What are the key features of Vidnoz AI video generator?

calendar Mar 1, 2024

Creating high-quality videos in no time has never been that easy! The latest AI tool is capable of performing that task effortlessly.

Vidnoz AI is a video generator tool that enables users to create AI videos quickly and for free. 


But what does it do?


The platform offers ultra-realistic avatars, voiceovers, and video templates to assist businesses and organisations in reducing the costs of video production.

Discover the impressive functionalities of Vidnoz and how it allows for the quick creation of captivating AI videos in a mere 60 seconds.


In this article, we will dive into: 

  1. The Rising of AI 
  2. What is Vidnoz AI? 
  3. How to create engaging AI videos in 1 minute with Vidnoz AI
  4. Let's take a look at where Vidnoz AI can be used
  5. The key feature of Vidnoz AI
  6. Flexible pricing and plans
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Wrapping Up
  9. FAQ


The Rising of AI

Artificial Intelligence significantly impacts how we create and is increasingly integrated into our daily routines.


Its transformative capabilities extend across text generation, audio composition, image rendering, and video production.


The use of AI in video production provides a notable boost in efficiency by cutting down on the time and manual work required for filming and editing.


Imagine bypassing the arduous hours or even days typically spent on the complex video production process.


Vidnoz AI seems to have your back!


Now, anyone can craft professional-looking videos effortlessly using a laptop or computer, with simple text instructions.


The accessibility of video creation is at our fingertips, thanks to the advancements in artificial intelligence.


What is Vidnoz?

In 2023, AI gained global recognition, expanding its impact from various industries such as art and education, significantly transforming the creation of videos.


Vidnoz noticed the changing landscape and took advantage of this trend by introducing:


Vidnoz AI – a groundbreaking creation that integrates advanced technology that meets market needs.


With over 400 templates powered by AI technology, Vidnoz AI empowers users to effortlessly generate stunning videos within minutes, marking a significant leap in the realm of video production.


The platform offers a user-friendly video editor with over 400 avatar options, various backgrounds, music, and text customisation.


Advanced features such as language adjustment options and speed control enhance the video creation experience.


This innovation not only revolutionises the video creation process but also unlocks creative possibilities beyond conventional boundaries, amplifying the impact of your brand and promising a 200% faster alternative to the traditional video creation model. 


How to create engaging AI videos in 1 minute with Vidnoz AI

1 minute? Yes, that's right!


There are five steps for creating AI videos at scale in 1 minute with the video creation platform: 


Step 1 – Kick off your Vidnoz AI journey by heading to their website and hitting that “Sign up” button. 


Step 2 – Now, the fun part: pick a template! Vidnoz AI has a collection of options, covering everything from social media gems to ads and presentations.


Step 3 – Proceed to customize your template to fit your needs. Include text, images, and video clips for a dynamic content presentation. And guess what? Vidnoz AI provides access to a wide range of stock images and videos to enhance your creations.


Step 4 – It's script time! Type it in or paste it into the box. You can adjust the AI voice, language, and speed settings to customize your experience.


Step 5 –After completing your video, click on the preview button before downloading the high-definition version. If you're satisfied with the result, share it with your friends.


You are now proficient in using Vidnoz AI!


You want to try Vidnoz AI? You can request a free trial here


Let's take a look at where Vidnoz AI can be used. 👇


Vidnoz AI can be utilised for personal or professional purposes, including:


1. Entertainment: Craft engaging animated web shows, vlogs, and narrative content that captivates their audience.


2. Customer support: Improve your customer service by employing animated avatars to guide users through operational procedures and address frequently asked questions.


3. Corporate communication: Utilize this tool to produce compelling internal communication videos for sharing crucial updates and information with professional staff or investors.


4. Travel & tourism: Convert your travel images into immersive stories that offer viewers a visual tour of the destination.


5. Education: Utilize this tool to provide in-depth explanations for historical photos, assisting students in learning about the past.


6. Marketing & advertising: Generate interactive videos for promotional campaigns, providing customers with a comprehensive insight into their products and services.


7. Journalism: Incorporate audio descriptions into news photos and breaking news with AI anchors, aiding viewers in comprehending the events captured in the images.


The Key Features of Vidnoz


Vidnoz AI provides a variety of features including video generation, custom avatars and templates, voice cloning, a face swap tool, and user-friendly video editing.


1. AI Video Generator

The video generator resource allows you to choose from over 400 pre-designed video templates or create the video from scratch.


