Influencer Marketing: Fuel Your Content Strategy

Discover the success formula of influencer marketing in 2024! Join us and explore top industry trends, effective strategies, tools, and a successful case study to boost your brand's content strategy. Save your seat now!

July 9, 2024
11 am CEST
Virtual event

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Marco Tortike

B2B Marketing Professional & Growth Marketer @Growth Tribe

Marco is a B2B Marketing Professional with a passion for marketing communication, growth mindset, and data-driven solutions. After his MsC in Persuasive Communication, he started as a freelancer, became a Digital Strategy Manager at a fast-growing marketing agency and joined Growth Tribe in 2022. He is hyped about challenging outdated learning modules and helping companies grow by upskilling their team with the most in-demand digital skills in this post-pandemic digital era.

Guest Speaker

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John Meulemans

Influencer Marketing & Social Media Strategist

John is a keynote speaker and independent advisor on the strategic use of Influencer Marketing, AI, and Digital Humans. Combining innovation and creativity has been a recurring theme in his career, earning him and his agencies (3sixtyfive, Endeavour) numerous awards for effectiveness and creativity. Since 2024, John has been inspiring audiences with the latest developments in influencer marketing and digital humans. His keynotes are packed with trends, case studies, and strategic takeaways

Ready to revolutionise your content strategy?

Together with an Influencer Marketing & Social Media Strategist, John, dive deep into the secrets to mastering influencer marketing in 2024. Discover key trends, strategies, and real-life success stories that will empower you to enhance your content strategy and strengthen your brand’s presence.

What’s in Store for You:

📊 State of the Influencer Marketing Industry 2024: Get an insightful overview of the current landscape and understand what’s shaping the industry.

🚀 Key Trends: Discover the pivotal trends that will define influencer marketing this year and beyond.

💪 Influencers at the Heart of Your Content Strategy: Learn how to leverage influencers effectively, particularly focusing on mid-funnel content to maximise impact.

🛠️ Case Study- From Theory to Reality: Dive into an award-winning case study that showcases a successful influencer content strategy in action.

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