Find Out How Charlie Started His Marketing Agency And Secured A Dream Job After The Growth Hacking Course

calendar Nov 10, 2021
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

When he was at university, Charlie, a born and raised Londoner got his first taste of marketing local events on social media. When he graduated, he got to work at several different marketing agencies where he ran digital campaigns for E-commerce companies.

Why did Charlie want to learn Growth Hacking?

Before coming across Growth Tribe, Charlie secured a job as a Head of Growth at an AI chatbot startup. He quickly learned the hard way how different it was from a traditional marketing agency. 

The old-school marketing strategies he’d learned in previous roles just didn’t work, so he had to find new ways of growing the business. 

Charlie knew he had a lot to learn, but couldn’t find the information he needed to help him grow the startup. Even though Charlie had a Masters in Marketing from one of the top universities in the UK, he was struggling to learn about funnels, conversion optimisation, and growth loops. 

“Agencies don’t teach you how to build startups. It’s a completely different mindset.” 

How did Charlie decide to do a course at Growth Tribe?

After coming across Growth Tribe’s blog, Charlie started following Growth Tribe to get more growth marketing content. He was looking to learn about systematic frameworks of growth hacking, user segments, landing pages, and funnel optimisations.

Charlie’s goal was to become the best Growth Marketer and to achieve this, he decided to take the 12-Week Growth Hacking course. 

“Growth Tribe are without doubt the best people in the world to learn growth hacking from.”

What were the main learnings from the course?

According to Charlie, the most important skills that he learned with Growth Tribe were building growth frameworks and optimizing user funnels. This helped him to see marketing very differently, breaking out of the traditional frameworks he’d used before and focusing on things that make the biggest impact on the business growth. 

Learning how to run experiments on each stage of the funnel to drive growth was another really important takeaway. Charlie was able to use Growth Tribe’s library of growth hacks to run tests during the course and was able to use this at work after completion.. 

That wasn’t the only thing he was able to implement after Growth Tribe. The first thing Charlie did after completing the course was to rewrite his company’s go-to-market strategy. With Growth Tribe, Charlie discovered that there are so many great ways to grow a business outside of paid channels. The new go-to-market plan not only helped to supercharge growth but also helped to secure one of the most prestigious UK startup grants.

Later in his career, Charlie used what he’d learned from the course to launch his successful marketing agency with a goal to help early-stage startups grow and avoid common mistakes. Using what he’d learned, he was able to offer services that no other agency did. He helps customers to create conversion-oriented websites and test marketing campaigns to achieve better results using the growth frameworks he learned in the 12 Week Growth Hacking course.

Now, Charlie is moving to his dream job and he told us that Growth Tribe’s course played an important role in this. Congratulations Charlie!

“Every single marketer in the world should be operating in the way Growth Tribe is teaching. To stay relevant, you need to take this Growth Hacking course.”

Our final thoughts?

We love seeing all the creative and impactful ways our students implement what they’ve learned in our courses, and Charlie's story is one of our favorites!

His story is similar to a lot of our other students who leave the course feeling empowered with the mindset and practical experience needed to drive growth.

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