Aligning Data Understanding and Business Objectives

Learn how to turn data insights into action. Get your projects to production & create value with your work.


Who this course is for

This course is for Junior and Medior Data Analysts, UX Designers, Marketers, Product Managers, Finance Specialists, Fraud Investigators, and other business experts who want to learn how to think business based on data.

Do you want to see more of your projects go to production? Then this course is definitely for you.

You've probably experienced this yourself

Organisations continue to invest billions in data initiatives and turn to advanced analytics & A.I. to improve decision making and drive business performance. 

But results can be underwhelming.

This is because data analysis suffers from the so-called last mile problem. Data teams don’t have clear problems to solve and operational teams struggle to translate business goals into data projects (aka. data translation issue).

Savvy companies now recognise that success with A.I. and analytics requires more than just talented data science teams. They need to ensure data science efforts connect with business needs.

Solving the data analytics translation issue is exactly what this course is about.

Barriers Faced by Data Scientists at Work

Dirty Data
Lack of Data Science Talent
Lack of Management/Financial Support
Lack of Clear Questions to Answer
Data Unavailable or Difficult to Access
Results Not Used by Decision Makers
Explaining Data Science to Others

Source: Kaggle, The State of Data Science (7000 Data Science Respondents)

  • Problems that this course helps to solve

Understanding Data is Crucial For Your Success

Did You Know?

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of IT decision-makers consider their organisation’s ability to exploit value from big data as critical to their future success

Source: Capgemini, Big & Fast Data Report

Did You Know?

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of all business projects now require data analytics 

Source: Mckinsey, 2018

Did You Know?


estimated demand for Data Analytics translators by 2026 (in the US alone)

Source: Mckinsey, 2018

A New Must-Have Skillset

Success with data & A.I. requires much more than talented data scientists. More and more businesses are starting to realise this.

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Course Overview

Learn how to create real value for your business in 12 Weeks!

This cutting-edge course is designed to help you to get more of your projects into production & make a real impact. With the skills of an Analytics Translator, you will become an essential bridge between a company’s data & operational expertise. Learning to think based on data will ensure that your work creates real value for your business.

You will learn how to deal with existing data, how to see connections between findings, how to make predictions, and how to use data to a competitive advantage.

At the end of this training, you will be able to act as a T-Shaped Professional, balancing strong business acumen with fluency in analytics.

You will learn to: understand data, master the art of data visualisation, tell stories based on data, and manage data projects – no matter your current expertise. 

After the 12th week, you will receive your certificate of completion. It validates that you have the skills necessary to be an Analytics Translator. During your personal coaching sessions, you will build a project that you can bring back to your employer or use for your personal portfolio.

We have built Analytics Academies for major corporate clients, teaching these in-demand skill sets. Now you can learn them too.

You'll come out of this course with...

… a future-proof skill set

McKinsey predicts a demand for 4M professionals with the skill set that you will learn during this course (in the U.S. alone)

… a certificate

After 12 weeks, you will receive your certificate of completion that validates you have the skills to be an Analytics Translator

… a personal case

During your personal coaching, you will build a solid project for your personal use

Here's The Structure Of The Program

6x Live Online Training Sessions

Six weekly live online training sessions exploring lots of tools & guided exercises

6x Personal Coaching Sessions

Six personalised coaching sessions with your mentor – directly related to business issues you want to solve (each 30min, 1-on-1)


Personalised Self Study

High quality pre-recorded content delivering personalised learnings at a time that suits you best

learning process

Lifelong Access & Support

Gain lifelong access to our online learning environment to review slides, videos & resources and access to our online community on slack


And some of your instructors 🙂


Bernardo F. Nunes

PhD. Business applications of Data Science and Behavioural Science.


Judit Szaffenauer

Machine Learning, Business Applications of Data Analytics and Market Research.


Mauricio Bernardo da Silva

Data Analysis, Machine Learning


Juan Venegas

Mathematical modelling, commercial storytelling, filmmaking, coding.


