Growth For Good Strategy Course

An exclusive program designed to help non-profits, NGOs & social enterprises learn the same skills, frameworks and techniques used by the world’s leading commercial companies to drive growth & accelerate impact.

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Some organisations are too important not to grow

Growth for Good is an initiative by Growth Tribe to ensure that any enterprise working towards creating a better world can nurture the digital skills they need to accelerate their impact.

As a part of this initiative, this exclusive course aims to equip non-profits, NGOs and social enterprises with the same skills, frameworks and techniques utilised by the world’s leading commercial businesses to drive growth & success.

As a combination of creative marketing, automation, psychology and data, we believe these Growth Hacking skills can be of significant value for organisations working towards a better world. 

The cutting-edge skills acquired in this courses can help these organisations thrive by helping to better attract, activate and retain customers & donors. 

This Growth Strategy Course will help you:

Master Rapid Experimentation

Today’s fastest-growing companies including Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix, use Rapid Experimentation as their #1 approach to ideate, test and scale new growth opportunities.

Get introduced to experimentation framework in this course and create a backlog of experiments you and your team can execute immediately.

Create a Winning
Tool Stack

Offering a valuable product or service is no longer enough. Accelerating business growth in today’s competitive markets is achieved by leveraging new emerging technologies.

In this course, you’ll discover 30+ cutting-edge growth tools and gain hands-on experience with 32+ guided exercises.

Build A Growth Team

Business Growth is a team sport, develop a data-driven & rapid experimentation culture within your team by adopting Growth as your main strategic approach.

Managers often attend the course with their team to ensure everyone has the skills to hit the ground running after the course.

Cutting-edge skills made accessible & affordable for non-profits, NGOs & Social Enterprise

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What can I
expect from this course?

What can I
achieve after this course?

Course Curriculum

3 days, 30+ tools, 10+ frameworks, 32+ exercises.

Pre Course Material

  • Slack community intro with 5000+ alumni
  • Tooling onboarding
  • Introduction to the course

Day 1 - The Fundamentals

  • Adopting A Growth Mindset
  • Become customer Centric: Building Psychographic Personas
  • Customer Journey: Funnel Marketing Done Right
  • Soft Data: Rapid Proposition Testing

Day 2 Optimising for Conversion

  • GROWS: Rapid Experimentation Process
  • UX for Growth: Landing Page Optimisation
  • Writing & Testing Copy that Converts
  • The Psychology of Persuasion

Day 3 Running Growth Sprint

  • Defining KPI’s: Your One Metric That Matter
    The GROWS process implemented
    Defining Hypothesis
    Prioritizing Framework Ideation
    Experiment Design
    Implementing Growth In Your Organisation
  • Presenting experiment findings
  • Blocker mapping and solutions
  • Networking

We know this works! 🚀

“Before the coaching experience, we were lacking a dedicated multidisciplinary team working on a single metric focused on growth. The goal of Growth Tribe’s training program was to bring all team members on the same page in terms of mindset, process and tools. The sessions gave us valuable insights into using new tools, how to adopt a more data-driven approach and applying all learnings while working on a live project. This eventually resulted in a 375% uplift of conversions!”
Norbert Hendriks
Campaign Manager at Amnesty International, The Netherlands

This is what a 3 days Course at Growth Tribe looks like

Let’s grow for good - This is just the beginning

Growth for Good’s mission is to help you create as much social impact as possible. Our success is your success, and we measure that by furthering the work that you do.