Data Strategies – Offense & Defense Live Interactive Webinar

Data Science has grown up fast. Companies have invested billions in getting talented data scientists, zettabytes of data, and running it through their deduction machines to find signals in the immense volumes of noise.

Having a type-A data scientist with a business focus in your team is crucial for every company that wants to turn complex data into actionable business strategies. That is why Growth Tribe is starting a series of 4 webinars specially designed for managers regarding the Data Strategy that companies should implement.

The first one is Offense and Defense Data Strategies. During these webinars, the topics that we’ll be covering are:

– The components of a Data Strategy
– The Siloed process
– Siloed data
– Siloed people challenge

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Meet Your Host!

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Bernardo F. Nunes

Head of Science

Bernardo practices the combination of behavioural science, data analytics, and digital solutions to predict consumer behaviour. With more than 10 years of experience, he is ranked as one of the world’s leading Behaviour Explorer professionals. At Growth Tribe he helps companies to get insights from their data and to transform ideas into data-informed decisions.

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