€3 Million Funding!

Supporting the Mission of a Growing Tribe

“As we’ve grown, so has our experience, expertise and ambition.

We have an increased responsibility to equip people with a broader range of digital skills, to ensure they don’t lose out in a dynamic world. The €3 million investment will help us on this mission.

A mission that’s urgency has been accentuated due to the current global crisis”

Peter van Sabben, CEO & Co-founder

Peter van Sabben

Peter van Sabben

Co-Founder & CEO at Growth Tribe

We’ve always existed to help bridge the digital skills gap. To ensure people can seize the opportunities created by digital disruption, and not be left behind. Our tool is education. Learning that empowers people to rapidly acquire relevant skills.

That’s not changed. But we’ve grown!

For the last 5 years, Growth Tribe has helped over 15.000 individuals acquire new digital skills. We’ve trained & coached teams from over 900 of the world’s most successful organisations. Including TomTom, Takeway.com, Ahold, VanMoof, ING ,KPN, The Student Hotel and Helloprint. We’ve had speakers at 1000s of events and hosted hundreds of our own on campus! 

Along this journey, due to our unique approach to learning, we’ve built a reputation as Europe’s leading growth academy.

We’re proud of the reputation that we have established and the community we have built. We know we’ve contributed somewhat to ensuring humans can better navigate a digital world. We’ve helped people develop skills in growth hacking, data, innovation and adopt new agile ways of working.

But as we’ve grown, so has our experience, expertise and ambition.

A €3 Million Investment for the Next Chapter

Now with over 80 full time Tribers across 6 European campuses, we have an increased responsibility to equip people with a broader range of digital skills. To ensure they don’t lose out in a dynamic world. The global crisis has only accentuated the urgency.

That’s why Growth Tribe has recently raised 3 million from Rinkelberg Capital Ltd,  a London-based investment office closely associated with the co-founders behind TomTom, who also invested in Spotify, Takeaway.com and Ace & Tate. Funding that will be used to accelerate the organisation’s next phase of growth. 

After five years of bootstrapping, it is time for our next chapter. We see unique opportunities in the current market because the Corona crisis is speeding up the need for upskilling, reskilling, and remote learning. With Rinkelberg Capital, we have a great financial partner who believes in our vision – to inspire people and organisations to always be learning so they can adapt, stay up to date, and succeed in a fast-changing world.


The investment will be used to expand our training portfolio, with personalised courses in UX design, data science & digital product management. We will also further develop our online learning solutions, to improve learning flexibility, accessibility and support internationalisation. Additionally, we will look to further optimise the learning experience, through the continued development of our digital capability scan and digital learning platform.

The capability scan is a comprehensive assessment of skills competency that helps identify prominent skills gaps in both individuals and across organisations. This allows us to better tailor learning programs to client & learner needs. The new learning platform is a software application that acts as an extension of the current training portfolio, offering users micro-learning experiences to improve knowledge retention and skills adoption.

Ultimately, these investments will allow us to better ensure our customers & corporate partners can more effectively acquire the digital capabilities they need to stay competitive.

Our firm is excited to support Growth Tribe in its next phase of corporate growth. There is a strong demand for well-educated professionals with strong capabilities in the digital space, enabling Growth Tribe’s clients to deal with digital transformation with confidence and optimism.

Marc Slendebroek, CEO, Rinkelberg Capital

Raising During a Crisis - Keep on Learning. Keep on Growing.

Like many other companies, with the onset of the pandemic Growth Tribe faced the sudden challenge to either innovate or become irrelevant. We not only survived, but were able to develop a new business model and secure €3 million in funding, despite the global crisis and economic uncertainty.

In just two weeks, the team was able to transform the business into a fully remote, online training company. While maintaining a somewhat different, but still exceptional learning experience. Luckily we had already begun developing digital hybrids of our classes well before the crisis to give us more flexibility. 

From January we had started designing and testing ways we could create the same experience online. When courses across Asia started to be postponed we took the decision to accelerate this transition. 

What was supposed to be a 12 months project quickly became a 12 day project. The team rose to this challenge with exceptional agility and collaboration. Despite the new remote reality.


While the online transition had been a success, we still had a big question to answer. Will investors still be interested?

When we came back to the talks we were prepared. We created a pitch called “Never waste a good crisis”. It’s a Churchill quote. In every crisis, there’s an opportunity if you move fast. 

Ultimately, what we were able to show them was that this was actually a great opportunity and we were prepared to seize it by pivoting and adapting rapidly. So, in the end, our investors were impressed to the point that they said, even if this isn’t the final version, we’re confident that you guys are capable of doing this.

