7 Reasons Why Web3 is a Career You Should Be Thinking About

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If you’re curious about a career in Web3 you’re in the right place!


If you’re curious about a career in Web3 you’re in the right place! This relatively new buzzword is occupying all corners of the internet as it presents a fresh, exciting, revolutionary avenue for professionals and users alike. In this article, we’ll break down what Web3 is, why it’s essential and why a career in it is something you should consider. 

The journey to Web3 

Simply put, Web3 is the next version of the internet. If you’re unsure about what that means (as many people are!) it helps to understand what has come before. 

  • Web1 (1989-2004): This is the original version of the internet. Circa from 1989 through to the early 2000s. This version was read-only and the intent was purely to share information. Companies could upload static web pages and content for other people to find but users couldn’t comment, share or engage with the content other than by simply reading it. Web1 also introduced very basic email services. 

  • Web2 (2004-now): This is where we are now. Web2 is referred to as read-write and saw the birth of social media around 2004 with Facebook and MySpace. The big difference with Web2 was how companies created platforms for users to share content (user-generated content) and engage with each other. As traffic grew, a handful of the biggest tech companies leveraged this attention to formulate the advertising models we’re all used to now across virtually every internet platform. Users can create content but don’t necessarily own it or benefit financially. It’s this centralised monopoly on user data that has given rise to Web3. 

  • Web3 (now-???): This is where we’re heading; the read-write-own phase of the internet. Coined by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, Web3 aims to combat the heavy reliance on trust users must place in private companies by giving power back to the user. Wood suggests this can be achieved through the creation and ownership of content via the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, all working together to create a truly decentralised internet. 


Why you should be thinking about a career in Web3


The next evolution of the internet brings with it many changes and opportunities for professionals looking to transition to a new field, change the way they work, look for career growth and a host of other reasons. 


Here are 7 reasons why Web3 is a career worth considering:

Excellent Salary 

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The graphic above from Web3Jobs shows the average salary based on location and job role for a developer. As you can see the numbers are high across the board with North America topping out the counties. 

Varied Job Roles 

Further down the page, you’ll find a list of tech and non-tech-related jobs in Web3 that shows just how diverse the field is. From marketing to content writing, blockchain development to programming and lots more, there’s a wide spread of roles you can choose to work in. 


As with many digitally-based job roles, Web3 positions can be filled entirely remotely, allowing for a better work-life balance as people try to escape the traditional office cubicle 9-5. Freelancing, consulting, part-time and full-time options are all available. 

Easy To Start Learning

If you don’t have prior knowledge of Web3 fundamentals or a background in computing and coding, fear not! Web3 is a highly accessible field with online courses that can teach everything you need to know for a career move. Courses offer a flexible way to learn and get certified in one of the many specialisations. 


Web3 is here and only growing stronger by the day. Already we’ve seen massive investment from the likes of Google, Facebook and brand names such as Coca-Cola looking for ways to monetise ads in the metaverse. NFTs and crypto are booming and companies are developing ways to integrate all of Web3’s technologies into their platforms, products and services. The demand is strong but looks to skyrocket over the next decade as it becomes more commonplace. 

Work for the world’s biggest companies  

Some of the world’s leading brands are leveraging blockchain technologies such as crypto and NFTs. Notable adopters are Microsoft, Twitter, Shopify and Meta, all making sizeable investments to ensure they lead the way and set the standard for Web3 development. 

Work with diverse teams 

Whether you get a position in a leading firm’s office building or work remotely from home as a freelancer, you can expect to connect with international talent who share your passion and innovative mindset for Web3. This cutting-edge industry is attracting skilled professionals from around the world from all walks of life. It represents a truly inclusive and progressive workforce.

14 career opportunities in Web3



Even in its infancy, Web3 is already gathering momentum and interest from globally recognised brands and already you’ll find plenty of job opportunitiesHere we’ll list some of the most in-demand Web3 jobs that are both non-tech-related and tech-related. 