There are plenty of options to choose from, which are available for selection to create engaging videos. For example:


1. Creative advertising videos
2. Professional videos
3. Interactive videos
4. Localized videos
5. Promotional videos
6. Explainer videos


Beyond its core features, this versatile tool empowers users to infuse their videos with a touch of personalisation.


Tailor your avatar, voice, background, text, and music to seamlessly align with your unique preferences.


With a built-in preview feature, the editor ensures you're delighted with the final product before exporting.


Vidnoz AI doesn't stop there; it effortlessly transforms PowerPoint presentations into dynamic videos.


Simply import your PPT and watch as the tool converts it into a captivating visual experience.


You can export your creations in high-definition 720p or 1080p MP4 format, giving your video content a professional finish.

(image source: Vidnoz AI)


2. AI Custom Avatars and Templates

Vidnoz AI offers a diverse selection of more than 70 lifelike avatars representing various industries and roles.


Apart from an array of AI and realistic avatars available in the library, users have the option to upload their photos to create personalized talking avatars.


Whether you're creating educational content, instructional guides, or social media videos, there's always a pre-existing or customizable avatar character to perfectly complement your needs.


(image source: Vidnoz AI)

3. AI Voice Cloning

Crafting your unique voice clones can infuse your videos with originality and authenticity.


This tool enables you to generate and incorporate personalised voice clones into your content.


By designing your avatars and integrating your own voice styles, you can seamlessly include your presence without being physically in the spotlight.


The voice clone feature is still in beta and to access this cutting-edge capability, a one-time payment of $99 is required upfront.


(image source: Vidnoz AI)

4. AI Face Swap Tool

This tool transforms your portrait photographs into polished, professional headshots effortlessly with the AI Headshot Generator.


Upload your selfie to allow Vidnoz AI to enhance your image and create a profile-ready masterpiece.


This tool is designed for professionals in industries that value online presence, offering the ability to refresh your image in a wide range of different scenarios for a versatile and polished appearance.


The AI Headshot Generator offers a convenient and affordable solution for creating professional online images, taking out the need for hiring a professional photographer.


(image source: Vidnoz AI)

5. AI User-Friendly Video Editing 

Vidnoz AI features an uncomplicated and user-friendly design, showcasing an intuitive interface that enables individuals to effortlessly create full video content using drag-and-drop techniques, regardless of their video editing skills.


The tool prioritises captivating visuals, crystal-clear messaging, and concise storytelling, empowering users to produce stunning videos that enhance:

1. Viewer engagement
2. Boost conversion rates
3. Increase revenue
4. Facilitate more effective communication


(image source: Vidnoz AI)

Flexible pricing and plans 

Costs of video creation can vary between three price plans and a free trial: Starter plan, Business plan and Enterprise plan.

You can also choose if you want a monthly or yearly plan


(image source: Vidnoz AI)

If you are in doubt about which plan to choose, we got you!


Are you looking for an easy creation with limited features or do you just want to try out the platform? Then, the free trial would be your best bet! 


Would you rather have access to more features, like export resolution and no watermark, while paying a limited amount per month? Pick the starter plan


Or perhaps you are interested in a higher duration per video and more time per month? The business plan then would work in your favour. 


In case you want to customise plans to your preferences, you can book a demo and select the enterprise plan. 


Pros and Cons

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the platform?

Let's dive into it. 

GT-Blog Visuals


Wrapping Up

In essence, Vidnoz AI simplifies the process of creating videos, providing a fantastic solution for individuals seeking captivating and engaging content.


Operating Vidnoz is not only effortless but also comes at no expense during a trial period.


It is suitable for both experienced professionals and beginners and can help captivate your audience with its striking video creations.


Positioned at the forefront of video creation technology, Vidnoz invites you to experience its user-friendly, rapid, and cost-free features firsthand.


Go experience the transformative capabilities of Vidnoz in creating videos!




What is Vidnoz AI? 

An AI video generator that creates engaging videos with realistic AI avatars. 


How much is Vidnoz AI?

There are 3 plans from which you can choose: starter (22.49 euros per month), business (56.99 euros per month) and enterprise (you need to book a demo and discuss prices). You can also opt for a free trial. 


What are the key features of Vidnoz AI?

Video generation, custom avatars and templates, voice cloning, a face swap tool and user-friendly video editing.


Can I export high-resolution videos from Vidnoz AI?

Yes, options include 720p (free trial) and 1080p (starter plan) in MP4 format. 


Is Vidnoz AI suitable for beginners, without video editing experience?

Yes, you do not need video editing skills as the platform offers simple formats. 

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