Become certified in data skills

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Get certified in valuable data skills, improve your performance, and future-proof your career.

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OD-Data Fundamentals Certificate

Get confident with data at your own pace

Get confident with data
Become truly data driven by learning the fundamentals of data and all the ways it can enrich your role.
Upgrade your performance
74% of leaders require data when it comes to decision making, and that number’s only growing. Data skills make you stand out.
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Unlock career opportunities
Accelerate your career progression by becoming more data-driven and getting certified in this key business skill.

Who is this course for?

Data beginners across all industries
Anyone lacking confidence when it comes to understanding data
Anyone unsure how data can be used to achieve better outcomes

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1 - Data Literacy

Types of data


Data citizenship

Data transformation

Module 2 - Analytics

The data analyst

Descriptive analysis

Data warehousing

Line of business users

Module 3 - Experimentation

A/B testing

Test and Learn approach

Experimental data

Design of experiments

Module 4 - Advanced Analytics

Machine learning

Statistical inference

Evaluation metrics

The data scientist

Module 5 - Data Visualisation

Types of graphs

Design process

Effective charts

Data storytelling

Module 6 - Data Teams

Capabilities & skills

Data-related jobs

Team models

Stakeholder management

Module 7 - Data Projects

Self-renewing processes



Peer review

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Thousands of happy learners

Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan

This is a great course to get started in the field of data!

Tim Bussmann

Great job guys/girls! This is the perfect course for anyone interested in the fundamentals of data. This course covers it all. You go from basics to in-depth.

Nick Spapens
Nick Spapens-logo

Started with really basic knowledge of data, mostly just knew how it could help my organisation. Now I'm confident that I know how to really use the right data at the right time, develop experiments and use cases and explain outcomes to my colleagues.

Tim van Halteren
Tim van Halteren
Tim van Halteren-logo

This course was very educational and I learned a lot from it. I really loved the knowledge of the expert and the way of explaining in the video!

Kevin van den Bos

It is fun to study with Growth Tribe. You study at your own pace, and they have upgraded courses to undertake. Learning the Data Fundamentals has given me the knowledge on data concepts, and understand how data is run in the real world. Thank you Growth Tribe

Patrick Asamoah Asadu
Patrick Asamoah Asadu
Patrick Asamoah Asadu-logo
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1. Get certified
Growth Tribe is an accredited digital skills development provider. Get certified in the skills that will empower you to elevate your career and improve performance throughout the marketing funnel.
2. Get confident
Too often, we’re held back due to mystery surrounding data and a lack of fundamental data skills. This course is designed to help you understand data, its applications, and how to leverage it for better performance.
3. Learn from data experts
Learn from experts in the data field. Our team have empowered thousands of people with up-to-date, relevant skills.
4. Future-proof yourself
Only 43% of digital natives are functionally data literate. This means there’s a gap between overall data literacy and the level needed for career and business growth. We’ll help you bridge that gap and prepare for the future.
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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

Regardless of your experience, if you want to learn how organisations can leverage data and use it as an asset, and/or would like to become data literate, we recommend this course for you.

Who are the expert trainers?

Our expert trainers are real-life professionals with experience in their specialist field, who dedicate a few days a week of their time to helping others learn. They have real, hands-on experience, and they are always updating the course curriculum to include new technology and the latest techniques & strategies.

What are my payment options?

Many of the people who take our course are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or individuals who want to improve their prospects. That’s why we provide several payment options to make our courses accessible to everyone. You can pay directly via credit cards, iDeal, or even via instalments and invoices.

Do I get a qualification?

Growth Tribe is NRTO accredited, so you’ll get certification from Growth Tribe that you’ve completed the course that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Who’s on the course with me? Are there opportunities to network?

The course is not cohort-based, so you won’t have classmates in the traditional sense. What you will have is access to our participant and alumni network of over 35.000 forward-thinking digital professionals from top companies, and some of the most exciting start/scale-ups around.

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