11 Best UX Design Podcasts

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One of the greatest developments for cultivating knowledge over the last few years has to be podcasts. 

We’re big fans.


Often brief, to the point and packed with useful information; podcasts deliver inside knowledge on pretty much any subject matter like never before. 


The great thing about podcasts is that you can press play on any device, anywhere you are. Whether that’s with Apple or Google, you’re covered. 


This flexibility means that you can stay in the loop with UX best practices and deepen your knowledge, at your own pace and choosing. 


If you’re just getting started in UX design, you’ll find tons of valuable insights and likewise, if you’re a veteran designer, then hearing alternate perspectives helps to keep things fresh. 


So, get comfy in your car, or grab yourself a drink as you nestle on the sofa and get ready to dive in. 


Here’s a list of 10 of the best UX design podcasts we feel have must-listen status: 


1. User Defenders Podcast 

First up on our list for the best UX design podcasts is User Defenders.


What jumps out immediately in their branding is that User Defenders are avid superhero fans. 


That’s enough to sell us any day of the week!


But beyond that; User Defenders is a podcast that promotes self-growth, specifically empathy, to help you better understand your customers on your journey to becoming a UX design champion. 


The host and creator Jason Ogle has been in the game for over 25 years, his experience is second-to-none as he unravels everything you need to know for UX design success. 


You can find episodes here

2. UX Podcast 

UX Podcast
is a “twice-monthly audio digital design podcast sharing insights about business, technology and people since 2011.”


Their objective is to break down silos where lack of communication and an unwillingness to share information within UX fields has historically marred the industry. 


Created and hosted by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom, these two design architects offer listeners their sage advice and guidance on a multitude of topics. 


Not just for UX designers, this podcast can be enjoyed by anyone with their sights on the digital world through topical discussions, interviews and deep dives. 


This makes it a great addition to our list for the best UX design podcasts. 


Find their episodes here

3. Google Design 

Google Design
offers a slightly different format than most UX design podcasts. 


Still very much a podcast however they split their experience into two categories, Method and Design Notes. 


Method is all about the career journeys of their designers and exploring the correlation between creative thinking and how that affects decision making. 


Design Notes gives us a closer look at the lives of various designers from around the globe. 


This podcast is particularly useful for newcomers as it outlines tips for applications at Google and you’ll hear first-hand stories from their own designers. 


Listen to episodes here

4. 99% Invisible 

This hugely popular podcast (around 500m downloads) is all about the thought processes that go into the things we don’t see. 


The intrinsic design qualities that shape our digital experiences. 


Founded by Roman Mars, previously a genetics PhD graduate turned independent radio show host, the show 99% Invisible got off the ground thanks to overwhelming community support via Kickstarter. 


Quite the story for this breakthrough UX design podcast. 


You can find 99% Invisible episodes here


5. ShopTalk Show 

This UX podcast from Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier brings industry pros to the forefront to discuss everything from UX design to web development and beyond. 


ShopTalk Show has a conversational format that lures you in and makes it easy to stick around to see what’s being discussed.  


And at almost 500 episodes strong, you’ll have plenty of content to get started with. 


Find episodes here


6. Wireframe 

is an in-depth podcast for UX/UI designers, graphic designers and the design-curious among us. 


Hosted by Khoi Vihn, senior director of product design at Adobe, Wireframe curates stories that have shaped the user experience design and by extension, how it shapes the technology we adopt in everyday life. 


Get a taste here.


7. What Is Wrong With UX

What Is Wrong With UX
takes you on a journey with two powerhouse ladies with hilarious consequences. 


Hosted by Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups and founder of Users Know, and Kate Rutter, Co-founder of LUXr


The two hosts offer up industry insights in amusing exchanges, usually over a cocktail or glass of wine. 


There’s even a pairing suggestion for each episode. (seriously)


The premise alone puts it on our best UX design podcast list. 


Have a listen here. And maybe crack open a bottle too. 


8. Design Matters 

Design Matters
carries the reputation for being the first and longest-running design podcast out there. 


Hosted by Debbie Millman, an author, educator and brand strategist; Debbie has been featured in multiple publications including the New York Times. 


To date, Design Matters features interviews from over 300 designer affiliates and cultural commentators. 


Expect insights aplenty as Debbie asks pertinent questions to the best in the business. 


You can listen here


9. The Big Web Show 

The Big Web Show
is an award-winning podcast hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of AListApart


On the show, you can expect special guest features talking about all things web-oriented from publishing, design, art direction, typography and more. 


The wealth of information on the show makes it an easy suggestion for one of the best UX design podcasts. 


Check out the show here


10. Design Details 

Design Details
is another excellent podcast that explores conversion around design, development, interfaces, games and more. 


The laid-back format hosted by Brian Lovin, product designer at Github, and Co-host, Marshall Bock, lead designer at Youtube Gaming; is a perfect way to pick up plenty of gems about the trade and learn about what makes UX designers excel. 


Inside knowledge - check. Casual conversation - check. One of the best UX design podcasts - double-check! 


Listen to episodes here.


11. Ramblings of a Designer 

Ramblings of a Designer
is a weekly podcast hosted by front-end developer Laszlo Lazuer and UX/UI designer, Terri Rodriguez-Hong


The podcast features topical discussions on graphic design news from around the globe so the content is fresh and exciting. 


One of their standout segments is their portfolio reviews. In this segment, the hosts invite a designer, a front-end engineer and recruiters to offer feedback on portfolios. 


These exchanges are packed with useful insights for the listeners looking for tips on portfolios and what the industry is looking for. 


Important stuff for up and coming designers and one of the best UX podcasts around. 


You can listen here.  

Completed our best UX design podcast list?


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