Find out why Maria was able to use her learnings from the Growth Immersive course to market her product in a regulated market

calendar Oct 2, 2022
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

Is taking a Growth Hacking course useful if you’re already an experienced marketer?

We asked Maria, a digital marketer with a career spanning over 12 years (and a GT alum) to share her story with us.

She’s worked at various companies throughout her impressive career ranging from startups to agencies to large corporations. From the start of 2021, Maria started working for a healthcare agency based in Berlin where she leads their communication and marketing.

What made Maria realize she needed to expand her capabilities in growth marketing?

"A lot has changed in the 12 years that I started working in digital marketing. The Growth Hacking Immersive Course at Growth Tribe was the perfect way for me to get updated knowledge about my field. I was also looking for a way to consolidate all the marketing knowledge that I'd already gathered over my career." - Maria Freixo

What did Maria find most valuable about the course?

According to Maria, learning how to create viral content was one of the most valuable aspects of the growth course. 

Maria needed to be clever in her marketing approach (due to restrictions in her field) so she used content marketing to reach people who were interested in learning about certain health issues. By connecting with these potential customers, she was able to channel engaged readers through to doctors who could connect them to products related to their interest.

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What other concepts did Maria find useful from the course?

Some things that Maria found most useful from the course were the Jobs To Be Done Framework, the AB testing class, and the growth hacks she learned on LinkedIn and Facebook to better understand her audience or get valuable insights from her closest competitors. These have helped her immensely with her inbound marketing at the agency.

What would you say to others who might be considering taking a course with us?

“You guys take immersion to the letter. Any person who comes into this course with zero background in growth hacking or digital marketing will leave the course feeling empowered that they can do this job at the highest level.

The way you deliver the content and the depth that the trainers prepare is impressive. If you want to evolve and gain a new mindset, then Growth Tribe is for you. You will start seeing value from the course from the first week as you can start applying your learnings to your company immediately.”

Our final thoughts?

We love seeing all the creative and impactful ways our students implement what they’ve learned in our courses and Maria’s story is one of our favourites!

Her story is similar to a lot of our other students who leave the course feeling empowered with the mindset and practical experience needed to elevate growth in their respective companies.

If you’re like Maria and are interested in learning the techniques and strategies you need to drive growth, head on over to our Growth Hacking Immersive Course page and see if it’s right for you!

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