8 Top non-tech jobs that you can apply for with transferable skills to Web3:

Research Analyst 

You’ll be responsible for conducting extensive research on a myriad of topics such as DeFi, blockchain technologies, crypto and the metaverse. Through research and analysis, you’ll extract valuable insights that help direct strategies for growth and submit statistical reports to senior management and stakeholders. 

Graphic Designer 

Design graphics for web-based applications such as company websites, social media and mobile applications. Typically you’ll have experience with graphic design tools like Adobe to produce all types of visual content. 

Content Writer 

The arrival of Web3, much like any new technology, requires the market to be educated about it. Already, there is a massive demand for skilled and knowledgeable content writers to help inform customers and drive B2B efforts too. Pretty much everything you read online (outside of a course) is created by writers to help translate the complex into lamens terms. 

UI/UX Designer 

As a UI/UX designer, you’re responsible for creating seamless and delightful online experiences. You’ll have experience with coding languages such as CSS, HTML and Javascript. A lot rides on how users interact with and experience applications so a job as a UI/UX designer is highly sought after by top companies. 

Product Manager

Product managers help take a product from the early concept stages and manage its development through to a finished product out in the market. This already high-valued profession is particularly potent in Web3 as companies try to get a foothold in a new market. You’ll be experienced in managing teams, communicating with stakeholders, and having experience in business analytics and marketing too. 

Community Manager 

You’ll be responsible for how the company interacts and maintains its relationship with the community. Usually, this is done through community management tools, social media platforms and messaging platforms like Discord, which has a substantial Web3 audience. 

Public Relations (PR)

If building excitement and momentum around the launch of a new product gets you out of the bed in the morning then a career in Web3 PR could be right up your street. With so many emerging applications (metaverse, NFTs) there’s plenty of variation to keep you busy.


From junior positions to senior management roles, there are lots of options for marketers to transition to a career in Web3. New products and applications have to be marketed to the masses through marketing channels such as social media, websites, blogs and more. 


Now for 6 top tech-related Web3 jobs:



Blockchain Developer

As a blockchain developer, you’re responsible for developing decentralised apps and smart contracts based on blockchain technology. For this, you’ll need to understand how to code, the blockchain security and the architecture for the chosen platform, whether that’s Ethereum or Bitcoin or an alternative. Developers create 3D models, designs and content for use in the metaverse and other applications and provide the foundation for which software developers build. 

Decentralised App (dApp) Developer 

Much like an app developer builds games and applications for mobile stores for Apple or Google, a dApp developer does the same thing but for a decentralised network built on blockchain technology. For this, you’ll need experience in coding languages such as Java and Solidity. 

Solidity Developer 

Solidity developers are people who write code specifically in the Solidity programming language for smart contracts to be deployed on Ethereum. This makes it a highly technical and niche skill that companies are offering competitive salaries and bonuses for the right talent as companies move towards developing decentralised applications. 

Smart Contract Developer 

Smart contracts are computer programs that automate the terms between two or more parties, typically written in programming languages such as Python, Solidity and Java. You’ll need to learn the fundamentals of cryptography and digital signatures, and blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, to understand how smart contracts are developed and deployed on the blockchain. 

Metaverse Developer 

For virtual reality enthusiasts and developers with a gaming background then this role provides an exciting opportunity to develop and manage applications for the metaverse. You’ll need experience in blockchain technologies, coding in Solidity and how to develop decentralised applications. 

Front-end/Back-end Developer 

You’ll be responsible for the front-end user interfaces pr the back-end running of web applications to give users optimal experiences. This role requires experience in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and more. 


Be at the centre of the digital revolution 

Standing at the forefront of technological advances is a pretty cool deal! Web3 and its counterparts, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs and the like are changing the way organisations approach consumers and how we as users create and share content online. If you’d like to find out more about the fundamentals of Web3 then explore our course here


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