Unmasking Imposter Syndrome: Embracing Confidence

Join us for an empowering talk as Alex reveals their personal journey of overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Discover practical strategies to break free from the cycle of self-doubt, gain genuine confidence, and start enjoying life to the fullest.

June 29, 2023
11:00 am CEST
Virtual event

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Alex Ostergaard

(Corporate) Life Coach

Alex started his career at Google and then went on to work at other big tech companies like Uber and eBay. During this time he experienced a lot of imposter syndrome and never felt good enough despite promotions and doing well in his job. This led to a lot of self induced stress, anxiety and eventually burnout. Since then he’s been on a mission to help people from the corporate world to optimize their mindset and avoid making the same mistakes that he did. He now works with a variety of clients from other big corporations to help them overcome fears, improve self-confidence and find a stronger sense of purpose.

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Join us for an inspiring and empowering talk that tackles the infamous Imposter Syndrome head-on! Life might appear picture-perfect on the outside, but deep down, do you often feel like a fraud? Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of self-doubt, anxiety, and the relentless pressure to measure up? 🤔

In this presentation, Alex will share his personal journey and provide practical strategies to help you conquer this debilitating phenomenon. Get ready to uncover the secrets of building genuine confidence and reclaiming the joy in your life.

Prepare to delve into thought-provoking topics such as Imposter Syndrome itself, the frustrating sensation of never feeling enough, and the critical distinction between self-criticism and self-compassion. Discover effective techniques to overcome fears that hold you back, and learn to tap into your innate strengths to enhance your self-belief.

Don't miss this opportunity to break free from the suffocating grip of Imposter Syndrome and embark on a journey towards genuine self-assurance.

Join us and discover how to live life to the fullest, embracing your true potential without the constant shadow of self-doubt.