33 growth hacking tools you need to know

calendar Oct 2, 2022
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

Here at Growth Tribe, we teach our learners the tools and techniques to make growth hacking strategies work for them. Through fun and practical learning, our goal is to empower marketing and data professionals with the tools they need to build their own success.

To do this, we know it's essential they have the right tools, extensions, applications and software to make implementing growth marketing techniques on a daily basis easy.

So, what’s in your toolkit?


‍‍To help you get started, our team has collected a selection of tools (organised by funnel stage 😎) so that you can be at the top of your growth hacking game. We use these tools all the time, so we hope they’ll give you a boost as well!

We’ve organised these growth hacking tools into the following categories:

  • Automation and data scraping
  • Data Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Creating Landing Pages and Websites
  • Soft Data
  • Emailing
  • SEO and content
  • Communication, productivity and project management
  • Design and collaboration


Automation and data scraping


Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition

Phantombuster is a SaaS scraping and automation platform that allows you to automate time-consuming tasks on many social networks without having to code. This tool provides you with bots, based on your needs, to collect data from any website or social network. For example, if you need data from LinkedIn that would cost you time to manually copy-paste, Phantombuster can do it automatically, and however frequently you need it to.


Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition

This tool allows you to automate and optimise prospecting on LinkedIn. It’s a super efficient way to generate leads, allowing you to export contacts you need to enable your growth strategies. Easy to use, ProspectIn also respects the LinkedIn terms of use, which is super important for this kind of tool. To get started, all you need to do is install a ProspectIn Chrome extension to start searching for contacts that match your audience.

© ProspectIn


Funnel Stage = Full funnel

Zapier helps you link all your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc. With this tool, you can synchronize tasks across two or more apps. For example, when someone fills out a form on your website, Zapier can collect the information and put it into your preferred CRM tool or set up an email response. How does it work? Zapier uses the APIs of the different softwares and allows the user to set up a series of triggers and actions. This means you can also use it to automate almost any workflow.


Tip: Many of us at Growth Tribe also use Zapier for productivity hacks, like automating time-tracking 💡


Data Analytics

Google Analytics

Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

This one’s a classic. Google Analytics is Google's statistics tool, used by website administrators to analyse their audience. With GA, you can analyse the behaviour of your visitors and to measure the performance of your marketing strategies and your website. You can monitor all relevant data qualitatively and quantitatively over time. You can also find out how people find their way to your website. Is it mainly via social networks, search engine optimisation or a campaign? With this valuable information, you can optimise your acquisition levers or traffic sources.



Funnel Stage = Activation / Retention / Revenue

Mixpanel is a specialised business analytics platform, mainly focused on the study of interactions with SaaS products. In concrete terms, Mixpanel tracks your users' interactions with web and mobile apps and helps you communicate with them. Its suite of tools includes in-app A/B tests and survey forms. The data collected is then used to create custom reports and measure user engagement and retention. As soon as there is a login on your website or mobile application, Mixpanel can measure what that user is doing.



Funnel Stage = Activation / Retention / Revenue

AppAnnie is the benchmark solution for mobile performance, allowing you to track the evolution of your mobile app during its life cycle. With this tool, you’ll know exactly how many times your app has been downloaded, or how much money it’s earned. In addition, thanks to data collected from more than 8 million apps and thousands of websites, the platform gives you a more complete view of the mobile landscape to help you put your efforts in context. With this info you can iterate to acquire and retain customers, prioritise your roadmap, penetrate new markets and optimise your ROI.


appannie platform

© AppAnnie


Social Media Management


Funnel Stage = Awareness

You've probably heard of Buffer! It's a simple, easy-to-use online social media management software for growing businesses. A software app for web and mobile, Buffer is designed to manage your social media accounts so you can schedule posts and analyse performance. Buffer works with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest and LinkedIn, and makes it easy to analyse the results on each platform and engage with your community. 



Funnel Stage = Awareness

Hootsuite is a one-stop social media management solution that also allows users to schedule content, view statistics on their activity and integrate with RSS feeds. Its convenient user interface takes the form of a dynamic dashboard and allows social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 


hootsuite platform

© Hootsuite

Creating Landing Pages and Websites


Funnel Stage = Acquisition

The ultimate landing page design tool, Instapage is packed with features that allow you to create a landing page in minutes, without even having to code. Instapage has an intuitive editor that makes it easy to customise your landing pages by moving elements around with a simple drag and drop.


