Experimentation in a Corporate Environment – Live Interactive Webinar

Why is it that in the last 15 years 52% of S&P 500 companies have disappeared?
Businesses are moving fast, and what works for you today might be obsolete tomorrow. The companies that are surviving & thriving have an experiment-driven approach.
Should you be doing the same?

Take Google, P&G or Netflix as examples; they run thousands of experiments per year. Running experiments is crucial as they get learnings that help them to make product improvements, validate business models faster or improve the overall customer experience.

Join our exclusive webinar on June 23rd, covering some powerful examples of experimentation that helped different industries and companies reach a high level of performance, common corporate blockers and solutions to those blockers, and experiment examples that can help you with some initial ideas.

Can you join if you don’t work in a corporate environment?
Definitely, there are going to be many practical examples that are also applicable to non-corporates.

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Meet Your Host!

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Vlad Laichici

Growth Coach and Trainer

Vlad is passionate about growth both in a business and a personal setting!
He is responsible for creating high-level strategy for user acquisition and business development projects. He loves designing experiments, running them, analysing the data and getting meaningful insights to improve product and marketing.
Before joining Growth Tribe, Vlad worked for 3.5 years at Philips where he helped different teams with growth-related problems.

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