SKILL UP 2021 – Growth & Marketing Series Live Interactive Webinar

Join our live workshops, talks and webinars with Growth and Marketing experts! One growth powered week!

Session 1: Getting Started in Content Marketing with Tarek Reslan
2nd of March | 04:00 PM CET

What has been your most engaging customer experience yet? Perhaps it was a great piece of content?
In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to deliver all the necessary information while making this a pleasing, easy process for your audience.
We’ll be shaping customer journeys into a lead generating machine!

Session 2: Customer Behaviour Trends for 2021 with Ronald Voorn
3rd of March | 11:00 AM CET

What changes do you expect to see amongst your customers in the year ahead?
In order to make grounded assumptions on consumer behaviour and preferences, you need to use data.
Join Ronald Voorn who has actively been managing brands since 1982, and is now a lecturer in consumer psychology. He’ll tell you all you need to know about the customer trends to look out for and the strategies you should adopt to keep demand flowing in.

Session 3: Branding Power Session with Anne Miltenburg
4th of March | 11:00 AM CET

We experience the power of branding in all of the choices we make in both our life and work. Which chocolate bar do we choose? These experiences make all of us brand experts to a degree. But when it comes to building a brand for our own products, ideas or services, that expertise only goes so far.
Join brand developer and author, Anne Miltenburg, as she unpacks what branding is, how it can help you and offers you a framework for building your own brand strategy.

Session 4: Growth Experts Chat: Guillaume Cabane & David Arnoux
11th of March | 11:00 AM CET

In this webinar, our Co-Founder David Arnoux will be chatting with top Growth Advisor, Guillaume Cabane, one of the most respected B2B Growth expert on the planet, lead Growth at Drift, currently advising and investing in many high growth companies, as well as running HyperGrowth Partners.
Come meet two of Europe’s greatest growth minds, as they help you cut through the noise to gain the practices, techniques and tools that will give your growth strategies the edge.
We promise you nothing but unfiltered insights and actionable advice straight from the leading edge of growth and business thinking.

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Meet Your Host!

The best Growth Professionals

Tarek Reslan | Ronald Voorn | Anne Miltenburg | Guillaume Cabane | David Arnoux

Tarek Reslan – Lead Growth Trainer at Growth Tribe
Ronald Voorn – Senior Lecturer Consumer Psychology and Marketing HU & Utwente and vice-chairman of Univé Dichtbij
Anne Miltenburg – Founder of The Brandling & Creator of the Brand Thinking Canvas
Guillaume Cabane – Advisor to High-Growth Startups
David Arnoux – Co-founder of Growth Tribe

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