon, but you can be sure not to be disappointed by it.
    Yes. For now, this will be our only course in London. Feel free to visit us in Amsterdam thoug.
    We have only 24 spots available for this course.
    Sure! If you need extra documents, send us an email : ferdinand@growthtribe.nl.
    Of course. You can find the curriculum and every subject we will discuss right HERE.
    You will learn the difference between Growth Hacking and digital marketing.
    You will learn how to build a growth team and how to follow the Growth Hacking process.
    You will learn which practical and technical skills are necessary to apply Growth Hacking to your organization.
    You will learn how to leverage Engineered Marketing to get infintie leads for your business.
    Unfortunately not. This is a 2-Day nonsense-free, straight-up, getting-work-done course.

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    The Growth Tribe Academy is Europe's first Growth Hacking Academy and backed by Facebook.

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