Why every company should invest in learning & development

calendar Feb 8, 2024
author Written by Marco Tortike

In today's dynamic business landscape, where competition is fierce and change is constant, companies are constantly seeking ways to gain a competitive edge. One of the most effective strategies?


Investing in Learning and Development (L&D) to cultivate an engaged and skilled workforce, driving forward business strategies with precision and agility.


We'll take a look at 

  1. What is learning & development?
  2. The 9 reasons why you should invest in learning & development

Let's jump right into it! 


What is Learning and Development?

It's the secret sauce, the behind-the-scenes magician that turns your employees into rockstars.


In plain English, L&D is a business unit focused on empowering employees' growth and developing their knowledge. 


Whether your L&D team is holding the fort in the HR department, spreading its wings across different units, or playing a hybrid game – it's all about growth.


Now, don't let the jargon confuse you.


Learning and development includes everything from helping newbies find their way in the company (onboarding), giving your team the superhero upgrade they deserve, to cooking up strategies that make your business shine.


We're talking about a variety pack here – from online courses that make learning a breeze to old-school, face-to-face training that brings the human touch.


And let's not forget the mentorships, the Jedi training of the business world.


Why does it matter?


Because in a world that's changing faster than you can say "upgrade," your team needs to be on their A-game. It's not just about keeping up; it's about leading the charge.


So, why should every company throw their chips into the learning and development pot?


We'll discuss 9 reasons in this article. 


In the meantime, check out this video where David Arnoux, our Co-founder & CEO talks about the importance of continuous learning. πŸ‘‡



Let's take a look at the 9 reasons why you should invest in professional development. 

The 9 reasons why you should invest in learning & development.

A staggering 90% of employees will not quit if they receive personalised career development opportunities. 


Recruiting fresh talent comes at a hefty price tag, significantly higher than retaining existing employees.


A study revealed that if the salary stays the same for the upskilled employee or new hire, organizations choosing to upskill rather than replace could save between 70 and 92% on average.

In today's competitive landscape, companies gain a significant edge by ensuring their workforce is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, especially in cutting-edge technologies.


This comprehensive approach to learning and development sets businesses apart from their rivals.

Thus, investing in the training and development of current employees emerges as one of the most lucrative investments for any company, promising long-term dividends and a sustainable competitive advantage.


Alright, let's further explore why every company should invest in learning & development! 


1. Learning & development boosts innovation

In a world where change is the only constant, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's the secret sauce to staying relevant to reach your business goals. 


But here's the deal – innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's the product of minds buzzing with fresh ideas and creative sparks.


Learning and development is the superhero that fuels innovation. When your team is on a continuous learning journey, they're not just gathering skills; they're diving into a pool of new ideas, creative approaches, and the latest tech trends.


In a world that moves at the speed of thought, your learning and development game needs to be as flexible as a yoga instructor.


Rigid structures? No thanks. Agile programmes are the way to go! 


Remember, it's not just about solving problems; it's about thinking critically. Generic courses won't cut it.


Your L&D program should be the arena where employees wrestle with real-world challenges, flex their creative muscles, and emerge as problem-solving warriors.


learning and development boosts innovation


Stay ahead, stay agile, stay innovative – that's the L&D way.


2. A learning and development programme attracts top talent

In the talent-hungry world we live in, every company dreams of having the cream of the crop on its team. But here's the twist – the A-listers aren't just after fat paychecks and flashy benefits.


They want more.


They crave the thrill of development opportunities that push their limits and expand their horizons.


Especially in a post-pandemic world where remote work opens the gates to talent globally, your company is the beacon that ambitious individuals are drawn to.


Top-tier talents want to know they're not just joining a company; they're stepping into an arena that values their potential and fuels their ambition.


When your culture shouts "professional development," these go-getters see a future in your organization. 


More importantly, in a world where mental well-being is a buzzword, your organization becomes the knight in shining armour. Employee development programs don't just improve skills; they enhance self-perception and inject a sense of meaning into the daily grind. It's not just a job; it's a purpose.


Now, think of your organization as a product on the market. How do you attract customers? Creativity is the key.


Apply the same magic to your talent marketing strategy. Shout from the rooftops 


"We value our employees' growth!"


According to the Society for Human Resource Management, skills training is the third most important perk for the younger crowd. It's the golden ticket that 66% of individuals aged 18-24 are seeking a new job.


In essence, a company with a thriving learning and development program isn't just a workplace; it's a talent magnet.


It retains the best, attracts the finest, and creates a culture where growth isn't an option; it's a promise. Invest in learning and development, and watch the top-tier talents flock to your doorstep.


Your company isn't just a job opportunity; it's a career adventure. Let the talent magnet do its magic!


ATW_learning_developTop_Image_rxzu6f(Image source: SHRM)


3. Employee development programs boost employee retention

Alright, let's talk about the glue that holds your team together – employee retention.


It's not just about attracting new talent; it's about keeping the dream team intact. Because let's face it, replacing a lost teammate isn't just a walk in the park; it's a costly adventure that drains both resources and morale.


But fear not, learning and development programmes are here to save the day. 


When your company shouts from the rooftops about professional development, it's not just about skills; it's about sending a crystal-clear message – "We care about your future."


