The 12 Best Generative AI Productivity Tools in 2023

calendar Nov 15, 2023
author Written by Marco Tortike

These 12 Generative Artificial Intelligence tools will boost your productivity. 

As technology advances quickly, AI tools are becoming crucial for those looking to boost their productivity.


Although many AI tools are available, we focus on four categories with tools that can significantly improve your efficiency.


A quick overview of the best AI tools to boost productivity

Alright, let's dive into it! πŸ₯½


What are Generative AI productivity tools?

AI productivity tools are your best friend in today's digital world. They help you streamline and automate repetitive tasks.


Moreover, AI productivity tools can provide you with intelligent recommendations, analyse your data, and serve as your direct brainstorming partner.


Studies have shown that AI can improve productivity by 66% if these tools are used effectively.


How did we select the best AI productivity tools?

Since the launch of chatGPT, we've been a huge fan of AI productivity tools at Growth Tribe.


We're actively searching for the latest developments and newest tools to boost our productivity and creativity.


We've curated this list of AI tools based on our own best practices with repetitive tasks. We've used all the tools across the organisation and are a big advocate of every single one.


πŸ”Ž We're always looking for new tools! So, if you have some tools that have helped you boost your productivity, please send them to us! 


Let's get to know these best Generative AI productivity tools! πŸ‘‡


The best Generative AI Chatbots πŸ’¬

The AI productivity journey for us started the day OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which allowed the public to interact with an AI language model, answering questions in a conversational style. Take a look at our article on 100 ChatGPT prompts for any scenario.  


We believe that these three AI Chatbots are an absolute no-brainer. πŸ‘‡



ChatGPT Ouput

What else is there to say? πŸ€”


Well, for us ChatGPT is the ultimate sidekick.


It's like having an extra brain at Growth Tribe, a brainstorming partner, and an extremely picky reviewer of the content we create, like this article ...


We highly recommend getting the paid version, ChatGPT-4, to add external plug-ins, letting it browse the internet, and get early access to experimental new features. 


Google Bard

Google Bard Output

Well done Google. πŸ‘

Google immediately responded to ChatGPT with their own AI language model, Google Bard. An AI chatbot with an excellent interface that allows you to edit prompts after submitting them.


The main reason to include Google Bard in your AI productivity tools is its unique feature that lets you "Google" answers, providing transparency by showing the sources of the given answer.


Bing AI

Bing AI Output

Great answer by Bing! πŸ‘


What's great about Bing Chat is that you can ask the chatbot questions, which will be answered with comprehensive and human-like answers enriched with footnotes that directly reference the primary sources.


This extra feature of Bing Chat makes it an extremely powerful AI chatbot, providing users with the ability to conduct extra research on the related topic.


Let's continue with the best AI tools for content creation! πŸ“œ


The Best Generative AI Tools for content creation πŸ“ƒ

The days of excuses are over! No more Writer's block or "feeling uninspired"! AI tools have opened a new world for content creators. You can use these AI tools as brainstorming partners, co-writers, or even buddies to help you get started with your newest designs.


We greatly benefit from these 3 current AI  tools πŸ‘‡



The first AI copywriting tool to create quality copy that performs! Anyword is designed to produce copy for marketers and copywriters.


This powerful tool is your go-to assistant for compelling ad copy, comprehensive blog posts, engaging promotional emails, or impactful landing page assets. 


Why are we such big fans of Anyword? 

Anyword has a great feature that assigns a Predictive Performance Score to each variation of the generated copy. With these indicators, we can analyse and understand what the potential performance would be with, e.g., conversions, clicks, engagement, etc.

Anyword homepage

πŸ‘‰ Click here to go to their website.



Looking for a tool to simplify the content creation process?


Jasper is here to assist you every step of the way! ✨


Jasper is known for generating high-quality content written in your own brand guidelines. The tool is relatively affordable and easy to use, making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.


Why are we such big fans of Jasper?

Jasper is a one-stop-shop for creating an end-to-end marketing campaign with ad copy, images, press releases, landing page copy, blog posts, google text, etc. All in your brand voice. 

Jasper AI homepage

πŸ‘‰ Click here to go to their website.

