Growth Hacking Academy

Learn Growth Hacking. In Three Months. In Amsterdam

Are you eager to combine your passion for tech, data, marketing and design? Join our Growth Hacking Academy.

Let us teach you the skills of the future in our growth hacking academy.
Join a fully-immersive, high-intensity 3-month programme.

Before You Apply...

Notice that our 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy is selection based.
We receive between 300 and 500 applications per academy.
The chances to get in are lower than 5%.

Candidate Profiles

We are looking for people under the age of 31, as this programme is backed by the Universities of Amsterdam.
You also need to have a European work permit to join (a student visa is not sufficient).
We highly value strong technical skills (Developers, Designers, or Data Scientists).
We also highly value the startup mindset and expect you to adopt it.

Are You Not Suitable For This Programme, But Hungry For Knowledge?

No need to worry, we've got your back!
Let us teach you the same skills in our 6-Week Evening Course!

Still think you meet the requirements for our 3-Month Growth Hacking Academy?

Apply! We can't wait to meet you

Wait up!...What's A Growth Hacker?

Growth hackers generally work in small data-driven and technical teams aimed at scaling a company.
Growth Hackers have ushered in a new era
of data and product-driven growth.
Growth Hackers are a mix of product, data and marketing.
Growth Hacking is a skill and a mindset.
Growth Hackers are in high demand by employers but in low supply.
Growth Hacking is a skill of the future.

Listen To The Experts

casey armstrong
Growth Hacker
patrick laskovits
The Lean Entrepreneur

What Is This Growth Hacking Academy?

This is a full-time course created by Growth Tribe backed by
Startup Amsterdam , Facebook, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, which is
a partnership of The University of Amsterdam (UvA),
VU University and the Amsterdam School of Applied Sciences .

The course lasts 12 weeks:
1st week = full-time course.
2nd-12th week = 1 day coaching & workshops + 4 days in a startup

There are only 12 slots open.

If chosen, you’ll be part of an experiment execution team of 3.
You’ll work on a real life project in a startup.

This is a paid course for young graduates under 31 years old.

The tuition fee of the academy is 2250 euros.

Are you ready to become a Growth Hacker?

See What Growth Hacking Is All About

“Growth Hacking includes CRO, customer acquisition, a technical skill-set and a company culture which rewards rapid experimentation.” - David Arnoux

What A Day In The Academy Looks Like

Medicine Man
Medicine Man
Growth Tribe
Medicine Man
Medicine Man
Growth Tribe
Medicine Man
Medicine Man
Growth Tribe
Medicine Man
Medicine Man
Growth Tribe

Quick Checklist

Who Is This For?

  • Graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Business & Marketing People
  • Full-Stack Coders
  • Data Scientists
  • Front End Coders & UXers
  • Designers
  • What Do You Get?

  • 176 hours of practical workshops
  • 12 hours of personal coaching
  • 96 dedicated exercises
  • Access to our exclusive Slack channel
  • A real life project
  • A powerful network
  • An exclusive online learning environment with lifetime access
  • Making yourself highly valuable on the job market
  • 22 high profile workshops by guest speakers
  • A Treehouse account free of charge to up your coding skills
  • An awesome introduction weekend to kick-off the academy
  • What Do You Learn?

  • Growth Hacking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Persuasion Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Scraping
  • Copywriting
  • Usability Testing
  • Data Journalism
  • Agile Scrum
  • And much much more...
  • We Want To Turn You Into A “T-Shaped” Player

    T-Shaped Player

    Only 12 Spots left!

    The application deadline is December 17th

    Testimonials Are Usually BS We Know.. But These Are Actually REAL

    Tom Goulooze - Growth Marketing Analyst @ Usabilla

    The Growth Tribe Academy: How to 180 your career perspective in 3 months. Although I did not really know it when I signed up; joining the academy has been the absolute greatest thing I have decided to do with my time (weirdly specific youtube clips being a distant second).

    In three months I learned real practical skills, did 14 scientifically based experiments with 2 amazing kick-ass team members in a rocketship scale-up and went from smart kid with a so-so trajectory to a professional working at aforementioned rocketship-scale up.

    Above all, they taught me not to fear stuff you don’t yet understand (like javaScript, MySQL) and who I’d want to be in 4 years (David). Buy the ticket, take the ride.

    Sjors Mahler - Growth Hacker @

    So yeah, you could say I'm the odd man out in marketing land. Upon receiving my diploma, I wanted to challenge myself. In my search to combine online marketing with data analysis, I found out about Growth Tribe Academy.

    Six weeks later I was sitting in one of UvA's classrooms, ready for a 3-month rollercoaster ride with Growth Tribe. Growth Tribe Academy made me more data-driven, taught me web analytics and most importantly allowed me to meet awesome, intelligent and like-minded people.

    After three months I was hooked on growth hacking. Growth Tribe Academy was a hell of a ride, but it made a freakin' big impact on my career.

    Margo van der Laan - Online Marketing Manager @ Foodora

    I think one of the most important things you learn at the Growth Tribe Academy is the growth hacker mindset! Growth Hacking isn’t just a compilation of techniques, it’s much more a way of thinking. And it’s helping me a lot in my new position at Foodora. I also learned to apply a bunch of super powerful tools that would’ve made my life A LOT easier if I had known them before.

