Introduction to UX Design Live Interactive Webinar

Did you know that in 2020 UX Design is the 5th most in-demand hard skill in the business world? (Linkedin)

Did you know that it’s also one of the world’s highest-paid entry-level jobs? (Glassdoor)

UX Design really is emerging as one of the key jobs of the future. That’s why we’ve asked Kevin Hawkins, Lead UX Design Trainer & Coach at Growth Tribe to guide you through getting started in the in-demand domain of UX Design.

During this informative webinar you will:
– Learn about what UX Design really is
– What skills you need to be successful
– Where a UX Design career can take you
– Deep-dive into the UX course curriculum, find out what to expect
– Ask any questions you have!

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Meet Your Host!

Kevin Hawkins

Lead UX Design Trainer & Coach

Kevin Hawkins is Founder of Wise Assistant, Senior UX Designer at, and seasoned UX instructor having taught at General Assembly and Georgetown University.

Previously, he’s been a UX Lead for PwC, EY, Capital One, Gap Inc, Chase Bank, and more. He’s a Liberian-American that grew up as a freelance front-end developer and design contractor for small businesses and science NGO’s in Washington, DC.

In his free time, he travels the world (41 countries so far) to learn from how others dance, cook, and solve problems from different perspectives.

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