Unlock the Potential of AI in Marketing Analytics

Join our live webinar to see AI tools in action, learn from success stories, and discover practical tips to get started. Transform your data analysis and decision-making with AI.

May 30, 2024
11:00 CEST
Virtual event

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Alexis Martial

Outbound Ops Specialist

Alexis Martial is an Outbound Ops Specialist who helps B2B tech companies grow their pipeline using intent signals. He also shares actionable tips, tools, and tricks to prospect with AI

πŸš€ Unleash B2B Growth: Explore Our Martech Stack!

Join us for an event where we unveil the game-changing marketing stack designed to supercharge B2B startups on a sales-led journey. Our very experienced speaker will help you discover the secrets to scaling with efficiency and impact.

πŸ” Key Highlights:

πŸ” Outbound Mastery:

Discover the essentials of effective outbound campaigns. Leverage Clay/BetterContact for comprehensive data enrichment, ensuring maximum coverage and streamline multi-channel automation.

πŸ’‘ Demand Creation:

Unlock the secrets of creating demand with powerful tools. What to use for smart marketing automation, how to swift landing page builds, and how to make engaging webinars. Prioritize content effectively for SEO, and attract leads with interactive tools we’ll share with you.

πŸ“Š Tracking & Analytics:

Navigate the world of tracking and analytics effortlessly. Implement GTM for seamless code addition, gain insights into website visitors, and track usage beyond your website. Streamline data collection and stay GDPR compliant with tools for efficient cookie management.

βš™οΈ Operations Management:

Optimize your operations with a solid foundation. Choose the right CRM (budget-friendly), enjoy full autonomy over your website, and enhance efficiency for automation. Connect with your audience in real-time, gather valuable feedback and effortlessly document everything.

πŸŽ‰ Why Join?

  • Insider tips to educate your market.

  • Supercharge outbound strategy.

  • Keep CRM clean with actionable data.

  • Network with industry experts.

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Tarek Reslan

Growth Marketing Expert & Trainer

Tarek is an experienced marketing strategist and speaker who trained over 1500 professionals on growth strategies across various industries.Fascinated by AI's potential in marketing, he is constantly exploring its applications. His strength is in crafting effective digital and growth marketing strategies. In his free time, he enjoys creating and sharing explainer videos on his YouTube channel.

Join us for a practical webinar exploring the role of Artificial Intelligence in marketing analytics. This session is tailored for marketing professionals, data analysts, and business owners interested in utilising AI to enhance their decision-making processes.

What You Will Learn:

  • Enhancing Marketing Analytics with AI: Understand how AI can amplify your marketing strategies and data analysis, leading to better and faster decisions.

  • Live Demonstration: Real-time demo of marketing analysis using advanced AI tools, showcasing the efficiency and depth of insights AI can offer.

  • Case Studies: Explore real-world examples where companies have successfully integrated AI into their marketing analytics. 

  • Tools and Tips: Discover essential tools and practical tips to begin your journey with AI in marketing analytics. 

This webinar is designed for those looking to enhance their marketing techniques with the latest AI capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your marketing analytics and gain a competitive edge!