Skills for those working towards a better world

The Growth for Good initiative aims to ensure that people & organisations working towards a better world can access the digital skills they need to get us there faster.

Some ideas are just too important not to grow.

NGO’s and Social Enterprises work to make the world a better place. Helping to address the great issues of our age. Whether alleviating child poverty, conserving the natural world, or advocating for human rights.

You make a positive impact and the world needs your work.

But the work of NGO’s and Social Enterprises is under multiple threats

Research from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) shows that as a result of COVID-19:

of NGO’s have seen an increase in demand for their services as a result of the pandemic crisis
have seen donations decrease as a result of the crisis
expected to run out of funds within 6 to 12 months if things did not change
of NGO’s are concerned that they might have to close for good

There is an emerging digital challenge

Further challenging social good is the growing digitisation of our lives and the way we interact with goods and services. Which has been accelerated by COVID-19 thanks to social distancing measures and contactless payment methods.

Yet, despite this, 50% of donations are still given by cash across the industry. With only 3 in 5 organisations able to take digital donations, there is a huge shortfall in digital tech adoption among the social good sector. And with COVID-19 decimating cash donations, the sector is facing a huge shortfall and a lack of means to address it.

19% of NGO’s say they are not sure how they will make up the shortfall in cash donations. Yet, 18% see this as an opportunity and a call to arms to modernise, moving to a more digital model of fundraising.

To continue working for good in the world, NGO’s and Social Enterprises must adapt and adopt digital technology and skills in their workforce.

We are here to help.

What is growth
for good?

Growth for Good is an initiative by Growth Tribe to ensure that any enterprise working towards creating a better world can nurture the digital skills they need to accelerate their impact.

Growth Tribe is the go-to learning partner for European enterprises looking to acquire the most in-demand digital skills.

We are a digital learning partner that designs & delivers courses focused on highly in-demand skills in Growth, Data, AI, Marketing, UX & Product Management.

With a team of 80+, we’ve trained over 16,000 people operating from campuses in 6 European countries. Including social impact organisations like The Ocean Cleanup, Amnesty International, The Red Cross, and more.

Not all social enterprises have the financial means to gain the digital skills they need through a private tech educator like Growth Tribe.

That is why we have created Growth for Good. A digital skills academy offered exclusively for social enterprises and NGO’s to deepen their impact by upgrading the digital skillsets of their workforce. And help make the world a better place.

How can you get involved?

On the 25th of November, we will be kicking off Growth for Good with an initial cohort to take part in a three-day Growth Strategy Course.

This three-day course will empower NGO and Social Enterprise business professionals to adopt a Growth Mindset. Attendees will become more data-driven and consumer-centric. Learning the fundamentals of growth: a combination of rapid experimentation, automation, consumer behaviour and creative marketing. Then utilising these growth methodologies to successfully identify new opportunities and make an impact.

At Growth Tribe we are disrupting the education market. Making it engaging, actionable, coached, and enjoyable. You will be able to immediately implement what you learn, with practical, hands-on tasks and feedback.

The selection process

Fill out our list of questions and make sure to highlight where and how you make an impact. And briefly describe your ambitions for the future.

Together with Growth Tribe, you will become more digital, more agile, and customer-centric. You will learn to be growth-orientated, attract more customers/funders and grow your reach so that you have the biggest possible impact with the resources available to you.

Join us – applications for the first-ever cohort in Growth for Good are open.

Let’s grow for good - This is just the beginning

Following this Beta course, Growth for Good will launch with a vision to create as much social impact as possible. Our success is your success, and we measure that by furthering the work that you do.