Data Visualisation Live Interactive Webinar

There has always been a communication gap between data professionals and business stakeholders. Data visualisation proves to be the key tool in bridging this gap and transforming countless rows of data into useful information by telling a story.

Improving the data visualisation skills will empower professionals to curate the data into a form easier to understand, highlighting only the useful information.

Join this live webinar to discover how to exploit data visualisation, explore the best practices and get familiar with the essential tools and technologies.

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Meet Your Host!

Judit Szaffenauer Data Science Expert

Judit Szaffenauer

Machine Learning Trainer and Coach

Judit works at Growth Tribe as an AI Trainer and coach. She teaches our 2 Day AI for Marketing & Growth and AI for Business courses and she coaches our trainees on their machine learning projects. Before joining Growth Tribe, Judit studied marketing and worked as a data analyst. Above the business applications of machine learning, her areas of expertise include data visualisation techniques and quantitative market research.

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