The Science behind Successful Growth Live Interactive Webinar

After spending four years and £50,000 on a marketing degree, Phill Agnew entered the world of work and found himself facing a number of difficult questions. What price encourages the most purchases? What email header generates the most clicks? Which influencer will attract eye-balls? What one-liner will differentiate your product? He had no answers.

These are questions that marketers face every day and we do our best to answer them using our experience and wisdom. But despite this, we too often rely on gut instinct or the preference of our boss. We don’t have proven tactics to improve our work.
Growth hacks can offer a solution.

In this talk, Phill Agnew looks at the science behind successful growth. Referencing the field of consumer psychology, he’ll share some of the most effective tactics he has picked up over the years. You’ll go away with tips that you can implement immediately to make your marketing more effective and proven tactics that can genuinely improve your work.

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Meet Your Host!

Phill Agnew

Director of Product Marketing at Brandwatch

Phill Agnew is the Director of Product Marketing at the world’s largest social listening company, Brandwatch. While his experience lies in product marketing, he specialises in consumer behaviour and hosts the only podcast dedicated to the subject; Nudge. On the podcast, he interviews several fascinating characters who study why we make the decisions we make (from buying the latest Nikes, to choosing a salad over a steak). He then takes insights from these researchers, authors, and pioneers, and condenses them into useful advice that any marketer can use to improve their proposition.

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