Become customer-centric with design thinking

2-4 hours per week

Use design thinking to solve customer problems and adopt a truly customer-centric approach to drive innovation at your company.

or pay in 4 instalments of €249 each
OD-Design Thinking Certificate

Start thinking outside the box

Build the future through customer-centricity
Build the future through customer-centricity
Know how to identify opportunities for innovation. And understand how empathy with your customers can lead your business to success.
Build great user experiences
Build great user experiences
Learn how to use feedback to improve user experience. Drive better results and build exceptional customer journeys with this key skill under your belt.
Earn your prestigious Design Thinking Certificate
Earn your prestigious Design Thinking Certificate
You’ll learn how to use design thinking to solve customer problems and adopt a truly customer-centric approach. Backed up by your Design Thinking Certificate.

Who is this course for?

You are a digital professional looking to become more customer-centric
You want to learn cutting edge, creative strategies for success
You’re new to design thinking and eager to learn

Here's what you'll learn

Module 1 - Design Thinking Fundamentals & User Research

What is design thinking & why is empathy important to a business?

Make sense of scattered research and insights to understand the ‘as-is’ / current state

The triple diamond process: identify the most important problems and create the most effective solutions

The value of creating personas with a diversity of perspectives and scenarios

The value of getting feedback from users/customers

Module 2 - Creative ideation

What is Ideation?

Identify key performance indicators or success metrics

Identify areas of opportunity and innovation

Module 3 - Prototyping and testing solutions

Usability heuristics: a way to measure user experience

The fundamentals of visual hierarchy

Create a user interface using objects/elements of value

Mapping emotions to actions to innovate on a user flow

Assess and document insights from feedback

Module 4 - Presenting your ideas

Audience segmentation

Identifying actionable insights

Presenting findings / insights

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Thousands of happy learners

Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan

As a creative guy I didn't think that I would learn so many ways to come up with new ideas and innovations. It opened my eyes and i'm going to review my way of working.

Kasper Water
Kasper Water

I enjoyed the Design Thinking Course as I got familiar with concepts that I did not know before and will now implement on my day to day work.

Sebastiaan Ioannis Petropoulos
Sebastiaan Ioannis Petropoulos
Sebastiaan Ioannis Petropoulos

I really enjoyed the Design Thinking course from Growth Tribe. Although I already had experience thanks to my background in the startup world, it's great to have proof of my knowledge and understanding as I progress in my career. The modules are very well laid out, and it's easy to learn on the go (eg on the train).

Phoebe Dodds
Phoebe Dodds

I had worked with concepts that overlaps with design thinking before, but never took the time to dive deeper into the framework. It was a great was to get more familiar design thinking and connect the dots. I especially appreciate the hands on approach that allowed me to continue developing my own services.

Amir Carmel
Amir Carmel
The Inner Work Out
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Design Thinking Certificate

The program offers:
Internationally recognised certificate
Bite-sized videos from expert trainers
Downloadable templates & guides
Frameworks & use cases
Supplementary videos/reading materials

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Frequently asked questions

What are my payment options?

Many of the people who take our course are entrepreneurs, freelancers, or individuals who want to improve their prospects. That’s why we provide several payment plan options to make our courses accessible to everyone. You can pay in installments or take advantage of STAP or unemployment funding (NL residents only). Our dedicated learning consultants will be able to work with you to find the right plan to suit your needs before you book.

Who is this course for?

If you are a beginner, looking to reskill, or have less than 3 years experience we recommend this course for you. If you are more advanced, then we would recommend taking one of our advanced-level courses that are more suited to you.

Do I get a qualification?

Growth Tribe is NRTO accredited, so you’ll get certification from Growth Tribe that you’ve completed the course that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Who’s on the course with me? Are there opportunities to network?

The course is not cohort-based, so you won’t have classmates in the traditional sense. What you will have is access to our participant and alumni network of over 30.000 forward-thinking digital professionals from top companies, and some of the most exciting start/scale-ups around.

Who are the expert trainers?

Our expert trainers are real-life professionals with experience in their specialist field, who dedicate a few days a week of their time to helping others learn. They have real, hands-on experience, and they are always updating the course curriculum to include new technology and the latest techniques & strategies.

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