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Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill Everyone Needs

By Forbes

Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions or business outcomes.

The Creator | A short story about artistic Artificial Intelligence

By Juan Venegas

“Creating — that is the great salvation from suffering, and life’s alleviation. But for the creator to appear, suffering itself is needed, and much transformation”. — Nietzsche.

Data Science and the Art of Persuasion

Data Science and the Art of Persuasion

By Havard Business Review

Despite the success stories, many companies aren’t getting the value they could from data science. Even well-run operations that generate strong analysis fail to capitalise on their insights.

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How To Implement the GROWS Process

The GROWS process will ensure you can experiment rapidly and find huge wins in business. Check out this step by step guide on how to implement this process within an organisation.

How to Analyse and Effectively Communicate Your Data

Data visualisation can leverage the superpowers of your data. As data gets more profound and more complex, it’s imperative to bring simplicity in it.

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Aligning Data Understanding and Business Objectives

12-Weeks | Live & Interactive Online Course with Personal Coaching!

Learn how to turn data insights into action. Get your projects to production & create value with your work.

Aligning Data Understanding and Business Objectives