15 LinkedIn Tips, Tricks & Tools to Optimise Your Profile

calendar Oct 2, 2022
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

Did you know that LinkedIn has more than 300 million monthly active users on the platform? And of these users, 40% are actually visiting the website daily. 

According to HubSpot, LinkedIn’s visitor to lead conversion rate is 2.74%, whereas Facebook is only 0.77% and Twitter’s is 0.69%. 

No wonder for 91% of marketing executives LinkedIn is the top place to find quality content. 

In this video, we're back with some new tools, tips and tactics to optimise your LinkedIn profile to help you shine on our favourite platform. 

LinkedIn Tools - Automation

We kick off this video by discussing a super important topic - LinkedIn Automation. 

If you are automating on LinkedIn, we are sure you've noticed the recent withdrawal of LinkedHelper, and how they then came back with a new independent version.

Indeed, LinkedIn has been busy flagging automation tools. So it's time to be more careful than ever. 

We would advise you to download Nefarious - which will tell you which tools LinkedIn already flagged. 

Phantombuster also put together a recommended limit list for all social media platforms, including LinkedIn. 

We also recommend checking out Phantombuster, as we love what those guys have put together.

‍LinkedIn Tool - Analytics

Another recommendation high on our list is Shield Analytics, the best analytics tool for LinkedIn.

And they've implemented a feature that we have all been waiting for - filters. You're now able to filter your posts, for example, my public posts and my group posts, and you get useful data from your efforts on LinkedIn.

‍Linkedin Tip - Events

In a previous video, we talked about QR codes on LinkedIn. But did you know that LinkedIn has also added a Bluetooth feature? You just have to go into my network and click find nearby. This can be incredibly useful if you're at an event.

‍Linkedin Tip - Documents

Next up is the biggest LinkedIn engagement hack we found recently, which is documents. It appears that posting documents on LinkedIn has a huge impact on how viral your content gets.

This is mainly due to the nature of a document on LinkedIn. When you click or swipe to get to the next page, LinkedIn must count this as an engagement point, much the same as when posting long posts. When people click on “see more”, LinkedIn counts this as an engagement click as well. 

Linkedin Tip - Value

That being said, remember we said in our other LinkedIn video that the number one factor of success on LinkedIn is value. So don't post generic stuff with no value.

‍Linkedin Tip - Influencers

Also, when someone influential likes or comments on your post, his or her network will see your post in their feed. So try to make that happen as often as possible.

Linkedin Tip - Developers

Another thing to discuss is LinkedIn developers, we could do an entire piece about this. But just go and take a look at all the possibilities there. You can reduce friction like crazy with free stuff like the autofill on LinkedIn. So go and check it out. This is really powerful stuff. 

LinkedIn Feature - Invite People to Follow

Okay, let's talk about features. First up, the super annoying feature that was removed by LinkedIn really fast. The ‘invite people to follow your company page’ feature. Rings a bell? This was terrible. And thanks to LinkedIn, who’ve removed it after what we can only imagine was terrible feedback from the users, especially with people like us giving you scripts to invite 200 people at once. Sorry about this!

‍LinkedIn Feature - Follow Button 

Another thing that LinkedIn is now allowing you to do is the follow button call to action. If you go in your settings, you can set the Follow button instead of the Connect one. A super nice authority technique that everyone can do on their own profile.

LinkedIn Feature - Conversations

Another cool feature, if you run a company page or a group, you can open your conversations and you can now talk to people that you've connected within this company or this group. 

LinkedIn Tip - Automating Bluntly 

Now to talk a bit more about automation and how it's done correctly. We see two ways of doing it quite well. Depending on your persona. We sometimes love to go about it really bluntly, literally stating the fact that this is an automated message. We usually do this when we contact growth hackers or techie people. Why? Because they actually like it. This depends a lot on your persona. So be careful, test and optimise. 

LinkedIn Tip - Automating Smartly

Most of the time at Growth Tribe, we do try to be clever about automation. Let's take two examples of this. The first one is actually something that we used to do for salespeople, we would tell them to send the first email with all the information that we usually tell people, but to purposely not attach anything to the email, and then in the same automation process, send a second email six minutes later saying, Oh, I'm so sorry, I forgot about this putting the PDF as an attachment file. It makes it seem very human and lowers the guard about it being an automated email.

One of our trainers also used to put ‘sent from my iPhone’ at the end of emails from his sales team. Quite nifty as well. We obviously dive way deeper into automation within our courses. But these couple of tricks can already make you seem more human in your automation processes.

LinkedIn Tip - Competitors Ad’s

So back on what's new on LinkedIn, like Facebook and Instagram, you can now see every single ad running on LinkedIn. To do that, just go on any company page and click ads on the left side. Super nice to see what your competition is running on LinkedIn. 

It’s worth looking a bit more at LinkedIn ads. We all know that if you don't have a customer lifetime value of at least 15k, It's not worth the effort. But if you do and you want to know more about this acquisition channel, urge you to follow AJ Wilcox and take his one hour course on LinkedIn learning or history or a course on CSR. They're pretty sweet. 

It's obviously a B2B platform and has the best b2b targeting in the world. Also, when people are hanging out on LinkedIn they are clearly in the right mindset to think about their career, and the last huge pro is that everyone is on LinkedIn.

So if your particular audience reacts nicely to your campaigns, there’s a near-unlimited scale for you.

The cons?

This is a really costly channel for sure there is no day parting in the LinkedIn ads platform meaning that you can't run your ads for example from nine to six which would have been quite nice for a professional platform. 

Finally, the leads that you get from LinkedIn, while super qualified due to the targeting options, are not sales-ready. 

What we mean is that on Google your leads, while not as qualified as LinkedIn, might be converting straightaway because Google is intentional. On LinkedIn though, your leads will probably need some more nurturing before finally converting. 

That’s a wrap for this set of Linkedin Tools and Tips. Don’t forget to check out our other video on LinkedIn tools here to learn more. 

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