Alumni Story: How this B2B Agency built their growth marketing machine from scratch

calendar Oct 2, 2022
author Written by Artur Glukhovskyy

This year, Niels Krikke, online marketeer at IMPRES, a full-service digital agency based in the Netherlands, decided it was time to take his marketing skills to the next level. 

With several years of marketing experience under his belt, Niels isn’t new to marketing, or to growth. But when his colleague recommended Growth Tribe’s 6-week Growth Hacking Immersive, Niels saw an opportunity.

The challenges

Even experienced marketers and established agencies have room to improve and grow, and this was definitely the case for Niels and his company, IMPRES. After almost 20 years, the company’s old-school, network-based lead generation wasn’t leading to the growth they wanted to see. 

Before the course

B2B Growth Marketing Challenges

“I used my current company as my main project on the course, and the main goal was to discover new strategies that we could use to generate more leads. It was also an opportunity to get inspiration, learn new tools to actually implement some of the growth strategies for my existing client portfolio.”

To find new clients and to be able to implement new and exciting strategies for their existing clients, Niels and his colleague were able to take insights from their 6-week course and implement them right away.

Building a growth marketing funnel 

“We were actually looking for new ways to acquire new clients and Growth Tribe gave me that opportunity in the form of new tools and strategies.”

Niels is a recent Growth Tribe graduate, but that hasn’t stopped him and his colleagues from experimenting right away. They started using the pirate funnel to guide them and build a huge experimentation sheet to plan, execute and evaluate their growth experiments.

Here’s what Niels and his team have achieved:

B2B Growth Marketing Wins

Working with a team of 10, the team at IMPRES are using rapid experimentation to optimise each stage of the funnel, with a focus on awareness and acquisition. The team optimises content throughout the funnel, and have built conversion-focused landing pages for their most important services. 

Using growth marketing principles, they’ve set up 5-6 new lead-gen campaigns. They’ve also been able to successfully identify an uncommon niche and claim it for their business (it’s drone videos, in case you were wondering...)

“We’re actually generating way more leads. And we've already started working for the first two clients that we generated through our new drone landing pages as well!”

IMPRES ads and landing pages

The course experience

Niels and his colleague both took the 6-week growth marketing immersive. It’s a fast-paced course, aimed at experienced marketers, which meant that he was able to connect with growth-minded peers.

“What I really liked was the interaction with people from other businesses and industries. The one-on-one Breakout Rooms were extremely useful to me. Getting inspired by the others on the course really gives you a new perspective on things.”

Aside from the massive strides Niels and the team have made building their growth marketing machine, he’s also been making some personal moves since finishing the course.

“I'm actually starting a new job soon. I've made quite a nice jump. They reached out to me a day after I posted about my growth certificate. So the timing was sublime!”

Congratulations Niels!

We asked Niels what he’d say to anyone considering the course. Here’s what he had to say:

“This is a very nice way to expand your marketing toolkit and get into the growth mindset. You’ll get into experimenting and really expand your network as well as your toolkits, it really helps to develop your 'T-shapedness' too.”

If you’re ready to upgrade your own skillset and make things happen at your job like Niels has, we’re ready to help.

👉 Check out the 6-week growth marketing course curriculum now.

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