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Become a certified Growth Marketing professional with comprehensive online training to fully master all aspects of growth & experimentation.


Become a T-Shaped Growth Marketing expert

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Master cutting-edge growth strategies & rapid experimentation


Discover the cutting-edge tool stacks used by businesses to fuel growth

Course Overview

Master cutting-edge techniques in rapid experimentation & data-driven marketing

Master the Essentials of Growth in our 6-week online growth marketing course. Deep dive into the cutting-edge growth processes, frameworks and mental models used by fast growing companies and their people. 

After the 6th week of learning you will receive your certificate of completion that validates you have the skills necessary to be a Growth Hacker. We have trained 1.100 companies that are looking for professionals with the skill-set we teach.

The Course Begins With Your Personal Capability Scan


The personal assessment will give both you and your coach a clear view of your strengths and main improvement points in the topics that are relevant to this course. We can then adapt your online learning journey to better match your goals. No one-size-fits-all learning here!

Learning Outcomes

What can you do after this course?

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Improvement & Impact

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Learning Experience

Interactive Remote Classroom Experience.
Same high-impact enjoyable learning, now from anywhere!


Live Online Workshops delivered by Expert Trainers

Our online courses are hosted live to ensure real time teaching and facilitation from our experienced growth practitioners. Class sizes are limited to ensure you get the real-time support you need.


Real-Time Exercise Walkthroughs, Guidance & One-to-One Coaching

You’ll stay engaged with hands-on exercise walk-throughs, and live discussions with trainers and fellow alumni using the latest educational conferencing technologies. You’ll also have regular remote coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Immersive Group Interaction with Team Breakout Sessions

Enjoy online break-out sessions for group discussion and peer-to-peer learning, all during live classes. Participants work on real business cases and share their knowledge with the group.


Learn at your own pace with brand new self-study tracks

These brand new study tracks allow you to apply your learnings, expand your knowledge and up your skills at your own pace.

Lifelong access to content & alumni community support

You’ll receive lifelong access to the course material through our online learning environment as well as lifelong support from our trainers & your peers through our exclusive online communities.


6x Live Training Sessions

Six weekly live online training sessions exploring 50 tools & 40 guided exercises

3x Personal Coaching Sessions

Three personalised coaching sessions with your mentor to facilitate your learning progress 


Bonus Study Tracks

Bonus study tracks to help you apply your learnings and expand your knowledge, at your own pace

learning process

Lifelong Access & Support

Gain lifelong access to our online learning environment to review slides, videos & resources and access to our online community on slack

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Course Curriculum

Week 1

  • Adopting A Growth Hacking Mindset
  • Growth Marketing Process Implementation
  • An Introduction to Psychographic Personas 
  • Jobs to Be Done Framework
  • Homework: Personas, Pirate Funnel, GROWS app

Week 2

  • Set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Using Soft & Hard Data to Grow Your Business
  • How Data Fits into the Growth Process
  • All About Tracking: Making a Plan
  • Soft Data: User-testing and Five-Second Tests
  • How to Audit your Tracking 
  • Implementing Data Tools

Week 3

  • Discovering New Channels for Growth
  • Piggybacking Your Competitors
  • Leveraging Other People’s Networks (OPN’s)
  • Building Conversion Centric Ads
  • Keys to Symmetric Messaging
  • Building Conversion Centric Landing Pages
  • Build Your First Landing Page
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Inspirational Cases for Building Traction

Week 4

  • CRO: The Lift Model
  • LPO: Relevance & Symmetric Messaging
  • Landing Page Optimisation: Cognitive Overhead
  • Usability Testing: Value Proposition & Clarity
  • The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Getting Started with Tools-Based Marketing
  • Persuasion Techniques + Use Cases

Week 5

  • Beyond Acquisition
  • Finding your WOW Moment
  • Optimising Your User’s Activation
  • Referral Marketing: Growth Loops
  • Creating and Optimising a Growth Loop

Week 6

  • Finding Your One Metric That Matters (OMTM)
  • Designing Your First Growth Experiment
  • Gathering & Ranking Your Experiment Ideas
  • Outlining Growth Experiments
  • A Process for Implementing Growth: Next Steps
  • Coaching from Growth Experts

6 Weeks Growth Extension

Extend Your Learning Journey With The Knowledge You Need!

The 6 Weeks Growth Extension is for Business Professionals that are looking to go the extra mile in becoming a T-Shaped Professional, based on the results of your Capability Scan, you’ll be enabled to develop a broader width and depth of knowledge on your main improvement areas previously identified.

How Much Does it Cost?

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To benefit from the 6 Weeks Growth Extension, you’ll need to pay an extra € 500 on top of the €1,997 of the regular Growth Marketing Immersive ticket price.

What do you get from the
6 Weeks Growth Extension?

Dates & Prices

Pick a date to start the learning!

Online Live

November 12th – December 17th


Every Thursday, 19:30 pm-22:30 pm, EEST

€1997 excl. VAT

Online Live

December 2nd 2020 – January 20th 2021


Every Wednesday, 19:30 pm-22:30 pm, EEST

€1997 excl. VAT

Online Live

January 21st – February 25th


Every Thursday, 19:30 pm-22:30 pm, EESTT

€1997 excl. VAT

Online Live

February 17th – March 24th


Every Wednesday, 19:30 pm-22:30 pm, EEST

€1997 excl. VAT

Online Live

March 16th – April 20th 


Every Tuesday, 19:30 pm-22:30 pm, EEST

€1997 excl. VAT

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