Top 15 Useful ChatGPT Examples and Uses

calendar Jun 10, 2023
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

chat GPT background examples

OpenAI’s latest artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, has been causing quite a stir in recent months.


Since its unveiling in November 2022, the text-generating AI companion has gone on to acquire 100 million users.


But what can it actually do and what do people use ChatGPT for? If that’s the question on your mind that needs answering then you’re in the right place.


In this article, we’ll be looking at ChatGPT’s diverse use cases across different industries.



1. What is ChatGPT? 

2. The Best Examples of ChatGPT's Use

3. AI Crash Course 

4. FAQs 


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a highly-sophisticated AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. The company was formed with the help of some major tech players, including Elon Musk and Sam Altman among others.


ChatGPT is what’s called a Large Langauge Model (LLM). It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning model to generate human-like responses to user prompts and queries.


Essentially, ChatGPT is a very clever chatbot that is trained on millions of texts around the internet so that it can answer whatever you ask it.


It has self-learning elements too, so ChatGPT will correct itself and learn from its mistakes as well as use Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF).


Which basically means humans get involved and implement a reward system to increase the AI’s accuracy.


The Best Examples of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a one-stop shop for a variety of tasks from writing code for search engines to getting relationship advice.


Here we’ve listed the best examples of what the super-powered AI chatbot can do for you:


1. Get it to write jokes

With varying degrees of funny. Look, you won’t become the next Dave Chapelle or Bill Burr but you might elicit a giggle or two around the office.


If nothing else, asking ChatGPT to tell or write a joke is a bit of fun, here’s an example of some ‘classic’ dog jokes…


2. Writing assistant for a CV and cover letter

Job hunting is no picnic. In order to stand out against a sea of competition it’s advised that you personalise your CV and cover letters to every employer.


In reality, this is a long and irritating process especially if you’re under pressure to find employment pronto!


With ChatGPT you can offload this tumultuous burden and ask the AI chatbot to write your CV and cover letters instead. Phew. I feel more relaxed already.

chatGPT generated CV


You’ll need to be quite specific with your prompts so ChatGPT can understands exactly what you want and what for. Check out this guide for useful tips on prompts for CV writing.


And don't forget to specify that you need a "very human-like text". Otherwise, you'll sound like a robocop. 


3.Prepare for a job interview

On the topic of job hunting: getting an interview is often a more nervy experience than the job hunt itself!


What will they ask? What should you ask? What should you wear?! There’s a lot to think about but ChatGPT is here to help.



A great ChatGPT example is how it can simulate a job interview complete with hypothetical scenarios, questions and provide detailed answers.


Because the AI chatbot is trained on a staggering amount of data it has a wealthy depository of information relating to almost any sector and field.


Read this guide on how to get the most out of ChatGPT prompts if you’re preparing for a job interview.


4. Summarise documents and blog posts

Need to save a bit of time on researching, reading or summarising texts? This is another excellent use of ChatGPT.


By either copying and pasting a URL or a body of text, you can simply ask the chatbot to summarise what you’ve entered and you’ll get a quick response.


Further to summarising texts, you can go a step further and ask it to break down the reply into bullet points or to only extract the key points of the text. It really is very smart and saves a ton of time.

chat gpt prompts to write summaries


chat gpt prompts to write summaries


5. Do math

Math. Yes, math. Some of us love it (really?) and some of us avoid it at all costs. ChatGPT is now capable of solving complex math equations that would make the mind boggle.


In the example below, the user presents a very complicated math problem for it to solve and it does a stellar job.


A further prompt actually generates a false response, and when the user corrects it, ChatGPT accepts the mistake and learns. Mind-blowing.

6. Compose music

What if we told you ChatGPT can compose music? From scratch. Check this out:


chat gpt prompt to write musicchat gpt prompt to write music



In the above example, the user asks ChatGPT to write a song on a pentatonic scale and 4/4 timing to a known song, before asking it to continue the song in a guitar pattern.


The AI then generates a cohesive response. It’s all rather impressive.


ChatGPT has other uses beyond music composition too; users can ask it to write song lyrics, conduct a musical analysis, transcribe music or write a review.


It's not going to be your favourite artist, but it knows how to get the job done.


7. Get relationship advice

If you’re looking for some impartial advice on how to navigate your relationship circumstances then you might overlook an AI chatbot as your best solution.


We wouldn't blame you either, AIs aren't known for their sensitivity and emotional nuance but they can offer sound, neutral advice.


