Digital Leadership Quiz 2023 | Are you a Digital Leader?

Are you a truly digital leader or are you just faking it? Take the Digital Leadership Quiz today to find out:
Leaders tend to over-focus on their soft skills, and forget to update their harder, more digital skills in a digital space which moves super fast.
We’ve surveyed leaders and curated the ultimate Digital Leadership Quiz 2023, a mix of soft skills, hard skills and mindset…so you can test your T-Shape, and see if you’re a truly digital leader.
Take the QUIZ:
As leaders, it’s our role to continuously stay on top of our game.
Stay curious, up to date, keep expanding, investing in our knowledge, develop our decision-making power
Many Leaders tend to OVER-focus on their soft skills and forget to update their harder, more digital skills in a world eaten up by an ever changing digital landscape.
It’s easy to get complacent. Especially when you start getting some power and a title, you can rapidly feel protected.
But winners, great, inspiring, CREDIBLE and TRUSTWORTHY leaders stay hungry, enter uncomfortable areas and we’ll basically keep learning.
Learning becomes your strategic advantage.

But learning what? That’s where our T-shape comes in…
Now of course, as you rise the ladder, soft or power skills as some call them, become increasingly important.
Adaptive communication, servant leadership, empathetic leadership, and so on.
But the most disruptive, innovative and successful leaders have hard skills, digital skills, hard-wired in their brain. Intuitively accessible
They GET the digital space and everything it offers
They are what we like to call T-Shaped.
In other words, they are specialists in their field, but they also have a wide set of knowledge, skills and capabilities from different fields.
So check out your T-Shape today and see if you are truly a digital leader!

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