It's about weaving a tapestry of long-term visions where employees see themselves as integral parts of the journey.




It grows like a mighty oak from this shared vision of a bright future.


Let's talk turkey – high staff turnover. It's not just a headache; it's a migraine waiting to happen. But here's the secret sauce: investing in training is the smartest move you'll ever make.


Forget the hefty recruitment costs; focus on nurturing your existing talent.


When your team feels valued, when they see a path to personal and professional growth, they're more likely to stick around for the long haul.


And let's not forget the magic of upskilling and reskilling.


When employees are offered opportunities to level up, they don't just see it as a perk; they see it as a promise. It's like planting seeds of loyalty that blossom into a garden of retention.


Invest in your team, and watch them invest in your company's future. It's a win-win that keeps the wheels turning and the smiles shining.


Let the retention revolution begin!


(Image source: Chargebee


4. The impact on satisfaction in the workplace

Alright, let's talk about the secret sauce of workplace happiness – employee satisfaction and engagement.


It's not just about punching in and out; it's about feeling the pulse of meaning and value in every task.


We're all speaking of that team of happy, engaged employees, right?


Why? Because they see the bigger picture. They understand the impact of their contributions, and it lights a fire within them.



Ask them where they see themselves in the future, and then roll up your sleeves and build the roadmap together.


Because here's the truth – your employees' successes are your company's triumphs.


In a world where remote work blurs boundaries and exacerbates burnout, investing in employee learning solutions is the lifeboat that keeps your team afloat.


It's not just about learning new skills; it's about reigniting the spark of excitement in their eyes.


Employee satisfaction

(Image source: LinkedIn - Felipe Negron)


5. To prepare your company for the future

In a world that's evolving faster than a PokΓ©mon on steroids, staying ahead of the curve isn't just a goal; it's a survival strategy.


Let's start with the basics – regular training sessions. They're not just for big players; they're perfect for any SME looking to outshine the competition.


Encourage your teams to keep their eyes peeled for any developments in their niche. 


The pandemic has shown us that adaptability isn't just a buzzword; it's a survival skill.


And guess what? 


Investing in employee upskilling and reskilling programs isn't just about technical skills; it's about transforming your current workforce into chameleons, ready to blend into any environment.


And how do you foster innovation?


Through professional development. It's the magic potion that exposes your team to fresh ideas, new strategies, and cutting-edge technologies.


Whether it's training courses, mentorship programs, or education reimbursement, investing in employee growth is about future-proofing your company. 


Take a look at this webinar where we help you prepare your business for the future of artificial intelligence! πŸ‘‡



6. A stronger team connection through L&D for remote teams

In the era of remote work, where team members are dispersed like stars in the digital galaxy, cohesion isn't just a challenge; it's a lifeline.

Consider this: with modern learning management systems and innovative learning apps, a sense of unity pervades, even when physical distances separate colleagues.


Over the past decade, the remote workforce has surged by over 400%, making connectivity more crucial than ever.


Your mission?


To foster seamless communication and collaboration among colleagues, regardless of their geographic locations.




7. To adopt the latest trends & technologies

In the dynamic realm of industry, riding the wave of change isn't just savvy; it's essential for growth.



Here's the scoop – industry trends aren't just ephemeral whispers; they're the compass that guides your company towards innovation and evolution.


Enter upskilling, reskilling, and cross-skilling – the holy trinity of staying ahead in the game and career development.


In today's fast-paced world, your employees should be armed with the latest hard & soft skills and insights to become the architects of your success story.


Learning and development initiatives aren't just about individual growth; they're about a shift in the company culture, empowering your entire organization to stay ahead of the curve. 


It's about creating a culture where staying up-to-date isn't just a task; it's a mindset.


Prepare your business for the future of AI β€” March 15 2023 (1)



8. Prepare your employees to be the leaders of the future

Alright, let's talk about the future – not just any future, but the future leaders of your company.


It's not enough to simply navigate the present; you need to cultivate a crop of leaders ready to steer your company towards tomorrow's horizons.


And guess what? Employee development is the fertile soil where tomorrow's leaders take root and thrive.


Here's the scoop – employee training isn't just about avoiding the hassle of hiring new talent; it's about cultivating a garden of internal talent ripe for leadership.


Your existing employees aren't just familiar faces; they're the beating heart of your organization, primed to step into leadership roles with gusto and enthusiasm.


With a culture of personal development and growth, you can spot budding leaders early on and offer them targeted opportunities to blossom. 


More importantly, when employees see their peers rise through the ranks, it ignites a spark of ambition within them.


It's like a ripple effect, empowering each individual to strive for greater advancement and responsibility.


03-Personal development


9. Boost employee performance

Here's the lowdown – L&D isn't just about ticking boxes or attending seminars; it's about empowering employees to unleash their full potential.


When employers allocate dedicated budgets for L&D initiatives, they're not just investing in skill development; they're investing in a brighter future for their employees and their company.


59% of employees believe that more training improves their performance


By offering tailored learning programs to address specific skill gaps, organizations equip their teams with the tools and techniques needed to perform tasks efficiently and confidently.


Growth Hacking Process-02

So, why should you invest in learning and development?


Because it's not just about learning; it's about unleashing the creative beasts within your team, turning your company into an innovation powerhouse.

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