Find Out How Nathan Used Tinder To Gauge Consumer Interest For His New Fashion Business Idea

calendar Oct 2, 2022
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

Growth Marketing is something that Nathan, a graduate of our 12 Week Growth Hacking Immersive, took an interest in long before finding Growth Tribe. During his university years, Nathan had his first experiences in digital marketing working as a Community Management Intern for a variety of startups. 

During these internships, his main focus was to drive user acquisition through content, social media, and brand tactics. These experiences introduced Nathan to the basics of Growth Marketing. In fact, his first manager taught him the principles of full-funnel marketing through the pirate funnel.

Why did Nathan want to learn Growth Hacking?

According to Nathan, his early experiences really got him interested in digital marketing and the next step was to structure his knowledge and understanding. 


“I am starting a fashion business with my family and the main challenge in the early stages was growth. Because of this, taking a course on growth marketing was the perfect way for me to become a better marketer and learn valuable techniques to scale the family business.” - Nathan Amram


How did Nathan decide to do a course at Growth Tribe?

Nathan was a big fan of the Growth Tribe YouTube channel which is what first introduced him to our online growth courses. After doing his research, he knew that the 12 Week Growth Hacking Immersive Course was perfect for him.


“I learned a lot of the basics of growth marketing by watching your YouTube channel during my internships. I also knew that the 12-week course was your most comprehensive course into growth hacking that you offer and since I had enough time on my hands, I knew I had to take it.” - Nathan Amram


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What were one the main learnings from the course?

“The JTBD framework is one of the most important things that I learned at Growth Tribe. It gave me such a structured manner to determine my user’s problems and needs. This helped me to better shape my service/product offering around my key users.” - Nathan Amram


What experiments did Nathan work on at Growth Tribe?

Since Nathan is currently building a fashion business tailored to women, that’s what he focused his experiments on. Step one was finding out if users would even be interested in his products. To do this, he turned to an unconventional tool to run an experiment: Tinder.


Nathan created a profile on the popular dating app to conduct market research for his sustainable brand. He needed to see if his first product (a pair of jeans) would be something that women in his target audience would even be interested in buying. After filling the profile with relevant copy and product images, he started swiping on all available profiles in the London region. Nathan got 136 matches over the course of two weeks. These matches allowed him to have discussions with potential customers and gather qualitative feedback on his product. This experiment proved that there would be an initial customer base for him to start marketing his jeans and gave valuable insights into who those potential customers would be.


By gathering profile insights from his 136 matches (name, age, location, job role, and interests) Nathan was able to create customer personas. He then used this information to create Facebook ads which allowed him to drive traffic to a landing page where he could get even more interest in his product!


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Our final thoughts?

We love seeing all the creative and impactful ways our students implement what they’ve learned in our courses and Nathan’s story is one of our favourites!

His story is similar to a lot of our other students who leave the course feeling empowered with the mindset and practical experience needed to drive growth.


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