Funnel Stage = Acquisition

Umso is a revolutionary tool for startups to quickly create a website that’s beautiful, effective and helps them meet their goals. Umso automatically generates unique websites based on your type of startup: through a series of questions about your product, Umso shows you what will work. Its great visual editor is both flexible and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your copy while offering advanced customisation.

umso platform

© Umso


Funnel Stage = Acquisition

Optimize your landing pages and levers to boost the conversion of your ad campaigns. Unbounce is a complete tool not only for creating landing pages but also pop-ups and site banners. You have over 100 templates at your disposal for both desktop and mobile. The tool allows you to choose templates according to your conversion goals: lead generation, event or webinar registration, product or service sales, ebook downloads, upcoming product announcements, etc.


Soft Data


Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

Typeform is a super popular tool, creating beautiful interactive forms for your surveys, quizzes, etc. Customize your forms or choose from a variety of user-friendly templates. Its dynamic forms are great, UX-wise, enabling you to gather valuable information through qualitative surveys and questionnaires.



Funnel Stage = Acquisition / Activation 

With Hotjar, you can collect feedback from your users on demand to understand where you can improve your site. It's a great complement to Google Analytics, with heatmaps and screen recordings to show you how users behave on your website pages. The heatmaps show you which pages are clicked on, hovered over or scrolled through the most, helping you optimise your conversions. 


hotjar platform

© Hotjar


Funnel Stage = Acquisition / Activation 

This platform allows you to test absolutely anything anywhere, anytime - develop prototypes, concepts, content, and analyse actionable results in just a few hours. Maze.co can be integrated with any workflow or platforms like Figma, InVision or Adobe XD to speed up the process from idea to test. You can also generate brilliant reports instantly, a real time saver!


maze.co plaform

© Maze.co

Crystal Knows

Funnel Stage = Acqusition / Activation 

This pretty revolutionary tool (one of our growth hackers' favourites) allows you to analyse users on Linkedin and collect psychographic data to help you validate your personas. Crystal Knows uses artificial intelligence to display your personality test via LinkedIn. Then, the tool deduces your personality, your behaviour and your communication style. Widely used by recruiters, this extension is accessible to all via a browser.


crystal knows personalities

© Crystal Knows



Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

Mailchimp is a popular option for email and lifecycle marketing. You can send personalised email campaigns to your contacts and make your emailing strategy a reality. This clever marketing automation platform helps you share email and advertising campaigns with customers and other interested parties. As an integral part of your email growth marketing strategy, Mailchimp has reliable list management practices, structured campaigns and deep data analysis. 


mailchimp platform

© Mailchimp


Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

Sendinblue allows you to create marketing automation templates to target customers based on their actions on your website. This is a great way to connect with your visitors by, for example, sending them an email at a specific time after they have visited your site. This process is all automated using your predefined scenarios, and as a bonus Sendinblue is pretty affordable!



Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

Hubspot’s complete CRM solution improves the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns through personalisation and a set of acquisition tools. First and foremost, Hub CRM, a 100% free platform, allows you to organise, monitor and develop real quality relationships with your prospects and customers. Secondly, Hub Marketing, a solution designed to increase traffic to your website or blog, allows you to convert your visitors into leads and execute inbound marketing campaigns as part of your growth hacking strategy. Finally, Hub Sales focuses on the sales side of things, allowing you to contact your leads using the information you have, automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks and above all close your deals efficiently. 

hubspot platform

© Hubspot


Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition

Lemlist is an emailing software that differs from most of its competitors. Specialising in email outreach or cold emailing, it allows you to send automated sequences of personalised emails with improved deliverability to cold contacts. Lemlist includes many features to improve your numbers and give your growth marketing strategy a boost by  improving deliverability rate, bounce rate, open rate, click rate, response rate and number of customers.


lemlist platform

© Lemlist


Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition

A growth hacking tool to keep in mind, Dropcontact.io is a platform that enriches your contact records automatically. If you regularly need to dig up the latest contact details of your customers, this tool will make your life easier. Email extraction, enrichment and integration of your database, the list of features is long, and (importantly) the platform is 100% GDPR compliant.

dropcontact platform

© Dropcontact


💡 Ready to start using these tools for maximum impact? Check out our Growth Hacking Immersive course here 👇


SEO and Content


Funnel Stage = Awareness 

Well-known SEO specialist, Neil Patel, acquired UberSuggest to turn it into a fully dedicated free SEO tool for content creators and marketers to find new article and keyword ideas. Like other keyword generators, Ubersuggest allows you to conduct keyword research before writing your articles and optimise them to increase your chances of ranking well on search engines and bringing in those sweet clicks!


