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What’s one thing that Hubspot, Nike, FedEx, Amazon, Netflix as well as all those fast-growing startups eating away at your revenue have in common? RAPID EXPERIMENTATION.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, stated that “Our success at Amazon is a function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.”

Running experiments is crucial for organisations as they rapidly learn what works when making product improvements, validating business models, or improving their overall customer experience.
But what can you test? And more importantly, what type of test do you need to run?

The issue we see on a weekly basis is that many companies are testing different advertising campaigns, chatbots, newsletters, MVPs and so on by using the same type of experiment. That is why 80% of the tests are inconclusive.

Join us to discover how you can run experiments, determine the metrics and what type of experiments you need to run in order to validate your next marketing idea!

Let’s test, refine, and apply the results to improve campaigns and drive results!

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Meet Your Host!

jean bonnenfant

Jean Bonnenfant

Head of Growth & Training France

Coming from a copywriting background, Jean is a Growth Hacking hands-on practitioner up-skilling companies to thrive and grow in a data-driven world. He has trained companies such as Facebook, ING, Google amongst others.

With international advertising experiences in London, New-York, Paris, and Montreal, he went from creative-centric to conversion-centric processes. As the Growth Tribe’s designated LinkedIn expert, he is also a B2B lead generation expert and excels at inbound marketing strategies.

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