Web3 Foundations Certificate

Get certified in blockchain basics

2-4 hours per week

Learn about real world applications of blockchain technology, security practices, technology assessment, avoiding scams and Web3 basics.

or pay in 4 instalments of €249 each
OD-Web 3 Foundations Certificate

The world has changed. Learn the skills you need to keep up.

Become future-proof
Become future-proof
This industry is constantly evolving. Learn why Web3 is a global digital & financial shift and how it’s affecting you.
Get confident
Get confident
Get familiar with key vocabulary and concepts to be able to join discussions, make smart decisions, and identify career opportunities with confidence.
Get certified
Get certified
Learn the key applications of blockchain technology and Web3 basics. Get the certificate to prove it.

Who is this course for?

Beginners. You can take this course even if you’ve never been exposed to the topics
Anyone who wants to learn how to trade and use a crypto wallet
Suitable for all roles and seniority levels

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1 - The Birth of Bitcoin & Blockchain

Bitcoin and its creator

What are digital assets

Blockchain technology

Understanding terminology

Module 2 - Web3, DeFi, The Metaverse & NFTs

What is Web3

What is DeFi

Understanding the Metaverse

How businesses are using NFTs

Module 3 - Making Informed Decisions

Understanding why digital assets are high risk

Where to learn about digital assets

How to identify scams

Learn from an industry expert

Module 4 - Security Practices & Storage

The security checklist

Learn about 2 Factor Authentication

How to use a VPN

Physical & Safe Backup of Assets

Module 5 - Real case studies of Blockchain

Blockchain for traditional banking

Blockchain for creators

Smart Supply chains

Remittances & Cross border payments

Module 6 - Beyond Technology

Regulation, KYC & Custody

Code audits

Compliant communication

Managing intercultural communication

Module 7 - Career opportunities

Careers in the blockchain industry

Opportunities in existing industries

Real world case studies

How these apply to you

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Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan

Attending a Growth Tribe course is like going on a learning roller coaster.Get ready to: learn new (in high demand) skills, get inspired, have fresh ideas popping into your head and meet new interesting people!

Rik de Vette
Rik de Vette
Post NL

If you want a course where you sit in front of a screen and listen to a PowerPoint, this is not the course for you. If you want a course that is actually engaging, practical and will let you use real examples, it's really helpful. The skills that I gained from the course definitely helped me in my interview process to the next step.

Katie Hudson
Katie Hudson

It made me think, made me act, made me motivated - awesome course! Interesting, intellectually challenging and yet pragmatic.

Joanna Latko
Joanna Latko
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Get to grips with the basics of Web3. Learn about the latest industry updates while studying timeless concepts.

Get confident with Crypto
Get confident with Crypto
Make feeling lost during conversations about blockchain and cryptocurrency a thing of the past. Get confident with the most important concepts around Web3 and hold your own in conversations on the topic.
Learn from real experts
Our team have empowered thousands of people with up-to-date, relevant skills. We’ll teach you how this technology works, what it means for you, and give you the expert knowledge you need to integrate it into your life.
Get Certified
Get certified
Growth Tribe is an accredited digital skills development provider. Get certified in the skills that will empower you to make smart decisions and identify opportunities in the Web3 space.
Learn to trade
Learn to trade
Understand how and why to buy, store and secure crypto using wallets. Look beyond the hype and discover how can you make safe investments and discover career opportunities.
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Learn at your own pace
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Web3 Foundations Certificate

Everything you need to hit the ground running and get to grips with digital assets.
The program offers:
Receive a Web3 Foundations Certificate
Bite-sized videos from expert trainers
Access to cutting-edge tools
Community support
Downloadable templates, guides and case studies

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Frequently asked questions

Who are the expert trainers?

Our expert trainers are real-life professionals with experience in their specialist field, who dedicate a few days a week of their time to helping others learn. They have real, hands-on experience, and they are always updating the course curriculum to include new technology and the latest techniques & strategies.

What are my payment options?

Many of the people who take our course are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or individuals who want to improve their prospects. That’s why we provide several payment plan options to make our courses accessible to everyone. You can pay in installments or take advantage of STAP or unemployment funding (NL residents only). Our dedicated learning consultants will be able to work with you to find the right plan to suit your needs before you book.

Do I get a qualification?

Growth Tribe is NRTO accredited, so you’ll get certification from Growth Tribe that you’ve completed the course that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Who’s on the course with me? Are there opportunities to network?

The course is not cohort-based, so you won’t have classmates in the traditional sense. What you will have is access to our participant and alumni network of over 30.000 forward-thinking digital professionals from top companies, and some of the most exciting start/scale-ups around.

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