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12 weeks

Get a globally recognised diploma in growth marketing to upgrade your skills and elevate your career. We’ll teach you how the world’s fastest-growing companies approach growth marketing, and how you can become a growth marketing expert.

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Get certified in Growth Marketing

T-shape your marketing skill-set
Gain the skills you need to confidently manage growth sprints and take the lead on marketing activities at every stage of the funnel. Masters skills in technical marketing, user research and behavioural psychology
Master growth & rapid experimentation
Build your own backlog of experiments to implement within your organisation while you’re on the course and after you finish.
Get our prestigious “black-belt” Growth Marketing diploma
Master the cutting-edge strategies, tools, and techniques used by the world’s best marketing teams. Apply the techniques you learn to real-world business problems.

Why learn with us?


Learn from the best

We’ve been setting the precedent for digital education in Europe since 2015. We’ve now trained over 25,000 individuals on the most in-demand digital skills in marketing, data, UX and leadership.

One-of-a-kind community

Everyone who takes a Growth Tribe course gets invited to our amazing community of digital professionals. Share ideas, find new tools, learn about new job openings or even recruit your next team mate.

Exceptional learning experience

We’re obsessed with delivering the best learning experience possible - that’s why our courses score on average 9.3/10. We equip you with the most in-demand skills, in a hands-on, actionable and highly enjoyable way.

Cutting-edge content

We update our courses monthly, not yearly. With full-time trainers and industry experts, we ensure that all of our course curriculums include the latest cutting-edge techniques, tools, and methodologies.

Learn from our experts

Tarek Reslan
Growth Marketing Expert
Alain Abou-Atmeh
Growth Marketing Expert

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1 - Foundations of Growth Marketing (Live)
Understand how Growth Marketing differs from Digital Marketing
The importance of being data-driven
Define a persona and their jobs to be done
Map out the customer journey
Module 2 - Customer insights, Customer Journey design, Funnel Marketing
Map out the customer journey and touchpoints
Find use cases that are similar to your project
Apply best practices to own case
Refine jobs to be done and persona
Module 3 - The importance of data (Live)
Understand the importance of data tracking
Define focus metrics using data and the pirate funnel
The difference between quantitative and qualitative data and how each is used
Set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager
Module 4 - Data deepdive
Outline your funnels metrics
Build d dashboard (Data Studio, Databox)
Gain insights from data (CPA, CR, CLTV)
More tracking techniques
Learn about tracking with UTMs
Get familiar with Hotjar
Module 5 - Awareness tactics (Live)
Choose your awareness channels & spy on your competitors
Understand the basics of SEO (what affects your ranking) and learn how to run an SEO audit
Module 6 - Awareness deepdive
Understand how your selected channels work
Create campaigns/content plans
Create a template to brief campaigns or content
Keyword mapping
Create your own landing page and make sure it's symmetric with your ad
Set up conversion tracking
Module 7 - Acquisition & Activation (Live)
Define your WOW moment (links to persona → needs and goals)
Tactics to drive users towards it
Conversion Rate Optimisation: best practices using the LIFT Model
Landing pages
Module 8 - Acquisition & Activation deepdive
Test your WOW moment and blockers to acquisition
Identify trending and relevant topics to your persona
Create an engineered marketing idea and execute on it
Module 9 - Retention & Referral (Live)
Link active users with retention
Organic virality and how to leverage growth loops to improve the referral stage
Module 10 - Retargeting & Email nurturing
Use Pixels to retarget website visitors or users who engaged with your content
Best practices for creating an email marketing campaign to retarget your audience
Email nurturing sequences
Module 11 - Revenue & GROWS Process (Live)
Customer Lifetime Value & Pricing models
Understanding Revenue blockers & how to leverage qualitative data to improve revenue
The importance of the GROWS process
Module 12 - Wrap up
Refine your Capstone project
Find out which skills are in demand and how to learn them - Learn to Learn
Improve your LinkedIn

Stamps of Approval

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Who is this course for?

