Leadership Development Crash Course

Lead with confidence! Our course is for new and emerging leaders. You'll learn essential skills and tools to make a meaningful impact. Get hands-on experience and create a leadership plan that empowers you to lead with purpose and vision in your organisation.

September 13-14, 2023
2 live online days
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This program offers:
icons8-diploma-60 Internationally recognised certificate
icons8-live-video-on-60 Live 2-day online course (remote)
icons8-people-60 Access to 30k-member community
icons8-webinar-60 Exclusive live events
icons8-lecturer-60 Contact with leading industry experts
icons8-inquiry-60 Highly interactive and engaging
icons8-downloads-folder-60 Downloadable templates, guides and case studies

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AI for Business Crash Course

Discover the power of AI for business in this 2-day live course using ChatGPT and other top AI tools. Get ahead of the competition with in-depth training on AI fundamentals and learn how to leverage this technology to improve efficiency, gain a competitive advantage, and future-proof your career.

May 23, 2024
2 live remote days

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Unlock your leadership potential and achieve your goals


Develop your leadership style and build a strong foundation for success

You'll discover your unique leadership style and personality traits, and how they affect your success. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, and build a strong foundation for growth. Elevate your leadership game to the next level with us!

Who is this course for?

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New and emerging managers or leaders
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Existing leaders looking to enhance their leadership awareness
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Entrepreneurs starting their own business and needing to lead and inspire their team
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Individual contributors interested in personal growth and development, and becoming a better leader

What you'll learn

1. Leadership Development for New and Emerging Leaders

Understanding the difference between management and leadership

Identifying the qualities of effective leaders

Recognising the challenges faced by new and emerging leaders

Understanding the importance of ongoing leadership development

2. Understand Your Leadership Style and Personality

Identifying your leadership style and personality traits

Understanding how your style and personality affect your leadership effectiveness

Recognising the strengths and weaknesses of your style

3. Understand Your Context

Importance of understanding your context as a leader

Analysing your context

Identifying the challenges and opportunities in your context

4. Communication as a Leadership Practice

Understanding the importance of effective communication

Understanding emotional intelligence and its importance for leadership

Techniques for effective communication

Develop your verbal and nonverbal communication skills

Listen actively and empathetically

5. Developing Influence and Persuasion

Understanding the importance of influence and persuasion

Identifying the key factors that contribute to influence and persuasion

Develop your credibility, likeability, and trustworthiness

Build and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders

6. Developing Your Leadership Vision and Strategy

Define your leadership vision and purpose

Develop your leadership journey

Goal-setting for leadership development

Create a roadmap for achieving your leadership goals

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Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
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Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
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Nick Mastenbroek
Consultant @ Nlmtd
Jorian Damen
Growth Marketing Manager @ Ultimaker
Nathan Amram
Content Creator @ Hey Nathan