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Get certified in up-to-date marketing strategies and learn to drive growth, the right way.

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OD-Growth Marketing Certificate

Earn your prestigious Growth Marketing Certificate

Gain more conversions
Gain more conversions
Understand the importance of experiments to grow your business fast. And learn how to create loyal customers who stay.
Stay relevant in a fast changing world
Stay relevant in a fast changing world
Get more conversions by optimizing your pages by leveraging cutting edge tools. Learn how product improvements can make your users refer to their network.
Find growth, fast
Find growth, fast
Become an expert in the tools, techniques and strategies that the world’s leading businesses use to grow, and drive impactful growth in your organization.

Who is this course for?

Results-oriented marketers with 3+ years of experience
Ambitious marketers who want to drive their company’s growth
If you’ve tested lots of marketing channels but struggle to grow

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1 - Back to the fundamentals

Being data-driven in each aspect of Growth Marketing & Experimentation


From personas and customer jobs to growth

Building a customer journey & 5 steps of the experimentation process

Module 2 - Make data work for you

The importance of data and lean analytics

The difference between quantitative and qualitative data and how to use each

Module 3 - Design & execute your own experiments

Gather ideas by tapping into the 1st two modules

Use BRASS and PIES to rank ideas

Design your own experiment

Analyze and understand results (study data)

Module 4 - Funnel marketing (Awareness & acquisition)

Choose your awareness channels & spy on your competitors

Create your own marketing tools and leverage them as channels

Deep dive: landing page optimisation

Module 5 - Funnel marketing (Activation & retention)

Define your wow moment and drive users towards it

Link active users with retention

Module 6 - Funnel marketing (Referral & revenue)

Organic virality and how to leverage growth loops for referrals

CLTV & revenue metrics

Revenue blockers & leveraging qualitative data to improve revenue

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Thousands of happy learners

Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan

I'm working in marketing for 5+ years now (with previous roles in communication as well) and I'm amazed by how many things I still don't know. I was sometimes applying growth marketing tactics in my job, but not by following any framework. It was always a bit of trial & error (as it is with many things), but I feel that now, after the Growth Marketing course, I have a more solid basis to build on.

Flori Roman
Flori Roman
Flori Roman-logo

Growth Tribe sure know how to make a user friendly course. They explain everything very well in their video's and your knowledge gets tested right away. Also good that they have assignments you can apply to your own project. I would've loved more examples in different industries (for me e-commerce, physical products specifically).

Jesper den Rooijen
Jesper den Rooijen

It's about growth, it's about tribe, and it's about marketing. The most useful course that I've taken throughout my career. Seeing how easy it was to grasp the new concepts and immediately having ideas on how to apply them to my work has made me a very happy marketer.

Alexander Lapshin
Alexander Lapshin
Alexander Lapshin-logo

The Growth Marketing Certificate gives you a great insight in the potential that lies behind traditional marketing. It provides you with the right info, step-by-step, and the tools to make it happen and experiment for yourself.

Joren van den Eng
Joren van den Eng
Konica minolta
Rating Rating Rating Rating

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1. Get certified
Growth Tribe is an accredited digital skills development provider. Get certified in the skills that will empower you to elevate your career and improve performance throughout the marketing funnel.
2. Drive real growth
Level up your marketing career with the tools, techniques and strategies used by the world’s highest growth businesses. Set yourself up for success and drive results on impactful KPIs.
3. Learn from growth marketing experts
Get to know your customers in new and unexpected ways. We’ll teach you how key players at the world’s fastest-growing companies use design thinking to connect with their customers, and how you can do it too.
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Growth Marketing Certificate

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

If you are experienced, looking to upskill, or have 3+ years of experience working in this field, we recommend this course for you. If you are more of a beginner or looking to reskill then we would recommend taking one of our entry-level courses that are more suited to you.

Do I get a qualification?

Growth Tribe is NRTO accredited, so you’ll get certification from Growth Tribe that you’ve completed the course that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Who’s on the course with me? Are there opportunities to network?

The course is not cohort-based, so you won’t have classmates in the traditional sense. What you will have is access to our participant and alumni network of over 30.000 forward-thinking digital professionals from top companies, and some of the most exciting start/scale-ups around.

Who are the expert trainers?

Our expert trainers are real-life professionals with experience in their specialist field, who dedicate a few days a week of their time to helping others learn. They have real, hands-on experience, and they are always updating the course curriculum to include new technology and the latest techniques & strategies.

What are my payment options?

Many of the people who take our course are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or individuals who want to improve their prospects. That’s why we provide several payment plan options to make our courses accessible to everyone. You can pay in installments or take advantage of STAP or unemployment funding (NL residents only). Our dedicated learning consultants will be able to work with you to find the right plan to suit your needs before you book.

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