    After the academy, I had the luxury to choose between jobs. Unfortunately, I can’t say that all ex-marketing students of my age are in the same position. In short, if learning turns you on and you’re looking to up your game on the marketing job market: this is one of the best things you can do!

    Andrea Giordano - Growth Hacker @ Catawiki

    While I had a permanent job in Rome, I did the only “rational” thing. I packed my bags, and moved to Amsterdam to join Growth Tribe. Everything you thought you knew about marketing is obsolete. Believe me… life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Let the Tribe Growth Hack your Life!

    PS: Where I am now? Happily growth hacking for Catawiki, the fastest growing company in Europe

    Who Should Join?

    Business & Marketing people

    You love marketing, sales and are tech-savvy. You understand how to listen to customers and know how to use new online channels.



    You're a kick-ass full stack coder, who is not scared to build things that might break and who loves to execute fast.

    Data Scientists

    You're curious about data mining and know how to translate data into insights and decisions.

    Front End Coders & UXers

    You live for Design, UI and UX. You can execute fast and preferably have good front-end development skills.

    The Main Dates

    December 17: Application Deadline
    December 19 - 22: 1st Skype Calls
    December 23 - January 1: Challenge Project
    January 3 : 2nd Skype Calls
    January 10: Final selection
    February 24: Start of Academy 6th

    Complete Curriculum

    Crash Course (1 week bootcamp)

    The history of Growth Hacking
    What is Growth Hacking
    What is a Growth Hacker
    Lean Startup Fundamentals
    Funnel Marketing
    The Growth Hacking Process
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics
    One Metric That Matters
    Customer Journey Flows
    Google Analytics
    Event Based Tracking
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Customer Development
    Talking to Users
    Usability Testing
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Identifying Opportunities
    Prioritizing Efforts
    A/B Testing Done Right
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Do Things That Don’t Scale
    Other People’s Networks
    Free Acquisition
    Paid Acquisition
    19 Customer Acquisition Channels
    Measuring ROI
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching

    Deep Dives (1 day a week for 12 weeks)

    UX Principles
    Behavioural Psychology
    Persuasive Design
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Startup Metrics
    UTM Tracking
    Google Analytics vs. Event Tracking Tools
    Getting Deeper Event Tracking
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Customer Development
    Psychographic Personas
    Channels That Don’t Scale
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Prioritizing Channels
    Facebook Ads
    Twitter Ads
    Google Display Network
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Content Marketing
    Social Media Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    First User Experience
    The AHA Moment
    Exercises, Tools and Coaching
    Retention is King
    Hook Model
    Drip Campaigns
    How To Reactivate Users
    What Are Viral Loops
    Inherent Virality
    Artificial Virality
    How To Build A Referral Program
    Measuring Virality
    Innovation Accounting
    Working in Teams

    Meet Some Of Our Teachers/ Speakers

    What The Startups & Partners Say About Us

    Peak Capital
    Neelie Kroes

    The Growth Tribe Office

    Located in the heart of Amsterdam at the Marine Terrein
    550m2 of spanking new workshop & training space
    Lazer focus booths for 'getting sh!t done' purposes
    Dedicated classrooms for trainings & workshops
    Ultra fast fiber glass internet from the military
    Lounge & lunch areas to wind down and let your learnings sink in
    Check out our location here

    Access To An Exclusive Growth Hacker Slack Channel

    Growth Hacking Slack Channel


    How will the 12 participants be selected?

    Trust us, we have a team of hardcore growth hackers who know how to pick the real talent.

    What does full-time mean?

    This means you can’t work next to it or do it part time. It’s an intense course with a real project at a startup.

    Do you teach in Dutch or English?


    Do I get a salary or compensation?

    No. It’s an investment in yourself.

    What are the costs?

    The tuition fee is €2250 for the full three months.

    I’m a startup and I want to offer a growth project for the Academy

    Great, please email

    Do I get an official Degree?

    Yes! You get an official Growth Tribe certificate that you successfully finished the Academy.

    Where does the Academy take place?

    At the Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

    What's the name of the guy with the indian mask on your awesome logo?

    He's called the "Medicine Man". This info will come in handy later ;)

    I don’t feel like I match the profiles you describe on your website, can I still apply?

    Yes, please try :)

    Is there a 7th programme coming?

    Yes, it will start Q3 2018

    I want to learn more about growth hacking! Any tips?

    Read these articles and follow us on twitter @growthtribe
    Read this foundational article by Andrew Chen
    Check out this slideshare by one of our founders David Arnoux
    Watch this talk by Andy Carvell on Mobile Growth at Soundcloud
    Watch this talk by Alistair Croll, the author of Lean Analytics

    I work at a corporate firm and I want to learn these skills. Any tips?

    Please email We can build a curriculum for your organisation or give a workshop.

    The Growth Tribe Academy is Europe's first Growth Hacking Academy and the only academy backed by the Universities of Amsterdam.

    We're the real deal.