They can be a metaphorical shoulder to lean on. Just look at these examples of users asking how they can optimise their dating profiles to be more attractive and how to get their crush to like them.




8. Write, debug and explain code

ChatGPT can save programmers of all experience levels time trying to dissect code and work out kinks.


The AI chatbot can provide good assistance with coding in several programming languages including Python, Java, C++ and SQL.


If you’ve hit a roadblock in your code, ask ChatGPT to analyse it and suggest a solution or write complete blocks of code in your desired computer language.


If those code examples are not fully satisfying you, try to write a better prompt



9. Recommend what to watch or read

It’s safe to assume you’ve spent countless minutes (hours) scrolling through Netflix, Prime or another streaming service in search of the perfect movie or series.


This is perhaps one of the most relatable ChatGPT examples in asking it to find something to watch. It can be a great cinema concierge.


You can get personalised recommendations by telling it what types of films you like, by genre or by naming a few titles.


Let the chatbot decide whether a gangster movie or a Marvel masterpiece is best for you.


chat gpt film recommendations


10. Create meetings and templates

If you’re using Google Meet or Zoom for conference calls and meetings then you’ll love this next ChatGPT example.


Rather than frantically jotting down meeting minutes you can ask ChatGPT to transcribe the entire conversion into useful notes or actionable steps.


The AI will extract key points, summarise and advise on how to structure your next meeting agenda.



11. Learn and create content in a new language

It’s reported that ChatGPT knows at least 95 languages. This makes it a powerful tool for those of us wanting to learn a new language.


As well as replying in the language of your choice, ChatGPT will also check for spelling/grammatical errors and provide context to certain linguistic terms to deepen your understanding.


And if you need to perform a language translation, the OpenAI's creation can help you also in that. 


12. Get fashion advice

Stuck on what to wear? Don’t trust your friend’s opinion on an outfit? Why not ask ChatGPT for advice instead?!


Whether you need tips on styling, outfits or cosmetics, ChatGPT can help find the perfect look.


It even lets you input your body type and sizings for personalised recommendations based on your individual needs, including budget.








13. Personal finances

Another practical ChatGPT example is how it can be used to manage personal finances.


You can ask the chatbot to help with tax returns, create a Google sheet, make meal plans and advise on debt.


Of course, we’d always advise speaking with a professional financial advisor where serious planning is concerned but for some of the lighter tasks this AI provides a quick solution.


14. Write emails

ChatGPT does some pretty cool stuff, but in the hands of marketers, it functions as a multi-pronged asset.


One such function is how ChatGPT can be used in email marketing to write and send emails to subscribers or leads.


Marketing is a field that requires a deep understanding of its customers and a brand’s tone of voice so you’ll likely need to make a few edits but for drafting outlines and ideas about some cold email ChatGPT is super helpful.

correct prompt structure chatGPT


15. Customer service

In the beginning, AI chatbots were intended to aid customer service agents by reducing call queues and improving customer experience by increasing response times.


Today, ChatGPT lives up to that mission and more. The chatbot is capable of helping customer service teams adapt their tone of voice, advise on positive language choices, act as a training tool and even help programmers code automated human-like sentences to answer queries. 



A Great Example of What AI Can Do

We’re already seeing the industrious and creative ways that people are employing ChatGPT in their everyday lives and professions.


This article has touched on a few of the best examples of this but there are literally hundreds of real-world uses for the large language model.


We’re excited to see how the application of ChatGPT and other AIs develop over the coming years, easily in the sphere of business. Speaking of which…


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What does g p t stand for in chat gpt?

  • The "Chat” component refers to the chatbot itself - the virtual assistant responding to your queries. 
  • The “Generative” component refers to the AI’s ability to generate natural-sounding human text. 
  • The “Pre-trained” component refers to all of the text datasets that have been fed into the model. In ChatGPT’s case, this is reportedly around 45TB worth of data, including books and texts, which roughly equates to one million feet of bookshelf space.
  • The “Transformer” component refers to the machine learning architecture that the model is based on. Transformers use previous data (inputs) to understand the context and then make predictions for the output based on this.


GPT meaning in chatGPT


Why is chat GPT not working?

There are several reasons why ChatGPT may not work. Here is a complete list:


  1. Your prompt is too complicated for the AI to understand.
  2. The server needs to be reloaded. Press "Reload Page
  3. The servers are down
  4. You have a bad internet connection
  5. Browser cache needs to be cleared
  6. VPN is blocking you




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