Theo Saroglou

Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Econometric

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No joke. Google will be one of your most important trainers 🙂

Learning Experience

Here are more details about the program


We Begin With Your Personal Capability Scan


The personal assessment will give both you and your coach a clear view of your strengths and main improvement points in the topics that are relevant to this course. We can then adapt your online learning journey to better match your goals. No one-size-fits-all learning here!

Live Online Workshops delivered by Expert Trainers

Our online courses are hosted live to ensure real time teaching and facilitation from our experienced growth practitioners. Class sizes are limited to ensure you get the real-time support you need.


Real-Time Exercise Walkthroughs, Guidance & One-to-One Coaching

You’ll stay engaged with hands-on exercise walk-throughs, and live discussions with trainers and fellow alumni using the latest educational conferencing technologies. You’ll also have regular remote coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Immersive Group Interaction with Team Breakout Sessions

Enjoy online break-out sessions for group discussion and peer-to-peer learning, all during live classes. Participants work on real business cases and share their knowledge with the group.


Learn at your own pace with brand new self-study tracks

These brand new study tracks allow you to apply your learnings, expand your knowledge and up your skills at your own pace.

Lifelong access to content & alumni community support

You’ll receive lifelong access to the course material through our online learning environment as well as lifelong support from our trainers & your peers through our exclusive online communities.


This is what you will learn week by week

Course Curriculum

Weeks 1 & 2

  • Demystification of Data Transformation
  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive
  • Data analysis workflows
  • The Data analysis checklist
  • Exploratory and explanatory data analysis
  • Task and proof of concept development
  • Defining success and evaluating a data analysis

Weeks 3 & 4

  • Prototyping
  • Binomial and Continuous Predictions
  • Overfitting (CLTV)
  • How to match the right chart to a given data type
  • Data visualisation best practices and quality checklist
  • Main tools and packages in Data visualisation

Weeks 5 & 6

  • Types of data strategies: offense and defence
  • Data transformation playbooks
  • Data Maturity scan
  • Formulating and testing a hypothesis
  • Sampling procedures, significance and power
  • Causal inference: A/B tests and multivariate tests

Week 7 & 8

  • Task aptitudes by seniority level, from influence to operationalisation
  • Job roles in data-related tasks, from quantitative to soft skills
  • Trying to mitigate frustrations in data-related projects
  • Setting up a presentation that the audience understands and remembers
  • From horrible to excellent data-related presentations
  • Slide design best practices

Week 9 & 10

  • Priorities of data projects in terms of benefits and complexity
  • Evaluation of success in data projects
  • Feasible, profitable and ethical projects
  • The character, insight, obstacle framework
  • Generating analogies to keep stakeholders engaged
  • Building a data story journey with a clear meaning

Week 11 & 12

  • Are you already able to define success?
  • Have you mapped priorities, stakeholders, blockers?
  • Critical evaluation of visuals and narrative
  • Live video presentation to the class
  • Critical evaluation of visuals and narrative by the class

It's as good as it sounds

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Dates & Prices

Pick a date to start the learning!

12 Weeks Course | Individual coaching &  Live Online Training

June 09th – August 25th


Every Tuesday, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm, CET

€2997 excl. VAT*

*can be paid in 4 installments within 4 months

Gain access to our exclusive alumni community

As a Growth Tribe alumni, you will join a community of over 15,000 professional and gain exclusive access to:

  • Events, roundtables & workshops
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And much more…

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Business Solutions

Looking to learn as a team?

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Need a last overview of the skills that you'll learn during the course?

Operational Teams

Take Action & Embed Solutions

line left blue

Identify and prioritise business problems

Communicate insights the business can interpret and execute on

Identify the value of data in the business context

Scope & plan the feasible, profitable and ethical data projects

You aka.

Analytics Translator

Interpret data insights

Evaluate business advantages

Visualise data for business interpretation

line left blue

Convey business goals & translate to data projects

Deliver the analytics solutions

Data Teams

Build Models & Analytics Solutions

Helping Individuals & Organisations Acquire Cutting-Edge Data & Business Skills is What We Do!

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