Dataiku and Growth Tribe: A.I. in Data Science and Marketing

Join us to learn about current AI applications for marketing and growth in a 2-in-1 meetup at Growth Tribe!

The evening features a powerful workshop with Judit Szaffenauer, Machine Learning Trainer and Coach at Growth Tribe, and insights into how to embed data science by Yashas Vaidya, Technical User Community Manager at Dataiku.


Thu, Oct 24th, 2019


6:00pm – 8:00pm CET


Amsterdam Campus

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About this workshop

18:00 – 18:30 | Snacks, beers & networking

18:30 | Introduction by Growth Tribe & Dataiku 

18:35 – 19:15 | AI for Marketing – Power Session

19:15 – 19:45 | How to embed Data Science 

19:45 onwards | Pizza & networking drinks



Talk #1 by Judit Szaffenauer, Machine Learning Trainer and Coach at GrowthTribe:
AI for Marketing – Power Session

AI is no longer something reserved for extensively qualified data scientists. The world of marketing and growth has already begun to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the companies who want to stay ahead taking advantage of this new competitive advantage.
GrowthTribe has spent the last year teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing and growth. In this talk, we’ll test your skills, expose you to the real-life applications of AI, as well as show you how you can learn to leverage it!

Judit teaches GrowthTribe’s 2 Day ‘AI for Marketing & Growth and AI for Business’ courses and she coaches our trainees on their machine learning projects. Before joining GrowthTribe, Judit studied marketing and worked as a data analyst. Above the business applications of machine learning, her areas of expertise include data visualisation techniques and quantitative market research.


Talk #2 by Yashas Vaidya, Technical User Community Manager at Dataiku:
How to Embed Data Science

Data Science, ML and AI and/or advanced analytics are initiatives taking place at organizations of all sizes. From data-driven start-ups to large companies leveling up their analytics, everyone is *doing it*. These initiatives are often seen as the path to ensuring success in promoting or preventing disruption. Unfortunately, many of them face obstacles, as they are not well-embedded at various levels of firms and organizations in general. This talk will discuss what it means for data science to be embedded. It will go over common failures in such embeddedness and some examples of success. As trusted partners to teams and organizations, we help them build and deploy complex data-enabled, ML-powered and AI-driven products. These are some lessons from such engagements.

Yashas is grateful to be one of the first people at Dataiku tasked with thinking about the enablement of users. Whether they are embedded at customers or partner organizations or whether they are academic or community users. He works with a number of teams at Dataiku-product, partnerships, and data science. Together, he plans how to enable and empower users to get the most out of the platform. Trained as a population scientist at Brown University, his PhD examined neighborhood development and child nutrition in a 20-year longitudinal panel study. He loves to talk about urban transformations, the big data explosion and personalized healthcare.

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What they say about our training

“It was amazing to see how many easy tactics and simple tools / techniques you can use to make your product more successful ! Every Product Owner should do this !”

Mickael Honorine

Product Innovation Manager at Europcar

“Growth Tribe have helped us discover a new way of working. They introduced us to a range of different processes and tools that can be implemented immediately!”

Pascal van Ham

Head of Marketing at Tony’s Chocolonely

The Amsterdam Campus

Located at the heart of the city, Amsterdam’s Marineterrein, we turned a former EU conference facility into our campus. 


  • 650m2 of dedicated training space
  • Ultrafast fiber optic internet to make sure there’s nothing in the way of execution
  • Lounge & chill areas to wind down and let your learnings sink in.

Growth Tribe is leading the way in adult education and digital re-skilling & up-skilling, bridging the gap between rapidly evolving technology and stagnant skills. We do so by creating world-class, fast-paced and enjoyable learning experiences around behavioural psychology, A.I., user experience, growth, data and rapid experimentation.