You are looking to kickstart your career in growth marketing with a bespoke programme for your capabilities
You want to benefit from 1-on-1 expert coaching and feedback tailored to your needs
You want to learn new full funnel growth marketing to become a growth marketing expert and leader

Here’s how your Growth Marketing Diploma will boost your career

1. Learn from growth experts
Our online courses are hosted live to ensure you get the most engaging learning experience possible and you’re free to ask questions as you go along. As well as receiving focused one-on-one coaching and feedback.
2. Personal capability scan
Gain a clear view on your strengths and learning needs, and receieve adapted learning content to your unique goals. All with tailored coaching to help you along the way.
3. Master the latest growth marketing tools
We’re always updating our curriculum to include the very latest growth marketing tools and software. Introducing you to more than 40 different industry tools and how to implement them in your business.
4. Get your presitigious Growth Marketing Diploma
Growth Tribe is an accredited digital skills development provider. Get certified and join our 16000+ strong alumni community featuring growth marketers from Spotify, DuoLingo, Google and more.
5. Get access to our exclusive job board, events & community
As a Growth Tribe alumni, you’ll receive an invitation to join our community of over 16,000 like-minded professionals from all over the world. As well as access to our job board, and exclusive events.
6. Lifetime access to course materials
Our courses are designed for you. That’s why we give you access to all the course material, slides, videos and more. Forever. Take the course with you wherever you go, and access it whenever you want. It’s all yours.

Some of the tools you’ll master
after this course

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Thousands of happy learners

Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan

The experience I had with Growth Tribe was really eye opening. The insights and the tools we were given were invaluable and they helped me to redefine the strategy of the consulting firm I cofounded with my brother. Thank you!

Lorenzo Baldassarri

This course is great at any level. It's about thinking differently and applying a different way of working. It's definitely not just for marketers.

Danny Williams
Global Data Logo-p-500

The crash course was the perfect preparation for my interview with a Fortune company CEO. His response: you're the first one who goes beyond what's broken and is showing me the digital way ahead, when can you start?

Wouter Blok
Get your guide

The Growth course was one of the most useful trainings I have ever attended. I'm consistently reflecting on the material and looking at new ways to optimise our business. The ROI has continually paid off.

Amanda Marochko

If you want a course where you sit in front of a screen and listen to a PowerPoint, this is not the course for you. If you want a course that is actually engaging, practical and will let you use real examples, it's really helpful. The skills that I gained from the course definitely helped me in my interview process to the next step.

Katie Hudson
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Diploma in Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is one of the top jobs of the future, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2020 Report. Master the tools and techniques of full-funnel marketing and rapid experimentation. And supercharge your career.
The program offers:
Receive your Growth Marketing Diploma
Join a small cohort of peers looking to learn growth
Learn live & get coaching from growth experts
Learn growth fundamentals
Learn full funnel growth marketing
Capability scan to measure your strengths and weaknesses

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

If you are a beginner, looking to reskill, or have less than 3 years experience we recommend this course for you. If you are more advanced, then we would recommend taking one of our advanced-level courses that are more suited to you.

Who’s on the course with me? Are there opportunities to network?

You won’t know everyone on the course with you, which makes it a great opportunity to network. The course is popular with professionals and industry experts alike - and you’ll be taking part in group discussions, working on real business cases, and sharing your knowledge and experiences with each other.

Do I get a qualification?

Growth Tribe is NRTO accredited, so you’ll get certification from Growth Tribe that you’ve completed the course that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

What are the live classes like?

Our 4-hour long live classes are hosted by one of our expert trainers. Class sizes are limited to ensure you get all the support you need, and you have time to ask questions if you have any.

What are my payment options?

Many of the people who take our course are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or individuals who want to improve their prospects. That’s why we provide several payment plan options to make our courses more accessible. You can pay in installments or take advantage of STAP or unemployment funding (NL residents only). Our learning consultants will be able to work with you to find the right plan to suit your needs before you book.

Who are the expert trainers?

Our expert trainers are real-life professionals with experience in their specialist field, who dedicate a few days a week of their time to helping others learn. They have real, hands-on experience, and they are always updating the course curriculum to include new technology and the latest techniques & strategies.

Tuition & payment options

Don't let financing get in the way of you and your future. Growth Tribe is proud to provide a variety of financing and scholarship options the ensure everyone has the opportunity to transform their careers with a Growth Tribe Live Exclusive Course.

One payment
Monthly payment
Up to 6 years