2024 ChatGPT cheat sheet for leaders

calendar Dec 5, 2023
author Written by Marco Tortike

With over 180 million ChatGPT users in 2023, it's an absolute for managers to understand the dynamics of this powerful AI chatbot. Whether you have or haven't used ChatGPT yet, here is the only complete ChatGPT Cheatsheet you need: 👇


As we weren’t impressed by most ChatGPT cheat sheets, we took things into our own hands! 


Most sheets available lack business knowledge or seem rushed. 


Download here



David Arnoux, CEO of Growth Tribe, compiled 100+ hours of ChatGPT use into one sheet to create what we believe is the most comprehensive cheat sheet for managers & leaders.👇


Curious to know what you can find in this cheat sheet?


Just download it, and you’ll find out 😉


Kidding ... Here’s an overview of what to expect 👇



  1. The 5 levels of ChatGPT use
  2. Important considerations
  3. ChatGPT plugins you will love
  4. 10 steps to implement ChatGPT in a team
  5. Personal productivity applications 
  6. Best tools/resources
  7. Our favourite custom GPT bots
  8. How different departments can utilise ChatGPT
  9. Newsletter to keep learning


The 5 levels of ChatGPT

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, our Cheat Sheet breaks down the 5 levels of ChatGPT use.


Find out where you and your team are and how to improve your platform usage. 


the 5 levels of ChatGPT use



Important considerations

As we venture into the world of AI, ethical considerations become paramount.


Our Cheat Sheet provides a comprehensive overview of what to consider when using/scaling the use of a language model like ChatGPT.


For example:


ChatGPT may retain certain personal information while engaging with the general public.


In the absence of adequate security measures, this data may be susceptible to hacking or data breaches, potentially jeopardizing the privacy of numerous users.

ChatGPT data privacy



Prompt engineering tips

Most users have no clue what prompt engineering entails, leading to bad-quality output, especially regarding content creation for blog posts. 


Our comprehensive cheat sheet gives tips on prompt structure & engineering to create relevant responses.


From striking the right tone, generating creative ideas, and handling nuanced queries, these insights will transform your ChatGPT conversations from ordinary to extraordinary.

ChatGPT prompt engineering tips




ChatGPT third-party plugins you will love

Ever wished you could tailor ChatGPT to suit your unique needs?


Well, you’re in luck!


We’ve created an overview of the most powerful third-party plugins to help you boost your productivity with ChatGPT. 


ChatGPT third-party plugins

Disclaimer: You need a subscription plan with ChatGPT to be able to use third-party plugins. 


10 steps to implement ChatGPT in a team

On our journey of implementing ChatGPT into our teams, we’ve documented all the steps we’ve been through to help you save time in your learning path. 


Our 10-step guide to implementing ChatGPT will help you set up and scale the use of ChatGPT in a team in no time. 


ChatGPT implementation phases



Personal productivity applications

ChatGPT isn’t just for tech wizards; it’s for everyone!


Discover how ChatGPT can enhance your personal productivity.


  • Draft better emails
  • Create code snippets
  • Optimise (social media) content with creative ideas
  • Create to-do lists
  • Etc.


Our Cheat Sheet unveils the myriad ways ChatGPT can be your virtual assistant in the workplace.


ChatGPT productivity


Powerful tools

Apart from ChatGPt, there are a lot of powerful tools that can help you boost your productivity. 


In our cheat sheet, you’ll find an overview of our favourite tools like Gamma, FlowGPT, Elevenlabs, and more. 


Powerful AI tools/resources



Our favourite custom GPT bots

The latest ChatGPT update allows users to create their own GPT bot, a language model that is tailored to specific tasks. 


We’ve created an overview of our favourite GPT bots and tested all of them! 


Tip: the industry changes fast. So, try to engage with the newest GPT bots as well! 


Custom GPT bots

Disclaimer: You need a subscription plan with ChatGPT to be able to use third-party plugins.


How can different departments utilise ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has applications across various departments, not just for tech teams. 

Explore how product, sales, marketing, learning and development, IT, finance, HR/recruitment, and other teams can leverage ChatGPT to streamline processes and boost efficiency. 


How to use ChatGPT for different departments



Newsletter to keep learning

The world of AI is ever-evolving, and staying informed is key. 


At the moment of releasing this article, a lot has changed already. 


We’ve listed the best newsletters to update you on the latest AI developments around:

  • Programming language
  • Prompt structure & engineering
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • AI productivity
  • Deep learning


Following these newsletters can help you utilise AI for social media posts, ideas for blog posts, and creative ideas, and diminish inappropriate content.


They Neuron - AI newsletter



Ready to dive In?


Download the ChatGPT Cheatsheet here. 


Looking to take things further?


We’ve launched a full-on-demand AI for business course! 🚀


Learn everything about AI fundamentals and how to leverage ChatGPT and prompt engineering for content and design generation.


Boost productivity with AI solutions and make data-driven decisions for the future.


This course is designed for:

  • Business leaders & managers
  • Content creators & marketers
  • Entrepreneurs & Innovators
  • Professionals looking to implement AI in business

Growth Tribe AI for business certificate


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