Introduction to Data Analytics Live Interactive Webinar

Back in 2017, The Economist famously published a story titled, “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” And this certainly stands today. We live in a digital economy and our most valuable commodity is now data.

As a result, there is no doubt that the field of data analytics is evolving at a rapid pace. This domain is emerging as one of the key jobs of the future.

While the field has evolved from niche to the mainstream, the job requirements seem to have transformed into an endless and impossible list of specialisations, technologies and programming languages.

In this exclusive talk, our expert Data Trainer, Philip, will host a presentation on the important role Data Analytics has to play in the business world today. He’ll give you some free tools to get started and also tell you what it takes to deepen yourself in this exciting discipline.

You’ll also get a small sample of Growth Tribe’s Data Analytics course with the overview of this exciting course.

You will have the chance to:

– Get a broad view of what Data Analytics is
– Understand why every business needs Data Analysts
– Explore how Data Analytics can help in any role
– Get a glimpse at the Curriculum of the 12 Week Analytics course
– Ask any questions you might have!

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Meet Your Host!

Philip Joubert

Lead Data Trainer

Philip has been an educator for over 15 years and is now the lead Data trainer at Growth Tribe. He’s an educational and experiential tech researcher at the educational media group Mindset Network. His passion is using tools to expose hidden phenomena.
Fun fact: He carries 10kB of digital data at all time.

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