We’re humbled by the support we have received from Rinkelberg Capital, especially at this time of global crisis & uncertainty. It’s testament to the incredible work of the team and the unwavering importance of continuous learning.

Peter van Sabben, CEO & Co-Founder, Growth Tribe Tweet

What’s Next? - The Future of Learning

The team will always remain dedicated to designing & delivering world-class learning solutions that help people & organisations better navigate a digital world. The investment will support us in this mission.

We will continue to optimise the learning experience, expand our training portfolio to ensure customers can always access the most in-demand skills and continue with our own digital transformation with the development of new learning technologies.

Transforming the Experience of Learning

We’ve always been obsessed with the learning experience. To be effective, learning must be engaging, enjoyable, continuous and ultimately, create value for the learner. Any Growth Tribe learning solution is built using our R.A.R.E learning methodology.

The investment will help us accelerate the development of our comprehensive capability scans. Software that allows us to measure both individual and team domain competency and identify the skills gaps that exist. These state-of-the-art assessments enable a more data-driven way of learning in the flow of work. Each learning journey is personalised by an individual mentor based on the learner’s individual skills gap.

Stimulating Continuous Learning with our “Always Be Learning” App

Learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. It should be an ongoing journey rather than an irregular time-block. Our research shows that the most effective learning is a combination of macro learning (training courses) and microlearning (short bursts of content for learners to study at their convenience). This improves knowledge retention and skills adoption. 

It takes on average 66 days to build a habit. By increasing the length of our learning journeys we empower learners to build a habit of lifelong learning.

The investment will, therefore, accelerate the development of a proprietary learning application. This platform will serve as an extension of the current training portfolio, offering users micro-learning experiences, on-demand virtual coaching with domain experts and ongoing skills assessments.

We’re fighting the forgetting curve, usually, people tend to forget 40% of the acquired knowledge after 3 weeks. Our learning technology facilitates spaced repetition to help individuals retain more knowledge.

Peter van Sabben, CEO & Co-Founder, Growth Tribe Tweet

A Growing (Hybrid) Training Catalogue

There is a global digital skills gap. Business demand for well educated digital professionals is still outpacing supply. Organisations need talent capable of supporting digital transformation. A transformation that, in many industries, is being accelerated by the global crisis. 

To ensure our alumni and corporate clients always have access to the world’s most in-demand skills, we will be investing in expanding our current training portfolio. We have already launched brand new 12-week programs in UX Design, Data Science, Analytics for Business and Digital Product Management.

All course development is informed by the latest research into skills demand and future business talent needs.

All our courses are now offered online. A planned evolution of our learning experience, accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis. These live & interactive online courses improve learning flexibility, accessibility and impact. All programs combine expert-led live training sessions with exclusive on-demand study tracks, personalised coaching and peer-to-peer learning.

Always be Learning

It’s been a whirlwind few months. Many organisations have felt this same turbulence. In hard times, you need to make sure your team stays together and you need to be ready to adapt and change at any moment. 

In a time of crisis a strong purpose is the glue that keeps you working seven days a week. As the dust settles on this pandemic we’ll likely see a move towards faster digitalisation and unprecedented levels of unemployment. Learning & the adoption of new skills will be more necessary than ever.

With this investment we remain a growing Tribe with a resolute purpose. To empower adults to always be learning. So they can adapt, stay up-to-date and in the lead.

Peter van Sabben, CEO & Co-Founder, Growth Tribe Tweet

So, we’re always learning. 

Are you?

We'd like to extend a special thank you for unique people who believe in us and support us to make this happen.

First of all our talented team

So proud to see everybody working so hard and growing on a personal and professional level. It’s a pleasure to work with all of you!

Ruben Nieuwenhuis 

Our advisor from day one, thank you for the countless meaningful introductions and continued support, even when it’s been difficult. So grateful to have you as our advisor! 

Kees van Nunen

Thank you for keeping us sharp, challenged and driven.

Bastiaan de Wit

For helping us with the investment deal. Especially during this corona crisis. Thank you!

Corinne Vigreaux

Thank you for taking the time to help us with your experience and listening to our challenges. We look forward to having you onboard for this next chapter!

Stephanie Harmsen

Thank you for coaching our leadership team. You have been instrumental to our personal development and opened up our blindspots.

Raymond Perrenet

Thank you for assisting us during the fundraising negotiations.

Rinkelberg Capital Investment Team

Marc, Jan, Ajay and the entire team. Thank you for believing in us, and sticking with us in a time of crisis and uncertainty. We look forward to working, and growing, together!