Here’s how one B2B development firm used Growth Marketing to increase lead generation by 50%

calendar Nov 10, 2021
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

Using Growth Marketing to Grow B2B Lead Generation

Growth capabilities aren’t just for individuals. It makes sense when you think about it. Learning the techniques and strategies the world’s fastest-growing businesses use to grow helps you in your own career development, but the learnings you can share with your team can help take the whole company to the next level!


We worked with RPD International, an innovative product development company, to do just that. With the help of the Growth Strategies Crash Course, the business adopted the Growth Marketing approach to optimise their online acquisition funnel. 


The result was a 5X increase in high-quality leads through online channels and a totally transformed marketing strategy 🚀


Building a B2B Acquisition Funnel


One of the very first challenges RPD faced was the lack of a B2B acquisition funnel, which in turn resulted in a low volume of digital leads. On top of that, with limited data and resources, growth was difficult to achieve. 


The main goal was to ramp up online acquisition and optimise digital channels. 


It wasn’t all challenge though. RPD International was in the unique position of already being able to acquire clients through inbound channels. The team saw an online marketing gap and the potential to increase their lead generation. 


After researching different strategies and approaches, the marketing team decided to fill this online marketing gap using the Growth Marketing approach.


The results
With the help of Growth Tribe’s training, RPD were able to implement mew growth strategies and not only validate a new product, but also increase their B2B lead generation 5x.


For their full story and a breakdown of how they did it, download the case study below 👇

Download the Case Study


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