The beginner's go-to in the realm of generative AI is


Its user-friendly interface makes it particularly well-suited for newcomers.


Notably, the tool boasts a robust text editor, enabling users to modify and personalise generated content easily.


Why are we such big fans of

Their newest workflow feature is designed to streamline your content generation process by combining the power of multiple tools. With this newest feature, you can, e.g., conduct an extensive competitor analysis, check out this template. quote

πŸ‘‰ Click here to go to their website. 


Let's continue with the best AI tools for image & video generation! πŸ“Έ

The best Generative AI tools for image & video generation πŸ–ΌοΈ

AI image generators have revolutionised the field of visual content creation and content ideas for, e.g., social media posts, offering powerful AI-powered tools for generating lifelike and intricate images.


These sophisticated systems leverage deep learning algorithms to create images that range from photorealistic landscapes to abstract artistic compositions.



We were truly amazed by the quality of Midjourney once we started using it.


Whether you want to play around with it to gather some inspiration or are actively searching for images to use for your marketing purposes, you'll probably find yourself generating hundreds of images within less than an hour.


To show you the power of Midjourney, we submitted the prompt

"Spaceship landing in New York City, make it cinematic".


Here's the result:

Midjourney output

πŸ“Ž Here's a beginner's guide to get started with Midjourney. 



DAll-E3 is another product of OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT.


DALL-E3 aims to revolutionise our creative approach to designing and creating images.


The majority of the current AI tools overlook specific words or descriptions, promoting users to become Generative AI prompt engineering experts.


However, OpenAI takes a significant step forward by providing DALL-E3 with the capacity to produce images that accurately reflect the given text word for word. 


We submitted the same prompt to Dall-E3, here's the output 

Dall-E3 output

πŸ‘‰ Here's how to access DALL-E3



RunWayML is known for its video generator (Gen-2). It will quite literally turn your imagination into generated videos.


All you have to do to generate creative videos is submit your prompt and adjust the settings for the video to your wishes.


Do you have a specific image in mind that you'd like to use as a reference for the video? No problem!

Just add the image to your prompt and tell RunwayML to take your image as a reference for the output.


Next to the video generator feature of RunwayML, there's also an image generator feature. 


What if we turn the output of Midjourney into RunwayML to create a video? 

πŸ‘‰ Here's the website of RunwayML


Let's continue with the best AI tools for note-taking πŸ“‹


The best Generative AI tools for note-taking during meetings πŸ“

AI note-taking software streamlines the process of writing and organising notes, making it a breeze to stay productive.


AI note-taking tools use the power of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and voice transcribers.


AI note-taking apps have truly revolutionised the productivity game.


By effortlessly transcribing spoken words into text in real-time, they enable users to fully immerse themselves in meetings, lectures, or interviews without the added pressure of jotting down every single detail.



Meet Fred, the friendly AI meeting assistant from Fireflies.


With Fred on board, your conversations become effortlessly organised.


Simply invite Fred ( to your Google Meet, and let the automatic note-taking magic begin.

Fireflies homepage

πŸ‘‰ Here's the website of Fireflies



Airgram is your go-to solution for quality recording, transcribing, summarising, and sharing valuable meeting conversations effortlessly.


Whether it's internal discussions or client meetings, Airgram helps you maximise the utility of every interaction.


The time of losing crucial details in a heated discussion is over! 

Airgram homepage

πŸ‘‰ Here's the website of Airgram



With Krisp's advanced AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant at your disposal, online meetings have become more productive and efficient than ever.


Say goodbye to background noise distractions and hello to seamless, crystal-clear communication, making every virtual discussion a breeze to navigate and engage in.


Krisp homepage

πŸ‘‰ Here's the website of Krisp




Want to Learn More About AI for Business?


You’re in the right place! AI is a fascinating field and one that is building tremendous traction across the business landscape.


As technology advances, artificial intelligence applications for business are becoming more plausible in everyday practice.


AI is being used to save time and increase productivity outputs over many different roles and sectors.


It’s no longer a far cry into the future, it’s here, available, and ready to be implemented.


So how can you learn more about using AI in business?


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This course will help you and your team boost productivity with AI solutions and make data-driven decisions for the future.


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  • Module 6: AI-powered predictive insights 

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