5 of the best AI meeting assistants in 2024!

calendar Jun 20, 2024
author Written by Marco Tortike

The best AI meeting assistants

The times of inviting your colleague to a meeting to take notes are over! At least, when it comes to note-taking. Nor do you have to split yourself in two any more, focus on the meeting and let AI take notes for you. Finally. AI meeting assistants are here to make your life a whole lot easier, and productive!


Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing;


AI meeting tools are software programmes that use artificial intelligence to make meetings easier and more efficient.


They can automate tasks, give real-time updates, and help with making decisions during the meeting.


The most common task these AI meeting assistants perform is taking notes.


They quite literally join the meeting, listen to everything that's being said, transcribe it, and turn that into easy-to-read notes. They even make bullet-point notes for you with actionable next steps. 


But yeah, there's not just one tool out there.


Entrepreneurs jumped on this trend, leading to dozens, maybe even hundreds of AI assistant tools. 


To help you navigate this maze of meeting assistants, we've compiled a list of 5 great tools. 


  1. Fireflies: Known for sentiment analysis, speaker insights, and topic tracking, making it easy to organise and review meeting content.

  2. Avoma: Ideal for sales teams, offering features to track meeting minutes, eliminate filler words, monitor monologues, and provide coaching tools.

  3. tl;dv: Stands out with its AI-powered search and summary features, manual note addition, and easy organization of meeting recaps.

  4. Rewatch: Transforms video communications into a searchable video wiki, allowing for collaboration, chapter creation, and easy content organization.

  5. Otter: Provides real-time transcription, automated summaries, action items, and highlights notes for easy reference.


You can check out each tool by yourself or keep on reading to find a description of each tool and our personal favourite. 


How did we select the tools?


We're constantly on the hunt to improve our productivity, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. Taking meeting notes is one of those areas that we wanted to improve. 


We weren't quite happy with off-the-shelf tools we could find. So, we went on a mission with a few colleagues to find the most impactful tool for online meetings. 


And yes, obviously Artificial Intelligence took over this game! You'll find a list below. 


In the end, we found 9 tools we believe are great for meeting transcription, the #1 goal.


When ranking these tools, we mainly looked at

  • Quality: With every tool we analysed the quality between a real human taking notes and the notes of the tool. 

  • Integration: We're saving all our meeting notes in our CRM. So, for us, it's really important that these tools can easily talk to our CRM, and send over the notes instantly. 

  • Ease of use: It's important for all of us that these tools are simple to use and easy to connect to Google Meet and Zoom. 

  • GDPR: GDPR compliance is crucial for AI note-taking tools to protect our data, maintain user privacy, and avoid legal penalties.


Key takeaways

  1. Integration with CRMs and video conferencing software is a crucial aspect, as it ensures seamless workflow and data transfer. 

  2. Most AI meeting tools offer free plans with basic features and paid plans for more advanced functionalities. 

  3. Prices generally range from $10 to $19 per month per user, making these tools accessible for various business needs.

  4. AI meeting tools are designed to make meetings more efficient by automating tasks such as note-taking, providing real-time updates, and assisting in decision-making. 

    These tools can join meetings, transcribe conversations, and produce actionable bullet-point notes.


Your top-notch AI meeting assistants


As promised, we've compiled a list of 5 top-notch AI tools to help you take notes of online conversations. 


Note: they are in no particular order.


1. Fireflies


Meet your new best AI friend, Fred! 👋 


Transcribe your online conversations easily with Fireflies and connect them with your CRM (like HubSpot).


With Fireflies, you simply invite Fred to your Google Meet, Zoom, Teams, or Skype. Fred will transcribe the conversation and automatically send you an overview of the key moments. 


  • It performs sentiment analysis to identify the positive, negative, and neutral aspects of the meeting.

  • It provides a list of all speakers, including their words per minute and the percentage of time they spoke compared to others.

  • It extracts information like dates, times, metrics mentioned, tasks, and questions, allowing you to filter them later.

  • It tracks various topics, and you can add your own, enabling Fireflies to continue its efficient sorting.


How much will Fireflies cost me?

If you're just exploring what tools work best for you, you can start with their free plan. This allows you to record up to 800 minutes per seat with unlimited transcription. With the free plan, you'll be able to connect tools like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. And more importantly, integrate it with your CRM. 


The paid subscription starts at $10/month/seat (annual billed). The paid plans allow you to work with new AI features for conversation intelligence and sentiment analysis. And more importantly, unlimited transcriptions. 


Fireflies AI Meeting assistant

© Fireflies



2. Avoma


Your #1 video conferencing tool if you're looking for an intelligent way to improve conversations of (for example) your sales team. 


For managers; extract actionable insights from your sales meeting recordings per user.


That's why Avoma offers a powerful suite of AI-driven tools that let you dive deep into every meeting:

  • Track meeting minutes per user with an intuitive dashboard.

