Become certified in business analytics

Become certified in business analytics

We’ll teach you how the world’s leading data professionals use business analytics, and how you can become a data hero.

This course includes:

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Become certified in business analytics

We’ll teach you how the world’s leading data professionals use business analytics, and how you can become a data hero.

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Transform data into insights

Elevate decision-making skills

Elevate decision-making skills

Acquire the ability to classify decisions, dissect them effectively, and cultivate a data-informed mindset. Empower yourself and your company with sharper decision-making capabilities.

Master descriptive analytics

Master descriptive analytics

Learn to evaluate descriptions, interpret charts and correlations, and build a robust KPI tree. Turn raw data into actionable insights that drive business success

Drive predictive analysis

Drive predictive analysis

Gain proficiency in predictive modelling techniques, covering classification to regression. Utilise data-driven insights for precise forecasts and strategic business decisions.

Discover the must-have tools

Save time and stay focused on success. We've carefully curated the essential tools, sparing you from the chaos of trial and error. Enjoy a structured learning experience with step-by-step guidance on using each tool effectively.

We cover Google Sheets in our Growth Tribe Business Analytics Online Certificate Course We cover Google Slides in our Growth Tribe Business Analytics Online Certificate Course We cover Optimizely in our Growth Tribe Business Analytics Online Certificate Course We cover XLMiner Analysis ToolPak in our Growth Tribe Business Analytics Online Certificate Course

and many more...

Who is this course for?

  • If you have an interest in using data and want to elevate your skills
  • If you’re looking to solve specific business problems with data
  • Professionals from diverse range of fields who want to upskill in data

Here's what you'll learn

8 modules | 85 lessons | 30 videos | 8 tests | 8 exercises

Module 1 - Data-informed mindset

Classify decision-making

Dissect a decision

Data-informed individuals

Enable a data-informed organisation

Module 2 - Data pipeline

Data pipeline

Data tasks map

Decluttering and highlighting

Module 3 - Descriptive analytics

Evaluate descriptions

Reading charts and correlations

Building a KPI tree

Module 4 - Statistical inference

Applications of statistical inference

Evaluate hypothesis testing

A/B test for causality

Module 5 - Machine learning

Machine learning types and applications

Predictive modelling: classification

Predictive modelling: regression

Module 6 - Data strategies

The purpose of data usage

Pillars of data maturity

Module 7 - Stakeholder engagement

Data roles

Data teams

Stakeholder engagement process

What can be done better

Module 8 - Data project management

Projects vs processes


Prioritise data use cases

Healthy review process

Earn your Business Analytics certificate

Once you've completed the course, get a certificate that sets you apart from the competition and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Boost your credibility
  • Gain a competitive edge
Get certified in Business Analytics at Growth Tribe

Meet your instructor

Mauricio Bernardo da Silva

Mauricio Bernardo da Silva

Mauricio has worked in different industries, giving him a wide knowledge of processes and metrics, and how to most efficiently utilise data to reach business goals. At Growth Tribe, he helps individuals understand complex topics in intuitive ways, and enhance their thinking and execution on data initiatives.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Business Analytics Certificate course?

The Business Analytics Certificate course is a comprehensive online program designed to equip you with the skills and expertise to become a data-driven decision-maker. Through a series of engaging modules, you'll gain a deep understanding of data analysis techniques, master predictive modeling strategies, and develop a data-informed mindset to transform business decisions.

Who is this course for?

This course is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their data literacy and apply data-driven insights to solve business challenges. It's ideal for:

  • Data enthusiasts: Elevate your data skills and explore the power of data analysis.

  • Business problem solvers: Learn how to use data to identify and address critical business issues.

  • Career upgraders: Upskill in data analytics and enhance your employability across diverse industries.

What will I learn in this course?

The Business Analytics Certificate course covers a wide spectrum of data analytics topics, including:

  • Data-informed decision-making: Cultivate a data-driven mindset to make informed business decisions.

  • Descriptive analytics: Master data evaluation, chart interpretation, and KPI tree building.

  • Statistical inference: Understand hypothesis testing and A/B testing for causality.

  • Machine learning: Explore machine learning types, predictive modeling techniques, and classification regression.

  • Data strategies: Discover the purpose of data usage and the principles of data maturity.

  • Stakeholder engagement: Learn to collaborate effectively with stakeholders in data projects.

  • Data project management: Master project prioritisation, operationalisation, and review processes.

What is the format of the course?

The course is delivered online in a self-paced format. You will have access to a variety of learning materials, including video lessons, quizzes, and case studies. You will also have the opportunity to interact with other students and instructors in our online community.

How long does the course take?

The Business Analytics Certificate course takes approximately 21 hours to complete.

What is the cost of the course?

The course costs 995€ for a one-time purchase. You can pay via credit cards or invoices. We also offer an annual Premium membership subscription for 1495€ or 129€/month where the users have access to all the certificates and content we have to offer. More info here:

Can I try the course for free?

Yes, you can try a portion of the Business Analytics Certificate course for free to get a taste of the learning experience and see if it's right for you. Sign up for a free trial here.

What are the prerequisites for taking this course?

No prior experience in data analytics is required. The course is designed to cater to beginners and provide a solid foundation in data analysis concepts and techniques.

Do I have to take the course all at once?

No, you can take the course at your own pace. You will have access to the course materials for one year after purchase.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a variety of support resources, including:

  • A dedicated student support team, you can directly ask your questions to the teachers
  • An online community where you can ask questions and connect with other students
  • A comprehensive knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions

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