Implementing Growth Teams in your Organisation – Moonpig Success Story Live Interactive Webinar

Agile, Scrum, sprints, growth teams.

These are all buzzwords we hear more and more about.

Companies are approaching these methodologies to implement business agility and steady growth within their organisations.

Let’s zoom in and look at growth teams: how do you form a growth team?
Do you wonder how growth teams work with marketing and product leadership? Or how to preserve the autonomy of the teams and ensure at the same time leadership visibility?

Together with Amanda Colpoys, a business agility coach, we will be answering these and other questions during our live webinar.
Amanda has helped Moonpig, the UK’s most famous online greeting card supplier, to introduce business agility and growth teams within their organisation, delivering benefits in speed, ROI and engagement.

The live webinar will cover the vision – what Moonpig hoped to achieve – and a detailed account of how they introduced change, including restructuring teams, introducing lean working practices and championing a culture of self-organisation.

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Meet Your Host!

Amanda Colpoys

Business Agility Coach

Amanda Colpoys is a freelance business agility coach. She supports organisations to be better, faster and happier.
She began her career in the media, spending 9 years at the BBC before moving into technology. Having worked on a variety of software projects for the likes of NBC, MTG and BBC Worldwide, she joined Moonpig in 2014. She transformed the organisation introducing a lean approach across product and engineering, the commercial and marketing functions.
She left Moonpig to work as a freelance consultant initially supporting the adoption of business agility at recipe box company Gousto. She is currently working with energy challenger Ovo.

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