Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses

calendar Oct 19, 2022
author Written by Marco Biondi

If you’re new to digital marketing and are interested in learning about the ins and outs, an online course proves to be an excellent way to master the craft and expand your skill set.

The big advantage for many learners is the flexibility an online course offers. With a mix of on-demand video tutorials, combined with practical sessions and hands-on learning, digital courses are the perfect platform to build your marketing skills, at your own pace, and most will award a certificate to impress future employers.

Who should take a digital marketing course? 

What was once considered a specialist skill has evolved into a widely adopted and intricate skill set for different types of professionals, and not exclusively for marketing professionals either. Entrepreneurs and business owners will inevitably find themselves dabbling in digital marketing to maximise growth and revenue opportunities, which makes having at least a base knowledge of digital marketing a useful tool. 

Bottom line, if you or your company has an online presence, then opting for a digital marketing course is definitely a worthwhile investment.

How is digital marketing used?

Digital marketing encompasses all of the methods, techniques and strategies for marketing, through online channels. From websites to search engines to social media and email, and beyond. The role of digital marketing for businesses is to support overarching goals to acquire, convert and retain both new and existing customers.

You can read more about the processes and how they’re achieved in our Digital Marketing Ultimate Guide, here.

What do these courses cover?

Digital marketing is splintered into different disciplines, for example, SEO marketing or social media marketing. If you search around the web you’ll find courses that cater solely to these roles but in this article, we’ll mention courses that cover the wider view of digital marketing and its practices.

Some of the courses are free but we’ve included paid options too for those seeking a greater level of depth.

Read on for our list of the Top 10 Online Digital Marketing Courses! 

Google: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

This course is primarily aimed at beginners - people looking to build their digital marketing foundational knowledge. For a free course, Google has packed in a good amount of content here by way of bite-sized video tutorials and it comes with a certificate upon completion too.

Course highlights 
  • 26 Modules
  • 40 hours of learning 
  • Free to enrol 
  • Globally recognised certification 
  • Beginner level 
Find out more about Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing here


Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course

Initial Google searches for online courses will no doubt pull up results for Udemy. They offer hundreds of courses in virtually every industry and category and their digital marketing courses are no exception.

The Complete Digital Marketing course covers a wide range of marketing aspects for pre-launch businesses looking where to start, website owners who want to drive more traffic and sales or people looking to add desirable skills to their resumes. The price changes regularly so check the Udemy website to see what offers are available.

Course highlights
  • 12 modules inc SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, analytics and more
  • 22 hours of content
  • 35 articles
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime Access
  • Great for new business owners starting from scratch
Learn more about Udemy’s Complete Digital Marketing Course here

Coursera: Digital Marketing Specialization

This includes six courses that introduce strategic digital marketing concepts and tools for brand communication. Each module has a hands-on project and a certificate is granted upon the completion of each one. 

The course focuses on analytics and data collection, behavioural drivers for consumers, understanding the marketing mix and gaining familiarity with marketing tools.

Course highlights
  • Six-courses 
  • 20 hours each 
  • Certified training 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Hands-on projects 
  • $79 per month 
Learn more about Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization here

HubSpot Academy: Digital Marketing Course 

HubSpot is known to be one of the best resources for learning in the digital marketing space. As well as providing marketers with useful guides, blogs and tools they also offer a variety of courses, most of which are free to register. This course gives learners an introduction to the fundamentals of digital marketing and inbound marketing to draw in qualified leads using paid and non-paid techniques. 

Over the course, you’ll learn about content creation frameworks, SEO strategies, website optimisation, social media strategies and more.

Course highlights
  • 9 modules 
  • 37 videos 
  • 11 quizzes 
  • Approx 4 hours of content 
  • Great for beginners, up-skillers and content marketers 
  • Free to register 
Learn more about HubSpot’s Digital Marketing course here


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Simplilearn: Digital Marketing Specialist 

Simplilearn offers a robust Masters program that aims to get students industry-ready upon completion of this content-heavy course. Although the cost for the course is at the higher end of the scale, there is a tremendous breadth of content here. The course covers 8 digital marketing disciplines: SEO, social media, PPC, conversion rate optimization, content, analytics, email and mobile marketing. 

The learning is split between instructor-led virtual classrooms, virtual simulations and real-life projects using more than 40 digital marketing tools. Students will receive a certificate of completion and have access to their course materials for 12 months. 

Course highlights 
  • 8 digital marketing disciplines 
  • 35+ Live instructor-led classes
  • 150+ hours of content 
  • Great for beginners and mid-level marketers 
  • €1879 to enrol 
Learn more about Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist course here 

Udacity: Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program 

This 9-module course gives students a well-rounded view of digital marketing and its different disciplines and techniques. You can expect to learn about the fundamentals of marketing such as defining a business’s value proposition and mapping out customer journeys, using analytics tools like Google’s to understand and interpret data, how to market using social media, use SEO strategies, as well as learning about email marketing and digital advertising methods. 

Udacity advises 3 months to learn all of the content which is supported through live campaigns using popular marketing platforms. 

Course highlights 
  • 9 modules 
  • Live sessions 
  • Mentor support and career services 
  • Learn how to use popular marketing tools 
  • 3-month duration 
  • €1169 to enrol 
Learn more about Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree here

LinkedIn: Become A Digital Marketing Specialist 

LinkedIn stands as one of the leading platforms for professional networking, a place where B2B thrives. It’s no surprise then that their learning centre is equally adept at bringing in-demand skills to the masses. This free course consists of 11 modules, delivered through online video tutorials, and covers some key components of digital marketing, such as online strategy, analytics, SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, social media marketing for Facebook and Instagram and email marketing. 

Additionally, there’s an introductory module to graphic design explaining the tools and skills required for the field. 

Course highlights 
  • 11 modules 
  • 20 hours of content 
  • Online tutorials 
  • Emphasis on social media strategies 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Free with an option for a paid membership to access more content 
Learn more about LinkedIn’s Become A Digital Marketing Specialist here

Kellogg School of Management: Digital Marketing Strategies 

This high-level strategic view of marketing is better suited to business managers and leaders responsible for driving growth and innovation, as well as more experienced marketers. Naturally, this calibre of content carries a steeper cost more suited to businesses looking to invest in training. The course is tailored to marketers whose role is to attract and retain consumers and the content is laid out over 8 in-depth modules.

You’ll learn about customer expectations and the behaviours that influence their buying journey, customer segmentation, content strategy, brand storytelling, designing and executing campaign strategies including how to automate processes and then how to use data analytics to evaluate metrics. 

Course highlights 
  • 8 modules 
  • 2-month recommended duration 
  • Great for business managers and leaders 
  • High-level strategy and execution 
  • $2600 to enrol 
Learn more about Kellog’s Digital Marketing Strategies course here

Semrush Academy 

Semrush is one of the industry’s best tools for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights but they also offer free, certified courses for a variety of marketing disciplines. This is a great resource for beginners wanting to dip their toes in digital marketing and get a general idea of how it all works. The content is deployed through a mixture of videos and texts, taught by industry experts. 

From SEO to content marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing and social media marketing, these courses are a perfect launch point for newcomers. 

Course highlights 
  • Good selection of individual digital marketing courses 
  • Free with a certificate upon completion 
  • A narrower focus on digital marketing disciplines 
  • Short, digestible lessons 
Learn more about Semrush Academy here

Wrapping up 

So there we have it, our Top 10 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses. Finding the right fit ultimately comes down to where you are in your career and weighing up the cost vs time investment but you’ll find a good mix of free and paid courses here that are worth investigating! 

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