Learn Technical Marketing Skills.
In 1 Day. In Amsterdam.

Give us 1 day and a week to improve your skills. Hands-on.
Your Project: Coding, Bots, APIs, Data, Virality, Lead Magnets and more.

Build tools like a developer.
Test them like a growth hacker. Zero Code.

How? By Using The Latest Technical Marketing Skills & Tools.
Most successful Silicon Valley startups are already leveraging the next generation of marketing: Technical Marketing.

Learn How To Build Tools And Products That Get Serious Traction.
Technical Marketing diverts from traditional marketing.
It's a mix of marketing automation, side project marketing, growth hacking and technical marketing skills and tools
During these 1 intensive day, we'll upgrade you with the skills and knowledge of the future to apply Techincal Marketing in your organization.

You'll learn all of this in our 1-day intensive Technical Marketing Course:

Your Engineered Marketing Project
Experiment Design - Google Design Sprint Lite
Apps - Build Your Firtst Mini App In Minutes
Chatbots - Build Your Very First Chat Bot
Webscraping - Working With External Data - Learn To Webscrape Level 1
Applying Learnings - Build A Job Board
APIs - Working with APIs
Theory, Exercises, Tools and Coaching
Connecting Data - Connect Data Sources And Classify
Scraping - Scraping And Clearning Data - Learn To Webscrape Level 1
Build - Build An App With Bubble
Automation - Using Zapier For Marketing Automation
Acqusition Hacks - Community Hacking To Promote Your App
Theory, Exercises, Tools, Coaching and HOMEWORK

What Is This Technical Marketing 1-Day Course?

This is a 1-day course created by Growth Tribe backed by
Startup Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, which is a partnership of The University of Amsterdam (UvA), VU University, and the Amsterdam School of Applied Sciences

The course lasts 1 full day:
From 9:00 to 17:30
Fast paced theory
Tools and Exercises
Homework and next steps
Delicious catered lunch

Ticket Price €820 euros (excluding VAT)

Ready to become more Technical Marketeer?

Examples Of Technical Marketing

Crew - How Much To Make An App: 10.000 leads/mo

Crew is an invite-only community for developers and designers. This lead generator tool was built to help people calculate how much their app will cost. This is the tool Crew created: howmuchtomakeanapp.com

Learn to build this in 30 min

In our course, you will learn how to create an advanced version of this tool within 30 minutes. No code is required. We will teach you how to use the right tools that will allow you to launch & test faster than your competition.

Conversional Marketing: Skyscanner Chatbot

Skyscanner launched a new Facebook Messenger bot that enables users to search for flights by interacting directly with the chatbot.

Create your own chatbot in just 1 hour

In our course, you will learn how to create a chatbot by using the latest tools. No coding is required. You will create one by using a drag/drop interface. We will also teach you how to make a state-of-the-art bot.

HubSpot - Website Grader: 50.000 leads/mo

HubSpot (CRM software) built a website grader to let people analyze their website. After entering the website URL and email, HubSpot provides you instantly with a detailed report. This generated millions of leads.

Create your own webapp in just 3 hours

The days of development teams creating small webapps are over. You can now create a full tool with social login, database and virality integration. We built this Growth Hacking grader without a single line of code.

Will your tool become the next big thing?

Marc Köhlbrugge accidently founded BetaList; an overview of all startups that are in beta. He created the website featuring beta startups to get traction for his own company by putting it on top.

Listen To The Experts

casey armstrong
Growth Hacker
patrick laskovits
The Lean Entrepreneur

We Want To Turn You Into A
Technical Marketeer

Quick Checklist

Who Is This For?

  • Anyone looking to build MVPs fast
  • Consultants
  • Startup Founders
  • Marketers
  • Business Developers
  • Anyone interested in Growth/Technical Marketing skills
  • What Do You Get?

  • An intensive full-day workshop
  • Follow-up exercises
  • The opportunity to develop your technical skills, both hard and soft
  • Boost your salary
  • Build a powerful network
  • Access to Growth Tribe’s exclusive online learning environment
  • Access to an exclusive Slack community with the best growth hackers/startup founders in Europe
  • Coffee, Tea, Drinks and Fresh Fruit
  • Delicious lunch catered by Vinnies Deli
  • What Do You Learn?

  • You will learn how to lead a Google Design Sprint
  • you will learn when you should build an Engineered Marketing tool

  • You will learn to create an Enginereed Marketing tool

  • You will learn to promote your Engineered Marketing tool

  • You will learn to automate your marketing efforts

  • Web Scraping, Lead Generation and a lot more!
  • View the whole curriculum
  • Only 21 Spots Available Per Session!

    Give us 1 day to take you to the next level.

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    Wait up!...What's A Growth Hacker?

    Growth hackers generally work in small data-driven and technical teams aimed at scaling a company.
    Growth Hackers have ushered in a new era
    of data and product-driven growth.
    Growth Hackers are a mix of product, data and marketing.
    Growth Hacking is a skill and a mindset.
    Growth Hackers are in high demand by employers but in low supply.
    Growth Hacking is a skill of the future.


    All lessons at the Growth Tribe Academy are given in English.
    No, don’t worry. We are currently evaluating for the next dates. Reach out to us on intercom!
    We have only 20 spots available per course.
    Of course. You can find the curriculum and every subject we will discuss right HERE.
    You will learn how to lead a Google Design Sprint
    you will learn when you should build a Engineered Marketing tool
    You will learn to create an Enginereed Marketing piece
    You will learn how to promote your Engineered Marketing piece
    You will learn how to automate your marketing efforts
    Unfortunately not. This is a 1-day nonsense-free, straight-up, getting-work-done course.

    Seriously…what are you waiting for?

    Get a spot while it’s still possible.

    Don’t hesitate too long as there are limited spaces.

    The Growth Tribe Academy is Europe's first Growth Hacking Academy and the only academy backed by the Universities of Amsterdam.

    Fully dedicated to teaching growth hacking and technical marketing skills.
    Got questions? academy@growthtribe.nl

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