  • Eliminate filler words like "ah," "uh," and "um" using the filler word tracker.

  • Monitor monologues to identify where conversations lose their dynamic and take action.

  • Understand your talking-to-listening ratio to improve customer interactions.

  • And a range of coaching tools, including AI scoring of sales call summaries.


These features will help your sales team find their footing faster and start closing more deals. 🚀


How much will Avoma cost me?

Like other tools, there's a free plan available that will get you pretty far! The paid plans start from $19/month/user (annual billed) with unlimited transcriptions. 


Avoma AI meeting assistant



3. tl;dv


As they mention themselves: We run the meeting. You run the show. 


Let's first break down the name ... tl;dv, what's that?


Well, you've probably stumbled upon looooong messages from your colleagues.


To be fair, we don't read them, right? "Too long, didn't Read"


It's quite the same with video recordings. A one-hour call is already long let alone rewatching the entire meeting to find that golden nugget. 


You probably guessed it already, but tl;dv stands for "Too Long, Didn't View"


tl;dv offers a powerful AI-powered search feature. Enter your search term, and it returns detailed meeting breakdowns and transcript excerpts. You can also use AI to summarise the audio recordings into a concise paragraph.


You can add manual notes with timestamps to the transcript, create folders to organise meeting recaps and share key information through short video clips by highlighting the transcript.


What will tl;dv cost me?

There is a free plan available for unlimited meeting records. The pro plan starts at 18/month/user (annual billed) with unlimited meeting summaries. 


tl;dv AI Meeting Assistant

© tl;dv



4. Rewatch


Available on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.


Rewatch transforms your knowledge base into a 30FPS wiki, keeping all your video communications in one searchable, ready-to-use place.


Your team can collaborate on each transcript by highlighting and adding comments or using emojis on the video's timeline to mark standout moments. Set up chapters for each video, making it easier to revisit key information.


The video wiki is the star feature. Create pages for topics, teams, or projects and add relevant videos.


Team members can subscribe to these pages and receive notifications for new videos. Organise content further with subcategories, making it easy to find and manage.


Use the Creator feature to post short videos by recording yourself, sending GIFs, capturing your screen, or creating slides. This is perfect for quick updates, walkthroughs, or announcements.


What will Rewatch cost me?

The free plan gives you 15 transcribed recordings per month and 5 AI summaries per month. The pro membership is $19/month/user (annual billed).


Rewatch AI Meeting assistant

© Rewatch


5. Otter


Available on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.


Never take meeting notes again. Get transcripts, automated summaries, and action items, and chat with Otter to get answers from your meetings. 


Otter records audio and automatically takes notes in real-time so that you can focus on the discussion.


Highlight notes to reference anytime. In virtual sessions, Otter automatically captures lecture slides and adds them to the notes, helping students recall details with full context.


With the meeting record, Otter automatically generates a summary with action items, helping you remember key moments, without having to read the entire transcript.


The big question is, what does it cost me?

Again, there's a free plan available with 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation; import and transcribe 3 audio or video files lifetime per user.


After that, the paid plan starts at €8.33/month/user (annual billed).


Otter AI Meeting Assistant

© Otter AI





What are AI meeting assistants?

AI meeting assistants are software programmes that use artificial intelligence to automate tasks during meetings, such as note-taking, providing real-time updates, and assisting in decision-making, enhancing your overall meeting experience.


How do AI meeting assistants work?
These tools join your meetings, transcribe conversations, and generate easy-to-read notes. They often include features like speaker identification, sentiment analysis, and actionable bullet points.


What are the benefits of using AI meeting assistants?
AI meeting assistants increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, allowing participants to focus on discussions. They enhance productivity, provide detailed meeting highlights, and offer valuable insights for better decision-making.


Are there free plans available for these tools?
Yes, most AI meeting assistants offer free plans with basic features. Paid plans, which provide more advanced functionalities, generally range from $10 to $19 per month per individual user.


How do these tools integrate with other software?
Many AI meeting assistants integrate with popular CRMs and video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless meeting workflows and data transfer.


Can these tools help with collaboration?
Absolutely. Users can add comments, emojis, and chapters to transcripts, facilitating cross-functional collaboration and making it easier for teams to revisit key information.


Are these tools easy to use?
Yes, these tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to connect to common video conferencing platforms. Ease of use is a significant factor in their design to improve meeting workflows.


Are the AI meeting assistants GDPR compliant?
GDPR compliance is a crucial consideration for AI note-taking tools to ensure data protection and user privacy. The tools discussed in the article prioritize GDPR compliance.


How do I choose the best AI meeting assistant for my needs?
Consider factors such as the quality of transcriptions, integration capabilities, ease of use, and specific features that meet your business needs. The article provides detailed descriptions of each tool to help you make an informed decision.







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