Reinvent Your B2B Lead Generation with AI

Join us for an eye-opening event where you’ll discover how to integrate AI seamlessly into your B2B lead generation process, craft hyper-personalised outreach, and automate campaigns for maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to smarter, faster, and more effective lead generation.

June 25, 2024
11 am CEST
Virtual event

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Alain Abou-Atmeh

Growth & Marketing Expert @Growth Tribe

Alain jumped right into social media marketing while it was booming! Having helped several companies grow through social platforms, he now specialises in email marketing, SEO, customer support and performance marketing. As a growth marketing trainer, Alain helps learners master the technicalities of digital marketing, the growth mindset, and overcoming blockers. Outside of work, he's a self-taught musician and loves sharing his thoughts and opinions when it comes to growth marketing and music.

Guest Speaker

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Liana Hakobyan

Head of Marketing @PAteam

Liana is a dedicated marketing generalist with a wealth of experience in B2B marketing. As the Head of Marketing at PAteam, a boutique company specializing in automation and AI services, Liana has made significant strides in her field. She is the visionary behind Armenia's first AI marketing program and also runs her own consultancy, which focuses on integrating AI into marketing strategies. With a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies in AI-driven marketing, Liana excels in seamlessly incorporating AI into marketing workflows, from initial analysis and strategic planning to execution and comprehensive reporting. Liana is passionate about making AI knowledge more accessible and affordable for small marketing teams, and she aims to inspire further experimentation in the field.

Ready to transform your B2B lead generation process?

Join Liana, the Head of Marketing at PAteam, in our upcoming event where we’ll explore how AI can streamline your efforts and deliver better results. Gain step-by-step techniques to optimise every stage of your B2B lead generation process with the latest AI tools and insights

What’s in Store for You:

📈 End-to-end Integration of AI. Discover how to integrate AI into every step of your B2B lead generation process, from initial analysis and planning to execution and reporting.

👥 Hyper-Personalised Outreach. Explore how to use AI to craft highly personalised messages, develop targeted strategies, and create landing pages that truly connect with your prospects.

💥 Automated Campaigns. Learn about AI tools that can automate your email sequences and LinkedIn outreaches, saving you time and making your campaigns more efficient.

Why Attend?

Don’t miss out on this event if you want to stay ahead of the curve in B2B marketing.

Whether you're looking to boost your engagement, improve your outreach, or simply save time, this event offers actionable insights and practical tactics you can implement right away.

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