Data Analytics Workshop

Unlock the power of data and take your business to the next level with our beginner-friendly data analytics workshop!

March 14, 2023
11 am CET
Virtual event

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Mauricio da Silva

Data Analytics Expert

Mauricio has a wide range of interests, which led him to study and work with music production (recording, mixing, radio), film (audio and production), marketing, corporate training and data science (coding and analytics). Between art and science, he found he could mix it all together by becoming a trainer in technology and data science.Mauricio has worked in analytical and training roles in big tech for 5+ years. He has worked in different industries, giving him a wide knowledge of processes and metrics, and how to most efficiently utilise data to reach business goals. At Growth Tribe, he helps individuals understand complex topics in intuitive ways, and enhance their thinking and execution on data initiatives.

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Data analytics is an essential skill in today’s data-driven world. It is not only beneficial for business owners but also it is an in-demand skill in most industries. 

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of data analytics, pick up some new skills, and gain a competitive edge in their field.

Our expert instructor will guide you through how to extract valuable information from your data and use it to make data-driven decisions. 

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or just starting out in the field, this workshop is perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics of data analytics. 

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