Demystifying the Data Scientist Role

There are many opinions on what skills are needed to be a great data scientist, and what it takes to be successful in the industry. Normally the list includes hundreds of technical skills and some non-technical skills like “a team player”, “strong communicator”, and so on.

But what do we actually mean when we say “data scientist”?

What does their role entail, and what do they really do?

Today, many companies are desperately trying to find unicorns but in reality, they are combining many different skills and roles into one.

That is why we invited Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler, Chief Data Scientist at IBM EMEA to discuss and explore all the other roles that are needed in a successful data science team and the skills that are truly important to be a successful data scientist.

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Meet Your Host!

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Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler

Chief Data Scientist and Advanced Analytics & AI practice leader at IBM MEA

Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler is the Advanced Analytics & AI practice leader and Chief Data Scientist for IBM MEA. With over 15 years of experience in leading large-scale data science & AI projects and transformations globally, she has pioneered highly successful solutions
with governments and top-tier organizations alike. Having worked across many different industries including Oil & Gas, Energy, FMCG, Healthcare and the Financial sectors, she is one of IBMs distinguished Data Science Thought Leaders and a Member of the Academy of Technology. Her experience and passion for Data Science, AI and Innovation has made her a regular on the ‘world’s best data scientist’ rankings.

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