neil patel ubersuggest

© Ubersuggest / Neil Patel


Funnel Stage = Awareness 

Ahrefs is an indispensable tool for a good SEO strategy. It allows you to gather a large amount of data to set up or monitor your SEO strategies as part of your growth hacking efforts. Although it’s mainly known for its backlink analysis, Ahrefs also offers SEO audits, marketing analysis, content creation and link building. The tool can also be used to analyse the activity of other sites (like your direct competitors), export data in CSV format or generate analysis reports.


ahrefs seo platform

© ahrefs


Funnel Stage = Awareness 

Buzzsumo is a great web solution for searching for content and influencers. It allows you to create alerts in a particular field or on a set of keywords. With the basic version, you can use the search engine for free, but you won’t be able to export or exploit the data or even create alerts. Whatever you’re looking for; content, articles, infographics, videos... You can set up a really refined search thanks Buzzsumo’s super practical filtering system.


Answer The Public

Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition 

A very easy-to-use tool with somewhat hipster branding, Answer The Public is a question and idea generator that uses auto suggestions from Google and Bing. The platform collects the most popular searches from Internet users and suggests a long list of them based on a query or keyword. The concept of Answer The Public is perfect for giving you content ideas but also helps you understand exactly what users want, which is fundamental to a solid growth marketing strategy.

answer the public platform

© Answer The Public

Communication, project management and productivity


Funnel Stage = Internal + Referral / Retention 

Slack is an increasingly ubiquitous hub that brings people, data and applications together in one place. It is a single platform where people can communicate, collaborate, find and share important information, as well as access an infinite number of applications and services that are essential for getting the most out of their work. If you don’t already use it, you’ve definitely heard of it.


slack chat platform

© Slack


Funnel Stage = Full Funnel

If you haven’t heard of Zoom, where have you been? This simple and reliable platform enables video sharing, phone calls, content and discussions and works on mobile devices, desktops, phones and room systems.


zoom video platform

© Zoom


Funnel Stage = No specific stage

Discord is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed to create communities. On the platform, users communicate using voice, video, text, media and file calls in private chats or in communities called "servers". Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux and in web browsers. Currently, the service has over 250 million users and can be a great way to foster communities.


Funnel Stage = No specific stage

A very useful tool for sharing information within your organisation or for improving productivity, Notion’s intuitive design and smooth user experience is one of those platforms we really enjoy using. Focused on hierarchical note-taking in the form of pages and sub-pages, Notion also functions as a "mini-database". To be honest, the only limit on Notion is your imagination. With this database management, it is possible to organise all sorts of things, including task management, project management and much more. Our team uses Notion every day.


© Notion



Funnel Stage = No specific stage

This project management platform gives you a bird’s eye view of all your ongoing tasks and projects. Teams can work together to organise projects and save time on small, time-consuming tasks. Asana simplifies processes and projects, reducing the risk of errors. 



Design and collaboration


Funnel Stage = No specific stage

Figma is one of the most powerful collaboration tools for creating UI designs and prototypes. Figma allows UX and UI designers to easily create beautiful interfaces for mobile applications and websites. Its main advantage? The ability for all different stakeholders of a project to design together. Unlike Sketch or Adobe XD, Figma is a very accessible software thanks to its cloud-based web application, available from any browser, operating system or configuration.


figma design platform

© Figma


Funnel Stage = Awareness / Acquisition

If you work in marketing, you’ve probably heard of Canva. One of the most popular graphic design tools in the world, Canva allows you to design anything from your CV to posters to visuals for your social networks. Canva allows anyone to create professional looking graphics to print or publish online, no design skills needed! Canva’s web app makes it accessible from most browsers and devices, and it’s full of helpful tutorials and templates.

canva creative platform

© Canva


Funnel Stage = No specific stage

Whimsical allows teams to visually collaborate on ideas in a simple and enjoyable way through diagrams, flowcharts and images. In short, Whimsical offers teams the ability to create a variety of wireframes in collaboration. For the uninitiated, wireframes are like blueprints for websites and apps. They provide an overview of the structure, layout, flow, functionality, and user behaviors on your page. With Whimsical, your team can create these together, digitally!


whimsical platform

© Whimsical


If this list has only made you hungry for more tools to streamline and optimise your processes, we’ll wrap up with one of our favourite ways to find new tools: Product Hunt! 

Product Hunt

Product Hunt allows you to discover new tools, websites and other extensions recently released on the web. Thanks to its voting system, it's a great way to generate free awareness if you have a good product, and a great way to evaluate products before you invest in them.


We hope this list is useful for you and that you can start growth hacking right away! Our favourite tool, as always, is learning, and in our 12 Week Growth Immersive we show you just how to use many of these tools to drive growth, as well as the underlying techniques and strategies.


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